51 Names That Mean Misfortune For Your Characters With The Worst Luck

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Originally Published on Dec 17, 2020
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Why Names That Mean Misfortune?

You want to build characters that challenge your imagination when writing a story. These characters can have an arch that may begin in sadness, but through perseverance and hard work, they can get through these challenges.

These characters feel more natural and appeal to us because they aren't perfect. A great way to start the story of such a character is by naming them something that means misfortune or might be gothic as gothic names are sometimes associated with misfortune. This way, you are setting them up for growth.

They may come from difficult situations, but how they deal with them is more important. Some characters are simply unlucky, and it is only right that they have fitting names.

Girl Names That Mean Unfortunate

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1. Ahlai (Hebrew origin) - Means 'a sorrowful experience' or 'beseeching'.

2. Aite (Greek origin) - She's the goddess of misfortune, ruin, mischief, and delusion.

3. Brona (Irish Origin) - Popular from the show 'Penny Dreadful', Brona is a vintage name that dates back centuries in Ireland. It means 'sadness'.

4. Bronagh (Irish origin) - Means 'sorrow'.

5. Cearo (Anglo-Saxon origin) - Means 'sorrow'.

6. Deirdre (Gaelic, Irish origin) - Means 'sorrowful' or 'sad one'.

7. Desdemona (African origin) - Means 'ill-fated one' and 'misery'. The name has been popularized by a character from the Shakespearean play 'Othello'.

8. Dolores (Spanish origin) - Means 'sorrows'.

9. Dores (Spanish origin) - Means 'pain and suffering' or 'lady of sorrows'.

10. Hecate (Greek origin) - Means 'not a good omen'. Hecate is the Greek goddess of witchcraft.

11. Isolabella (Gothic origin) - Means 'the beautiful lonely one'.

12. Keket (Egyptian origin) - She is the goddess of darkness.

13. Lola (Spanish origin) - Means 'lady of sorrows'.

14. Mallory (Anglo-Norman, French origin) - Means 'unfortunate or 'ill-fate'. It is one of the oldest names that mean unlucky.

15. Malvolia (Italian origin) - Means 'ill-will'.

16. Mara (Hebrew origin) - Means 'bitter' or 'sorrow'.

17. Nekane (Basque origin) - Means 'sorrows'.

18. Nerezza (Italian origin) - Means 'darkness' or 'blackness'.

19. Raven (Old English origin) - The bird is often considered a bad omen despite its intelligence.

20. Tristana (Welsh, Celtic, Spanish origins) - Depending on its country of origin, the meaning includes 'tumult', 'sorrow', and 'misfortune'.

21. Tristesse (French origin) - Means 'sadness'.

22. Zilla (Hebrew origin) - Means 'shadow', 'shade', and 'gloom'.

Boy Names That Mean Unfortunate

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23. Abaddon (English Origin) - Means 'destruction' or 'abyss'.

24. Acheron (Latin Origin) - Means 'river of sorrow'.

25. Acheros (Latin Origin) - Means 'river of sorrow'.

26. Aharhel (Hebrew Origin) - Biblical name of boys, which means 'the last sorrow'.

27. Ajal (Arabic origin) - Means 'dying hour' or 'hour of death'. It's also associated with fate, destiny, and other things you can't escape.

28. Bedad (Hebrew Origin) - Means 'solitary' and 'alone'.

29. Benoni (Hebrew Origin) - Derived from Benjamin, which means 'son of my sorrow' or 'pain'.

30. Brennan (Irish origin) - Means 'raven', 'sorrow', or 'sadness'.

31. Brone (Irish origin) - Means 'sadness' or 'sorrowful'.

32. Cessair (Irish origin) - Means 'sorrow' or 'affliction'.

33. Devland (Irish origin) - Means 'misfortune'.

34. Devlin (Irish origin) - Means 'unlucky'.

35. Diggory (French origin) - Means 'lost one'.

36. Drystan (Welsh Origin) - Means 'full of sorrow', 'sad', or 'tumult'.

37. Iniko (Nigerian origin) - Means 'time of trouble'.

38. Jabez (Hebrew Origin) - Means 'he makes sorrowful'.

39. Jonah (Hebrew Origin) - For sailors out at sea, Jonah represents someone, either a passenger or a fellow shipmate, who brings bad luck. The name in the Bible is borne by the bad-tempered, untrustworthy Israelite prophet who disobeyed God, ended up in trouble on the sea, and was saved by a whale.

40. Phobos (Greek origin) - Means 'fear'.

41. Tavarius (Hebrew origin) - Means 'misfortune'.

42. Tristan - (French origin) means 'sorrowful' or 'sad'.

43. Ushinatta (Japanese origin) - Means 'lost' or 'wrong'.

44. Zetsubō (Japanese origin) - Means 'despair' or 'lack of hope'.

Gender Neutral Names That Mean Unfortunate

45Corentine (French origin) - Means 'hurricane' or 'violent storm'.

46. Ephai (Hebrew origin) - Means 'gloomy'.

47. Jela (African origin) - Means 'father who suffered during birth'.

48. Nukpana (Native American origin) - Means 'evil'.

49. Perdido (Spanish, Portugese origin) - Means 'lost'.

50. Rue (English, Greek origin) - Means 'regret'.

Last Names That Mean Unfortunate

51. Umbra (Latin origin) - Means 'shadow' or 'darkness'.

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