113 Noteworthy London Street Names That Everyone Must Visit

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London street names are of great interest to travelers.
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London is one of the most popular cities in the world known for its bustling streets.

Oxford Street, Regent Street, and Pall Mall are amongst the most popular street names in London. There are plenty of other streets to explore as well here.

Read on for names of the important London street names.

Famous Street Names In London

While Oxford Street is one of the famous streets in London, here are some other famous streets in London.

Abbey Road (English Origin) is one of London's most popular green streets. The Beatles memorialized this green lane in St John Wood in the album 'Abbey Road', recorded here.

Baker Street (English Origin), the fictitious home of investigator Sherlock Holmes, is a busy street in Marylebone.

Brick Lane (English Originhas seen various transformations over the years, but it has always been a lively gathering area for eateries and shoppers.

Carnaby Street (English Origin), during the summer of love, is the place to be, and party-goers from all over the city love to go there every day.

Cheyne Walk (English Origin) is one of London's most expensive streets. Property there sells for exorbitant rates, and to buy one of the exquisite townhouses there, you'd need an 8-digit bank account balance in pounds.

Denmark Street (English Origin), located in a remote area of the West End off Charing Cross Road, is renowned as England's Tin Pan Alley.

Downing Street (English Origin) is one of the most recognizable streets in London. That's because number 10 Downing Street is the office and London residence of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Fleet-street (English Origin) is one of the main streets of old London. It extends westward from The Strand, taking up the western portion of the City of London's financial area.

Jermyn Street (English Origin) has been one of the top shopping avenues in London for males.

King's Road, (English Origin), often known as the King's Road, began as a private road for King Charles II. It wasn't until 1830, about 170 years later it was set aside for King Charles, that this road for the king became a public road.

Knightsbridge (English Origin) is much more than just one of the most beautiful streets in London. It is also a West London neighborhood extending from Hyde Park to Chelsea.

Ludgate Hill (English Origin) is the eastward extension of Fleet Street, in the heart of London's financial district.

Oxford Street (English Origin) is the heart of London's shopping district. There are many many high-end shops and boutiques on Oxford Street. As you shop along Oxford Street, you can load your bags with anything, from Gucci to Adidas.

Piccadilly (English Origin) is one of London's most vibrant streets for those who like to shop. It's also one of the busiest with many people passing through every day.

Portobello Road (English Origin) is a lengthy, narrow street in Notting Hill, West London, that runs through the center of the neighborhood.

Regent Street  (English Origin), George, the Prince Regent, was commemorated here. The architect John Nash & property developer James Burton designed Regent Street in 1819.

Savile Row (English Origin) was named after Lady Dorothy Savile and was established in the 1730s. Gentlemen flocked to Savile Row tailors in search of one-of-a-kind garments.

Shaftesbury Avenue (English Origin) is in the London West End and one of Soho's most well-known streets.

The Columbia Road (English Origin) has a Flower Market that is open from Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Along the street, there are several charming stores.

The Mall (English Origin) is London's primary royal ceremonial and processional path and one of the city's most well-known historical avenues.

The Strand  (English Origin) is a well-known street in London because of its strategic location.

Whitehall (English Origin) is one of the most well-known avenues in Central London, stretching between Downing Street and Trafalgar Square.

Old Street Names Of London

King Edward Street, Charing Cross Road, Covent Garden, Tower Hill, Neals' Yard, Oxford Street, Hyde Park are some of the old street names. Check out the old Street Names in London known for their buildings.

Albion Way (English Origin) serves as a partial ring road connecting Horsham Town Centre's key routes in and out.

Alderman's Walk (English Origin) is another old street in the city, located just short of the bustling modern Liverpool Street Station.

Big Ben (English Origin) is London's most recognizable landmark.

Clerkenwell (English Origin) has cutting-edge eateries, cozy gastropubs, traditional pubs, slick bars, and nightclubs.

Cloth Fair (English Origin) is a London street from the Middle Ages and is home to the capital's oldest standing residence.

Essex Street (English Origin) goes from Milford Lane in the south to Strand in the north in the City of Westminster.

Greek Street (English Origin) runs south from Soho Square to Shaftesbury Avenue in London's Soho neighborhood. The location is famous for its eateries and multicultural atmosphere.

Haymarket (English Origin) the addresses of some of London's oldest and greatest theatres, and the taverns and restaurants that have served fans of the arts throughout the ages.

Hoxton (English Origin) Indie art galleries, and stylish pubs can be found here, which also has fashionable global cuisine around Hoxton Square and traditional Vietnamese restaurants along busy Kingsland Road.

Shoreditch (English Origin) is a trendy district near Hoxton.

Smithfield Market (English Origin), a center for meat dealing since medieval times, is located in Farringdon.

Tate Modern (English Origin) has one of the top modern art museums globally and is a relatively new and must-see in London.

The London Eye (English Origin) has been one of the city's most popular attractions.

The London Underground (English Origin) roundel & Tube station openings are as common in the city as the red K6 phone box.

The Tower of London (English Origin) is amongst the most well-known tourist attractions in London.

The Westminster Abbey church (English Origin) is located across the street from the Houses of Parliament in Parliament Square.

Funny London Streets That Kids Will Love

Check out these quirky London street names that your kids will love learning.

 Bleeding Heart Yard (English Origin) has two meanings. One is likely to be true, whereas the other is an urban legend.

Black Lane (English Origin) is a tiny roadway behind the main street, similar to an alleyway behind certain residences.

Cheapside (English Origin) is well-known for housing various retail and culinary businesses and the city's sole major shopping center, One New Change.

Frying Pan Alley (English Origin) is a place where you can buy frying pans. This strange lane in Spitalfields is supposed to have gotten its name from an ironmonger's business.

Lime Street (English Origin) connects Fenchurch Street to the south & Leadenhall Street to the north in the City of London. It got its name from the lime burners who used to sell lime there for use in buildings.

London Nose (English Origin), from Trafalgar Square, walk through the right-hand side of Admiralty Arch.

Mount Pleasant (English Origin) is just opposite of what it sounds like.

Shoulder of Mutton Alley (English Origin) appears simple yet it is surprisingly a specialized street name. It refers to a market or bar that used to be on this property that was famous for this particular cut of sheep.

Threadneedle Street (English Origin) is a street in the City of London, England, connecting Bishopsgate to Bank Junction in the southwest.

Turnagain Road (English Origin) off Farringdon Street, is an interestingly named lane that leads to one of London's forgotten rivers.

Tweezers Alley (English Origin) is a street in London. This alley, which runs between Strand and the Victoria Embankment, gets its name from a forge or blacksmiths that once stood on this location in the 13th century.

Upper Butts (English Origin) is a street in Hounslow, and the name Butts is supposed to have originated from archery targets, which were also known as butts at one point.

Victoria Embankment (English Origin) is a section of the Thames Embankment.

Walbrook (English Origin) is a city ward with a minor roadway nearby. The ward is designated after the same-named river.

Wardrobe Place (English Origin) is a fantastic place to visit. The King's Wardrobe used to be housed in a building here, thus, the name of this charming courtyard in the City of London.

London street names are extremely popular with holiday makers.

Cool Street Names In London You Have To Visit

Check out some of the coolest street names in London that you'll want to visit.

Bevis Marks (English Origin), part of the A1211, is a tiny street in the City of London's Aldgate district.

Bond Street (English Origin) runs from Picadilly in the south to Oxford Street in the north.

Bread Street (English Origin) is one of the City of London's 25 wards, named for its main street, which was once the City's bread market.

Broadway Market (English Origin) is Hackney's poshest face — the two-story market, with its independent cafés, booksellers, and butchers.

Camden High Street (English Origin) is known for its music venues, alternative stores, and market.

Cannon Street (English Origin) is a thoroughfare in the City of London.

Chalk Farm Road (English Origin) has been a sanctuary for hippies and music kids, and the market has sold a mix of clothing, food, unusual bric a brac, and smoking equipment.

Coleman Street (English Origin) is one of the City of London's 25 old wards, and it borders the London Borough of Islington to the north.

Columbia Road (English Origin), here vendors offer an assortment of multi-colored plants and flowers, transforming Columbia Road into a jungle oasis.

Commercial Street (English Origin) connects Aldgate and Shoreditch while separating the opulent City from the impoverished East End.

Connaught Square (English Origin) is located somewhat north of Hyde Park, a short distance from fashionable Mayfair and Oxford Street.

Covent Garden (English Origin) is one of London's most popular shopping and entertainment districts.

Eastcheap (English Origin) is a major London street that runs west from Great Tower Street to the Monument intersection.

Golden Lane (English Origin) is a street in London's City. It connects Old Street in the north and Beech Street in the south.

Great Tower (English Origin), formerly known as Tower Street, is a street in the City of London.

Lombard Street (English Origin) is renowned for its long history of ties with the City of London's merchant, banking, and insurance businesses.

Newgate (English Origin)was one of the seven historical gates of the London Wall.

Old Jewry (English Origin) is another street in the City of London, the historical, architectural, and financial district.

Pepys Street (English Origin) is a City of London street that connects Seething Lane in the west to Cooper's Row in the east. Savage Gardens cross the roadway.

Philpot Lane (English Origin) is a small street in London, England, going from Eastcheap to Fenchurch Street in the north.

Pudding Lane (English Origin) is a tiny lane in London that is well-known for being the spot of Thomas Farriner's bakery.

Queen Thoroughfare (English Origin) is a City of London street that spans from Upper Thames Street in the south to Cheapside in the north.

Shaftesbury Avenue, (English Origin) which connects Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus in downtown London, is a prominent road.

Snow Hill (English Origin) is a neighborhood in the City of London.

Tottenham Court Road (English Origin) is a thriving shopping zone. The high street is one of the most famous streets of London.

Trump Street (English Origin) is a spot in the City of London that was previously named Trumpadere Street.

Wood Street (English Origin).at the intersection of this Street and Love Lane, lies the headquarters of the City of London Police.

Street Names In London That Have Featured In Movies

Here are some of the funny street names London for you to check.

Borough Market (English Origin) is not just one of my favorite markets in London but it's also one of the city's most famous shooting destination.

Hampstead (English Origin) is my favorite London area, and it's been featured in many Hollywood films.

Hatton Garden (English Origin) has appeared in several crime movies.

King's Cross station (English Origin) is one of London's most well-known film locations, mainly for its role in the 'Harry Potter' films as Platform 9 3/4.

Lavender Hill (English Origin) in South London stars Alec Guinness as a bank teller who chooses to steal gold bars from his own place of business.

MI6 (English Origin), the MI6 Building in Vauxhall appears in the 'James Bond' films. One of the famous streets in London.

Notting Hill (English Origin) is one of London's most popular filming locations because of its streets and stores that look so lovely on television.

Old Royal Naval College (English Origin) is one of London's most attractive film settings.

Temple Church (English Origin) is a film set for 'The Da Vinci Code' and one of London's most historic ecclesiastical structures.

The South Bank (English Origin) of London has been featured in several films and is one of the most iconic filming sites in the city.

The Tube (English Origin) has been in several films and is one of London's most famous film locations.

Tower Bridge, (English Origin)  and the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, may be seen in all their grandeur in the 2019 'Spider-Man: Far From Home'.

Trafalgar Square (English Origin) is not just a famous landmark, but it has also served as a filming location in many classic films.

Waterloo (English Origin) is another iconic London film setting. 'The Bourne Ultimatum' was filmed here.

Westminster Bridge (English Origin) is another very filming site in London.

19th Century London Street Names

Want to know more about the streets in London? Here are some of the popular London street names: -

Amen Corner (English Origin) is a lane off Ave Maria Lane in the City of London.

America Square (English Origin) is a tiny square and street in London, off Crosswall and near Minories.

Ave Maria Lane (English Origin) is a roadway in the City of London that runs west of St. Paul's Cathedral.

Bartholomew Lane (English Origin) connects the intersections of Lothbury & Throgmorton Street in the north to Threadneedle Street in the south.

Byward Street (English Origin) is a thoroughfare in the City of London, the city's historic and financial district.

Chancery Lane (English Origin) is a one-way street in the City of London's Farringdon Without ward.

Crosswall (English Origin) was named after the old Roman wall observed after the 1940 bombing.

Mark Lane (English Origin) is a City of London roadway that connects Great Tower Street and Fenchurch Street.

Moorgate (English Origin) was the northernmost gate of the City of London's defensive wall and the last to be erected.

Puddle Dock (English Origin) is a street in the City of London's Blackfriars district.

Queen Street (English Origin) is a City of London street that spans from Upper Thames Street in the south to Cheapside in the north.

Queen Victoria Street (English Origin) is a London street named after the British monarch who ruled from 1837 to 1901.

Queenhithe (English Origin) is a tiny and historic City of London ward located by the River Thames.

Russell Square (English Origin) is located in the city's Bloomsbury neighborhood.

Russia Row (English Origin) is a City of London roadway that runs through Milk Street and Trump Street on the northern side of the historic Honey Lane Market.

Savage Gardens (English Origin) is a short street in the City of London.

Southwark Bridge (English Origin) is a traffic bridge in London that connects the Southwark neighborhood to the City over the River Thames.

St Mary Axe (English Origin) was a medieval parish in the City of London, and its name lives on in the street that formerly stood on its site.

The Millennium Bridge, (English Origin), also referred to as the London Millennium Footbridge, is a steel suspension bridge.

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