160+ Octopus Names For All Kinds Of Octopuses

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Originally Published on Dec 09, 2020
The big blue octopus nestled in coral reef
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Octopuses are beautiful and intelligent creatures.

They live in seaside marine waters inside the little openings and holes in rocks and coral. However, it's also possible to find an octopus is an aquarium.

An octopus is a soft-bodied, eight-limbed invertebrate ocean creature of the order Octopoda. All the octopus species are recognized within the class Cephalopoda. On average these 16 feet long and 110 lbs weighted creatures have a very short life span of as little as 6 months.

However, they have nine brains, one in each arm and one central brain - how cool! At times you will find them in a group called a consortium.

If you see pictures of octopuses, you might get confused with octopuses and squids, as they look similar! So, sometimes squid names can be used in place of names of octopuses. Read on to discover names for different octopus types.

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Female Octopus Names

If you're searching for some interesting hen names for a female octopus, this rundown incorporates clever and imaginative tiny octopus baby name and names for squids perfect for girl octopuses.

1. Anna means "beautiful", a cool and common choice for small octopus.

2. Baby means "a very young child",thecutest name ever.

3. Bella means "beautiful".

4. Candy means "sweet".

5. Cindy means "light".

6. Dillie means "born near the sea",fit for sea or ocean animals.

7. Donna means "woman",it's one of the best names for a female octopus.

8. Emily

9. Eva means "life".

10. Fiona means "white", fit for white octopus.

11. Granger

12. Jesse means "gift".

13. Kate means "pure, clear".

14. Kiki means "double happiness".

15. Kitty means "pure", a perfect name for a tiny pink octopus that is so cute. Known as Octopus Adorabilis by scientists.

16. Lizz means "God is my oath".

17. Mai means "ocean", fit for ocean animals.

18. Maya means "illusion or magic", one of the cute fish names.

19. Molly means "star of the sea",a famous and cutest octopus name of Norway.

20. Natalie means "birth of the Lord".

21. Natasha means "born on Christmas day".

22. Nola means "famous".

23. Olivia means "olive tree".

24. Queen

25. Shelby means "a place where willows grow".

26. Slimy, another perfect name for Octopus Adorabilis.

27. Zoey means "life".

28. Boyka, this shows the beauty of your new friend.

Male Octopus Names

Octopus underwater close up portrait detail.

It is a fact once a name is kept it remains with us for a lifetime. So, be alert while opting for names for your loving new octopus friend and pick one of the new and cute octopus names.

29. Arthur means "strong man".

30. Captain

31. Ceaser means "head of hair", represents the powerful character of Octopus resembling the Roman character Julius Caesar.

32. Crue, a perfect option for a baby boy octopus.

33. Diddly means "anything",ideal for your priceless friend.

34. Dimitri means "follower of Demeter".

35. Dominic means "lordly",fit for God's creature.

36. Dr Brand, is known as a young and intelligent mind.

37. Dr Octopus

38. Garrison

39. Hulk means "body of an old, worn-out ship".

40. Fitch

41. Fred means "sage".

42. Gabriel means "God is my strength".

43. Gulliver

44. Hercules means "Hera's glory",perfect for your hero.

45. Horton means "gray settlement".

46. Ink-redible, perfect choice for a colorful octopus.

47. Inky, it is fit for a real octopus.

48. John

49. Kane means "Battle ",fit to the little warrior.

50. Mr Einstein, octopusis considered as the Albert Einstein of spineless creatures.

51. Mr Strange

52. Mr Tony Stark, anintelligent choice among may names.

53. Napoleon

54. Nelson

55. Ottoman

56. Ozy

57. Professor X

58. Rambo means "rebellious".

59. Ricky means "powerful".

60. Robin means "fame".

61. Rover means "traveler, wanderer".

62. Shaw means "thicket".

63. Shawn means "gift from God",another name that refers to God's gracious.

64. Squidnapper, a perfect option for these dangerous kidnappers.

65. Squidward means "squid".

66. Steve means "wreath, crown".

67. Stunner means "a person or thing that is very beautiful".

68. Tesla, suits this intelligent creature.

69. Turbo means "a whorl or spinning object",good selection for an octopus who is full of energy.

70. Tyrion

71. Walter means " powerful ruler".

72. Willie means "protective".

Gender-Neutral Octopus Names

A neutral name that can be utilized for both genders is known as an unbiased name. So here is a rundown of cool names and adorable gender unbiased names to assist you with settling on a decision.

73. Ashton means "ash tree town'.

74. Angel means "messenger or messenger of God".

75. Ash means "happy", a trendy choice.

76. Arden means "eager".

77. Alex means "man's defender".

78. Arrow

79. Andy

80. Billie means "protection".

81. Bobby means "bright".

82. Brooke means "water".

83. Blake

84. Brett

85. Charlie

86. Cassady means "ingenious".

87. Casey means "vigilant".

88. Dumbo, is a cute choice in honor of the Dumbo Octopus, often thought of as the cutest octopus because of its fins which resemble Dumbo's ears.

89. Easton means "east settlement",a popular gender-neutral choice.

90. Elian means "God is family",cute and simple choice.

91. Emerson means "brave".

92. Ellis means "Jehovah is God".

93. Evan means"God is gracious or youth".

94. Frankie means "free one".

95. Gene means "well made".

96. Gentry means "nobility of birth ".

97. Gillian means "youthful",  fits for both girl and boy octopus.

98. Glen means "Woody Valley", it's a different choice.

99. Gleana

100. Halo means "divine aura".

101. Haskell means "intellect", a fitting name for the intelligent creature.

102. Isabel means "pledges to God".

103. Indigo means "a deep blue", perfect for any species of octopus baby.

104. Jackie means "supplanter".

105. Jean means "God is gracious".

106. Jellybean

107. Jersey means "grassy island".

108. Kadin means "companion".

109. Kai means "earth".

110. Keely means "graceful".

111. Kennedy means "helmeted chief".

112. Kiley means "good looking".

113. Kim

114. Lake

115. Landry means "rough land".

116. Lennon means "lover".

117. Lonnie means "ready for battle".

118. Lucian means "light".

119. Lux means "'light".

120. Mackenzie means "fire-born".

121. Max means "greatest".

122. Memphis means "Good place to live".

123. Monroe means "mouth of the river Rotha".

124. Morgan means "great brightness".

125. Munchkin means "a child".

126. Nico

127. Nikita means "victor".

128. Ocean means "whole body of salt water".

129. Oswin means "God's friend".

130. Owen means "youth".

131. Parker means "park keeper".

132. Peace

133.  Peanut means "groundnut legume".

134. Quincy means "fifth son's estate".

135. Quinn means "counsel".

136. Raleigh means "roe deer's meadow".

137. Ramsey means "wild garlic".

138. Raphael means "God is healer".

139. Regan means "royal".

140. Reilly

141. Rumi

142. Ryan means "little king".

143. Sage

144. Salem means "peace.".

145. Sean means " God is gracious".

146. Sterling means "little star ".

147. Stevie means "victorious".

148. Tate means "Cheerful".

149. Tatum

150. Terry means "power is mighty".

151. Tiny means "the little one".

152. Tony means "worthy of praise".

153. Umber means "shade".

154. Unique

155. Val Va

156. Vesper means "evening star".

157. Vick means "conqueror".

158. Wisdom

159. Wyatt means "war".

160. Wynne means "fair".

161. Xen

162. Xoan means "God is good".

163. Yael

164. Zephyr means "west wind".

165. Zion means "highest point".

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