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'PAW Patrol' is a CGI–animated Canadian children's TV series by Keith Chapman which premiered on Nickelodeon in the US.

It has been produced by Spin Master Entertainment. With animation by Guru Studio, the series is broadcasted on TVOKids, in Canada

The show primarily focuses on the adventures of a young protagonist, named Ryder who is the leader of a canine crew comprising of search and rescue dogs who call themselves PAW Patrol. They work jointly going on missions to protect the community of Adventure Bay shoreside.

The Paw Patrol dogs consist of dogs from various breeds such as German Shepherd, English Bulldog, Mixed breed, Chocolate Labrador, etc. Each dog has particular skills based on professional services, such as firefighting, flying, and the like.

Their dog houses can transform into customized vehicles and they also carry backpacks called "pup packs" to aid in their missions.

'PAW Patrol' as a franchise has earned millions of dollars through its sale of toys which are popular amongst kids. Additionally, it has also received a plethora of awards and nominations.

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Paw Patrol: Main Characters

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In the series, other than the protagonist who is a ten-year-old boy named Ryder there are the Paw Patrol dogs. Here is a handy list of the eleven 'Paw Patrol' characters names portrayed in the show.

Ryder - Ryder is the leading character in 'PAW Patrol' who is the rescuer, leader, and teacher of the Pups. He has an upbeat attitude and the necessary skills that PAW Patrol needs to get any job done!

His hi-tech ATV can transform into a hovercraft as well as a snowmobile during rescue missions. He wears a vest containing the PAW Patrol logo.

Marshall - Marshall is the deuteragonist who is an energetic Dalmation who serves both as a Firefighter and a Paramedic. He is all about action and is deemed as the clumsy one of the group.

He dons a firefighter helmet and a vest during his missions and carries a red backpack that doubles as a water cannon. During medical emergencies, he wears a red and yellow cap and his pup pack is replaced with medical supplies instead of the water cannon.

Rubble - Rubble is a gruff, yet lovable English Bulldog pup who is the tritagonist of 'PAW Patrol'. He serves as a construction worker. He has a construction digger that can scoop up anything. His pup pack is yellow which carries a yellow hardhat, used for safety during construction.

Chase - Chase is a brown German Shepherd who serves as a police and a spy dog who is very athletic and a natural leader. He is allergic to cats and birds.

He dons a blue police hat with a blue vest and pup pack. His Super-Spy gear comprises of a blue helmet that has a nifty visor, vest, and shoes that have suction cups to help walk on walls.

Rocky - Rocky is a mixed breed mongrel who serves as a Green Paw Patrol recycling dog. He carries innumerable tools inside his pup pack. He appears to be highly enthusiastic and full of ideas.

Paw Patrol Characters!

Zuma - Zuma is an energetic Chocolate Labrador who serves as an aquatic rescue dog. He loves surfing and lives in his boathouse. His pup pack consists of a bright orange water helmet and scuba gear and whenever he is needed, he uses his hovercraft to dive into action.

Skye - Skye is a smart white Cockapoo who serves as an aviator who loves flying around in her helicopter. Her pup pack also has wings that help her fly as well. She is very optimistic and does a backflip with a smile every time she tries something.

Cap'n Turbot - Cap'n Turbot is the most frequent caller of PAW Patrol who also comes to their aid occasionally. He is a goofy fisherman who works in Adventure Bay and has great knowledge about marine biology. He often speaks in alliteration and which Ryder has to explain to the pups.

Robo-dog - Robo-Dog is Ryder's robotic dog who was created by Ryder and Rocky. He makes his first debut in the episode "The New Pup".

He pilots many vehicles in the series such as the Air Patroller, Mission PAW Cruiser, the Sea Patroller, the Mighty, the Mobile Pitstop Vehicle, the Dino Patroller. He is programmed to be very obedient but goes haywire if his antenna is damaged.

Everest - Everest is a female Siberian husky who serves as a snow rescue dog. Her main purpose to attend to any emergency involving snow or ice. She is the oldest pup in Paw Patrol who lived on the South Pole before becoming an official member of the team.

Tracker - Tracker is a brown-and-white Chihuahua who is a jungle rescue pup. She drives a jeep and has super hearing abilities. She lives in the jungle with Carlos and enjoys playing wildlife.

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