105 Pickaxe Names: For Minecraft Enthusiasts

Georgia Stone
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Originally Published on Dec 01, 2020
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In the world of Minecraft, naming a pickaxe is more than just giving it a name. It's a chance to be creative, add a touch of role-playing, and express yourself in the virtual realm.

A pickaxe goes beyond being just a tool; it becomes a trusted companion throughout your journey, a loyal witness to your victories, and a true reflection of your in-game character.

Character names hold huge significance, representing their unique legacy within the vast, boundless, block-constructed worlds. Check out how unique names can motivate players, get them involved, and make each mining strike an interesting story.

Top Pickaxe Names For Minecraft: The Best Of The Best

A pickaxe lying on a bed of gravel.

When it comes to Minecraft, there are certain pickaxe names that truly stand out. They have a special appeal, like the sound of diamonds being added to your inventory. These are the names that have become legendary, carried by pickaxes that have bravely tunneled through mountains and uncovered countless treasures.

Like a warrior's mark, the names of these pickaxes are a miner's signature. They're respected, mighty, and occasionally infused with enchantments.

1. A Bit Picky: is perfect for a pickaxe that selectively works in mining spots.

2. CobbleGobber: is a perfect name for a pickaxe that devours cobblestones like there's no tomorrow.

3. Digger: is a straight-to-the-point name, just like its efficient mining capabilities.

4. Do You Mined: is a playful twist on the phrase 'do you mind?', perfect for miners who appreciate a good pun.

5. Don't Mine Me: is for a pickaxe that's so reliable and practically mines on its own.

6. Fakeaxe: don't let its name fool you; this pickaxe is as real as it gets.

7. Fools Fortune: even if you're not the luckiest miner, this pickaxe name will help you strike it rich.

8. Fortunate: with this pickaxe by your side, you're bound to uncover valuable treasures.

9. Fortunate Son: is perfect for a golden pickaxe that effortlessly strikes rich veins and uncovers hidden treasures with each swing.

10. Fortune Cookie: each swing of this pickaxe reveals a new fortune in the form of rare ores.

11. Gentle Touch: perfect for a pickaxe that handles even the most delicate mining tasks with finesse, despite its power.

12. Gold Digger: a pickaxe that has a nose for gold and won't stop until it strikes the stock.

13. Grave Digger: is perfect for a pickaxe that means business when it comes to mining

14. Jackpot: is a cool name for a pickaxe that makes you feel like you've hit the mining lottery every time.

15. Le Pick: adds a touch of sophistication to your mining adventures with this French-inspired name.

16. Lil Dig: is a powerful name for a pickaxe that's small but mighty.

17. Maxaxe: is perfect for a pickaxe that takes mining to the max, leaving no stone unturned.

18. Mine Your Business: is a cool name for a pickaxe that knows how to get the job done, no questions asked.

19. Mining Slayer: is for a pickaxe that slays your mining goals with its unstoppable ability.

20. Ore Obliterator: no ore stands a chance against the might of this pickaxe.

21. Orebliterator: is a clever combination of 'ore' and 'obliterator', perfect for decimating any mineral in your path.

22. Pick Astley: is perfect for a pickaxe that will never give you up, let you down, or run around and desert you.

23. Pick Of Destiny: fulfill your mining destiny with this legendary pickaxe name.

24. Pickachu: is an electrifying name for a tool that never gets blunt.

25. Silk Touch: is perfect for a pickaxe that delicately extracts blocks with this gentle touch, preserving their pristine state for future use.

Best Pickaxe Names For Minecraft Beginners

Two Minecraft character, one standing on a car and holding a sword and the other holding a pickaxe.

When starting out as a miner, it's important to give your pickaxe a name that truly inspires. Just like building your first shelter to protect yourself from night mobs, naming your pickaxe can bring a significant and exciting moment.

Choosing the perfect names for your beginner pickaxes is all about embracing the spirit of exploration and the thrill of endless possibilities.

26. Armor Breaker: shatters even the toughest armor with its formidable force, leaving your foes vulnerable and exposed.

27. Magic Miner: enchant your mining experience with this mystical pickaxe that imbues each block with a touch of magic.

28. Moonbone: is a celestial pickaxe name that draws strength from the lunar light, perfect for nighttime mining adventures.

29. Peely Pick: try this fruity pickaxe name for a tool that picks out the treasure, no matter how deeply buried it is.

30. Pick Squeak: is for an adorable and tiny pickaxe that may be small in size but packs a powerful punch.

31. Pink Flamingo: stand out in the mines with this vibrant, tropical-inspired pickaxe name.

32. Plasmatic Edge: harness the power of plasma with this cutting-edge pickaxe name, ideal for beginners looking to make a statement.

33. Power Punch: deliver mighty blows to any block with this forceful pickaxe name, perfect for new miners eager to make progress.

34. Primal Sting: is a perfect name for a primitive yet effective pickaxe that channels the raw power of nature.

35. Rainbow Smash: spread joy and color throughout the mines with this prismatic pickaxe name.

36. Relaxe Axe: is a laid-back pickaxe name for casual miners who prefer a stress-free experience.

37. Scrambler: is a perfect pickaxe name for beginners who want to mix things up and try new mining techniques.

38. Shrapnel: blast through tough blocks with this explosive pickaxe name, ideal for new miners tackling challenging terrain.

39. Snack Attackers: is a food-themed pickaxe name to satisfy your hunger for adventure.

40. Spectral Axe: is a ghostly pickaxe name that haunts the mines, perfect for beginners who appreciate a supernatural twist.

41. Spikeclone: is a spiky pickaxe name for a tool with a mind of its own, breezing through the dirt and getting all the treasure.

42. Star Strike: harness the power of the stars with this cosmic pickaxe name, guiding beginners through the darkest mines.

43. Stark Splitter: is a name for a no-nonsense pickaxe that gets straight to the point, perfect for practical beginners.

44. Stripe Slicer: is perfect for a sleek, striped pickaxe that cuts through the mines.

45. Stumpy: is best for a reliable and sturdy pickaxe, perfect for beginners who appreciate a solid foundation.

46. Tactical Spade: is a great name for a versatile pickaxe that doubles as a shovel, ideal for beginners learning to navigate the mines.

47. Thunder Crash: summon the power of thunder with each swing of this electrifying pickaxe.

48. Tree Splitter: is a perfect name or a beginner-friendly weapon that effortlessly chops through trees and other obstacles.

49. T-Square: is a precision pickaxe name for miners who value accuracy and clean lines.

50. Wild Tangent: with this off-the-wall pickaxe name, you can embrace the unpredictable nature of mining.

51. Wooden Starter: is a classic, no-frills pickaxe that every beginner should have in their inventory.

52. Zinc Zapper: is a beginner-friendly pickaxe name infused with the power of zinc, ensuring durability and longevity.

Funny Pickaxe Names That Will Crack You Up In Minecraft

Minecraft game characters with one holding a sword.

Why does the act of sword fighting, avoiding enemies, and digging out treasures always have to be so serious? There is room for fun in Minecraft, where pickaxes bear the names of the cheerful miners who can find joy even when faced with the toughest challenge.

53. Blockbuster: a perfect name for a real hit pickaxe, smashing through blocks like a Hollywood action hero.

54. Butter Knife: spread your wins with this smooth pickaxe name that glides through blocks.

55. Cactus Cruncher: try this prickly pickaxe name for a tool that fearlessly tackles even the thorniest mining challenges.

56. Cardiac Arrester: is a funny name for a heart-stopping pickaxe with impressive mining abilities.

57. Chuckles: try this name for a pickaxe that does a great job at cracking up blocks and miners alike.

58. Dirt Diggler: is perfect for a pickaxe that has a nose for uncovering the filthiest treasures.

59. Falling Feather: a Minecraft-inspired name for a pickaxe with little to no effect on blocks.

60. Giga Drill Breaker: is an anime-inspired name for a pickaxe that has an over-the-top performance.

61. Grandpa's Dentures: is a funny name for a vintage pickaxe that may be old, but still has plenty of bite left in it.

62. Holey Moley: is perfect for a true master of excavation that can create more holes in a block of cheese.

63. Honest Pickaxe: is a funny name for a pickaxe that gets you to the root of the dirt.

64. Lumberjack's Lament: try this for a pickaxe that yearns to be an axe, chopping through blocks.

65. Mine and Craft: is a simple pickaxe name from splitting 'Minecraft'.

66. Miner Inconvenience: is a hilarious name for a troublemaking pickaxle that's difficult to use.

67. Obsidian Obliterator: is a dark and edgy name for a pickaxe that obliterates blocks with its brooding intensity.

68. Pickasso: is a funny name for a pickaxe that paints a masterpiece with every swing, turning the mines into its canvas.

69. Pickle Pick: try this name for a pickaxe that gives you a salty mining experience.

70. Procrastinator's Pick: for a pickaxe that takes its time getting the job done, but always delivers in the end.

71. Rock Lobster: is a cool name for a small pickaxe that pinches its way through the toughest blocks.

72. Seismic Swinger: is a name for an earth-shattering pickaxe that causes earthquakes and tremors with each mighty swing.

73. Shovely McPickface: is a funny name for a pickaxe that works as a combination of three tools in one: a shovel, a sword, and a pickaxe.

74. Skullcrusher: is a skull-crushing pickaxe that strikes fear into the hearts of blocks everywhere.

75. Smashing Pumpkins: is a funny Halloween-themed name for a pickaxe with a funny look.

76. The Boring Company: is a hilarious name for a pickaxe that keeps working with no sign of finding any diamond.

77. The Underminer: is a perfect name for a tool that does more work than is seen on the surface.

78. Vegan's Vexation: is a perfect name for a pickaxe that breaks everything in its way including the treasure as though it's angry.

79. Whack-A-Block: is perfect for a pickaxe that's always breaking blocks without finding any treasure.

Unique Pickaxe Names For Minecraft Pros: Stand Out From The Crowd

Experienced players know that giving their pickaxes distinctive names goes beyond functionality, it showcases their skill and mastery in the game. These names are often filled with stories of impressive creations and exciting adventures, filled with enchantments and tales of triumph.

These names are not only cool, but they also serve as a testament to one's expertise in the Minecraft universe.

80. Aero Axe: lightweight and aerodynamic, this pickaxe name is perfect for swift and agile mining.

81. Ave Axe: is unique for the mighty pickaxe that conquers all in its path.

82. Big Bad Axe: is perfect for a beastly pickaxe with raw power and an intimidating presence.

83. Bitemark: use this tool to leave a lasting impression on the mines.

84. Blue Bolt: harness the energy of lightning with this electrifying pickaxe name.

85. Bottom Feeder: is perfect for a pickaxe that scours the depths of the mines for hidden treasures.

86. Bow Power: is a name that combines the precision of archery with the strength of mining in a hybrid pickaxe-bow.

87. Candy Axe: satisfy your sweet tooth and mine in style with this delightfully colorful pickaxe name.

88. Chained Cleaver: is a formidable combination name of pickaxe and cleaver, bound together by unbreakable chains.

89. Clobber Axe: is a unique name for a mighty pickaxe that will smash through any obstacle with its sheer brute force.

90. Death Valley: venture into the most treacherous mines with this powerful pickaxe name.

91. Disco Brawl: get ready to dance and mine with this funky pickaxe name.

92. Double Tap: a perfect name for a pickaxe that can efficiently mine twice as fast with each swing.

93. Flying Smasher: soar through the mines, smashing blocks to bits with this aerodynamic pickaxe name.

94. Hyper Edge: stay on the cutting edge of mining technology with this futuristic pickaxe name.

95. Kraken Axe: unleash the fury of your tool with this mythical, tentacled pickaxe name.

96. Megavolt: supercharge your mining experience with this high-voltage, electric pickaxe name.

97. Pickstachio: is a perfect blend of pistachio and pickaxe for a nutty mining experience.

98. Silk Machine: for a pickaxe that's as smooth as silk, gliding through blocks with ease.

99. Silky Smooth: is a cool name for a sleek and sophisticated pickaxe that mines in style.

100. Smooth Operator: effortlessly navigate the mines with this efficient pickaxe name.

101. Stone Slicer: for a sharp and deadly pickaxe with a precise strike every time.

102. The Silky Way: is perfect for a sleek pickaxe that can find its way.

103. What's Mined Is Yours: is a catchy play on 'what's mine is yours', perfect for a tool that can mine for two.

104. Wheel of Fortune: a perfect name for a pickaxe that spins all the way to hit the mine and get the diamonds.

105. World Destroyer: use this pickaxe to unleash chaos and reshape the very foundations of your Minecraft world.


Boy playing minecraft on his laptop.Shutterstock

Can a cool name and enchantments on a pickaxe affect its performance against blocks and mobs?

Although names have no impact on performance, enchantments definitely make a difference. For example, the 'Efficiency' enchantment speeds up block breaking, while the 'Fortune' enchantment boosts resource drops.

On the other hand, pickaxe enchantments don't have a direct impact on combat efficiency against mobs. That's where other enchanted tools, such as swords and bows, come into the picture.

What's the significance of giving a cool name to a pickaxe in Minecraft?

A cool name can infuse personality and even a sense of magic into a pickaxe. It showcases a player's imaginative flair and their passion for the game, often turning the tool into a core aspect of their Minecraft identity.

In Minecraft, what strategies can players use to ensure their pickaxes last longer during mining expeditions?

Players can apply enchantments like 'Unbreaking' or 'Mending' to their pickaxes. These enchantments either make the tool less likely to lose durability or enable it to repair itself using experience orbs.

Can enchantments be combined to create a super pickaxe in Minecraft?

Yes, using an anvil and experience points, players can combine enchantments like 'Fortune', 'Unbreaking', and 'Efficiency' to forge a powerful pickaxe that excels in both mining and crafting.

Coming up with a name for a pickaxe is just as enjoyable and fulfilling as playing Minecraft. Every name tells a story; a special identity that represents the person's creativity and drive. Exploring the depths of the earth, protecting against nocturnal creatures, or simply decorating their home with valuable minerals, a player's journey is enhanced by a well-named pickaxe.

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