50 Romantic And Sweet Wife Nicknames

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Romantic nicknames are used by husbands who need a little nudge to make their wives feel loved.

This list is specially curated for those husbands who need a little help expressing their love to their wives. This list includes some mushy, and funny, nicknames for wives.

Below are some nicknames that would inspire you to call your wife in the most loving way possible. Something that would only be for her and no one else. Let's begin the adventure to find your wife that unique nickname that makes her feel as special and loved as no one can.

Unique Wife Nicknames

Starting with some unique names for the gorgeous woman in your life. A memorable name is something different and unique, just like your wife is special from everybody else.

  • Sweet Pea is a flower in China that looks cute and smells lovely. This cute nickname will be the best if your wife has a sweet and delicate personality.
  • Pookie means a cute little boy. This could be your pick for a sweet nickname if your wife does not like everything girly.
  • Cutie Pumpkin is a  vegetable and could be one of the unique nicknames when your lady is curvy and flaunts it with confidence.
  • Peaches is a funny nickname inspired by the movie 'Ice Age'. You can call your wife peaches because she is sweet and fuzzy.
  • Lifeline is something on which your life depends. When your wife is your everything, and you cannot think of a life without her in it, then this is one of the most romantic nicknames for a wife.
  • Blusher means to become pink on the face. It is one of the cute nickname ideas when your wife is cute and anything can make her blush.
  • Only Love means little loved ones. This could be a romantic nickname for your lady when you both have been high school sweethearts.
  • Queen is one of the sweet nicknames for a wife. When your wife is the queen of your heart, you treat her like one too.
  • Sparkles is one of the cute nicknames to use when your wife has a personality that brightens up your life.
  • Angle Smile is one of the romantic nicknames for a wife whose smile brings you peace.
  • Pearl is one of the sweet nicknames when your wife shines apart with her natural beauty.

Funny Wife Nicknames

Not all women are the same and some like sweet cute nicknames, while others have a good sense of humor and can take a joke. It can also describe the dynamic you share with your wife. Here is a list of funny nicknames.

  • Cutie Patootie means sweetheart, pretty girl. When you are so much in love with your sweet wife, you always want to make her smile.
  • Minnie is one of the sweet nicknames for wives inspired by Walt Disney's Minnie Mouse. You can use this as one of the pet names if your wife is short, cute, and sweet.
  • Chatterbox means one who engages in idle talk. This could be one of the cute nicknames if your wife can talk for hours.
  • Drama Queen is one of the pet names for a wife known for making a fuss over trivial matters. 
  • Bubbles are thin spheres of liquid enclosing air. This could be one of the funny nicknames for a wife with a very bubbly personality that everyone likes.
  • Shopaholic means a compulsive shopper. It is a perfect nickname for your wife who loves to spend money buying from all the stores in the city.
  • Mrs. Volcano is one of the funny nicknames for a wife if she gets upset and angry easily.
  • Dragon is a mythical monster like a giant reptile, it is one of the funny nicknames for the aggressive and protective wife to show your funny side and love.
  • Miss Caregiver is a nickname apt for wives who have an element is showing love through taking care of everyone.
  • Mouse is a small furry animal. This nickname is suitable for your petite, and shy wife.
  • Heart Throbber is a cool nickname for a very attractive person. When your wife is so gorgeous and good-looking, you cannot stop adoring her.
  • Shortcake is something made crisp and soft. When your wife is all cushy and cuddly, you know this nickname will annoy her.
  • Bounty is a sum paid for a task. When your wife wants and deserves a reward for everything she has done, this could be one of the sweet nicknames.
  • Niagara Falls is a waterfall. When your wife is one of those women, who starts crying at everything, you can use this nickname.
  • Glutton means one given habitually to eating and drinking. If your wife is proud of her eating habits, then this could be one of the cute nicknames.

Cute Wife Nicknames

Individuals who have been blessed to have a wife who loves them and accepts them with all their flaws. For this, they deserve something special. Here are some cute nicknames to call your wife by.

  • Munchkin is a name for someone you love.  It's one of those nicknames that, when said, you think of that adorable person in your life who holds your heart in her hands.
  • Honey Bunny is a term of endearment. For the wife, who is sweet as honey and cute as a bunny.
  • Puppy means a person of a specific kind. This is best for your wife if you have loved her ever since you both were kids.
  • Snuggle Kitten, is for someone who looks adorable and innocent and sometimes shy. When your wife is a feisty little thing, she still likes to cuddle you.
  • Pudding is dedicated to a dessert served after the main course of a meal.  When your wife is sweet as a pudding, and can never be seen in a bad temper.
  • Beautiful Beloved is a nickname that means possessing beauty. When your wife is so beautiful, you sometimes can't believe she is yours and how much you love one another.
  • Cherub is a nickname inspired by the winged angelic being. Just another way to call your wife an angel.
  • Doe-Eye is a nickname for someone who has large eyes that make them look innocent. When your wife has those gorgeous big eyes that you get lost in.
  • Dumpling is a nickname inspired by the small savory dough balls. When dumplings are your favorite food, you call your wife dumpling too.
  • Shot Glass is a nickname to be used when like a glass of shot, your wife is a tiny little thing that helps you be free and enjoy life.
  • My Inspiration is when your wife is the one who inspires you to do better and be a better man.
  • Boo Boo is for a romantic partner when the woman in your life is so cute that you give her a pet name.

Cool Wife Nicknames

Here are some coolest names because super cool women deserve some super cool nicknames that showcase your love for them. There is no doubt that women are by far the coolest people to walk on earth.  Pick your favorite cool nickname from the list below.

  • Boss is a nickname that means master. When your wife is the boss, then you can certainly use this nickname.
  • Tech - Queen is a nickname that is suitable when your wife knows her way around all the gadgets, and you are the one who has to learn from her.
  • Baby is a nickname that will suit your wife if you treat her like a baby.
  • Curly Beauty is a nickname for someone who has curly hair. When your wife has that gorgeous curly hair that you love.
  • Love is a nickname for your wife if you like to express your love but want to keep it short and on point.
  • Exotica is a nickname that is dedicated to a distant foreign country. When your wife has those beautiful exotic features that make her look like a goddess.
  • Pretty Lady is good-looking in a fairly ordinary way and has a lovely face. For the wife, it has natural beauty.
  • Ace is a person who excels at a particular sport or other activity when your wife is good at literally everything she does.
  • Iron Lady means a strong-willed woman. There is no doubt this is the best nickname suitable for your woman.
  • Lady Luck is a nickname to be used when there is no better way to express how fortunate you have been ever since your wife entered your life.
  • Snookums is a term of endearment usually said while calling a child. This nickname can be used when calling out your wife instead of the common endearment time ‘baby.’
  • Gangsta Baby is for the wife you never want to mess with. If this description matches your wife, you find your nickname.

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