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Sahuagin are coastal creatures who are born to hunt as they swim the seas.

These green-colored creatures of the fantasy world could speak with sharks who are present within 60 ft (18 m) of the coast of the seas. The species is a humanoid who can perform an interesting bonus action with a bite.

When it comes to languages, sahuagin can not speak many languages but also their own language.

Pathfinder Sahuagin Names

The fish-like, piscine sahuagin undergoes several mutations, some in vain, but the beneficial ones make them stronger and more powerful. Here is the list of several pathfinder sahuagins.

Four-armed Sahuagin meaning 'sea-devil with four arms' are ferocious fighters with four sharp claws.

Malenti meaning 'sea elf,' has the skill of focus and deceiving ability but is compromised with relatively weak armor.

Prehistoric Sahuagin meaning 'adacthys', is large, savage with strong armor, and can speak to other aquatic creatures.

Sahuagin Baron meaning 'powerful sea-devil', is a huge monster that can survive both in air and water, give orders to sharks, and has the multi-attack ability.

Sahuagin Brute meaning 'savage sea-devil' is a barbarian with the weakness of light blindness. It dwells in rage and blood.

Sahuagin Champion meaning 'formidable winner' is a medium humanoid with the advantage of multi attacks with a brute bite force and dagger-like claws for piercing damage.

Sahuagin Deep Racer meaning 'racer devil' is a medium-sized monster with the weakness of light blindness that uses pushing assault, spear, bite, and claws for an attack.

Sahuagin High Priestess meaning 'high ranking female proponent' can command sharks using telepathy and multi-attack.

Sahuagin Infiltrator meaning 'spy humanoid' has defense abilities of trap sense, dodge, and evasion.

Sahuagin Prince meaning 'successor devil' has special attacks of blood frenzy and cavalier's charge. It has heroism and barkskin.

Sahuagin Scout 'soldier sea-devil' has evasion as a defense and light blindness as a weakness. It has a special attack called the sneak attack and bane bolts.

Sahuagin Shark Sentry meaning 'guard sahuagin' is a medium-sized humanoid with an aggressive combat style.

Sahuagin Underpriestess meaning 'sacred sahuagin' is flat-footed with the special ability to draw evil energy and disastrous smite.

Shark-blooded Sahuagin meaning 'shark-like sea-devils' has a terrifying appearance with great agility, tremendous bite force, shark teeth, big fins, and tails.

Sightless Sahuagin meaning 'blind fighters' are blind, precise fighters who use the spell of animal trance.

Spined Sahuagin meaning 'sea-devils with needles' has hundreds of spines that can pierce through the skin of enemies with great piercing damage.

Sahuagin Random Names

The Sahuagin is a fish-like sea-devil that lives several feet deep underwater, in the ocean or sea. They remain submerged or rest on the ocean floor. Here are some of the random names of sahuagin.

Abe Sapien meaning 'icthyo sapien' was a result of peculiar liturgy and was named due to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

Aquaman meaning 'man of the ocean' can breathe both in air and water, and interact with aquatic creatures using their native language.

Afanc (Welsh Origin) meaning 'lake monster' is more of a humanoid version of a dwarf, beaver, or crocodile.

Aspidochelone (Greek Origin) meaning 'shield turtle' is a giant turtle that drowns mariners by making them land on its back.

Biesht Kione (Irish Origin) meaning 'black-headed beast' is something that can instill fear in the hearts of fishermen.

Carcharodon Megalodon meaning 'giant shark' was related to the great white shark and it had one of the strongest bite forces known to mankind.

Cetus (Greek Origin) meaning 'extraordinary sea fish' refers to monsters that were killed by Perseus and Hercules.

Champ meaning 'winner' is the name given to a supposed sea monster that is rumored to live in Champlain Lake.

Charybdis (Greek Origin)meaning 'whirlpool' is personified as a female monster that can create enormous whirlpools.

Crocosaurus meaning 'crocodile-like lizard' is a semi-aquatic large carnivorous dinosaur that lives in marshes and rivers.

Cthulhu meaning 'human-like alien'.

Dinoshark meaning 'lizard-like shark' was a shark said to be from the Mesozoic Era.

Dobhar-chú (Irish Origin) meaning 'hound from the water' is something that looks like the combination of a dog and an otter.

Fiji Mermaid meaning 'deceptive half-fish', is a creature that top half looks like a monkey and the other half looks like a fish.

Grindylows (English Origin) meaning 'jerk water spirit' are absurd creatures that drag little children near the shores of a water body.

Hydra (Greek Origin) meaning 'water serpent' is a beast with many heads and can regenerate itself.

Iku-Turso (Finnish Origin) meaning 'the eternal octopus' is a terrifying sea creature that is said to bring many diseases.

Jörmungandr (Norse Origin) meaning 'huge monster' is a serpent from Midgard which is said to bring Ragnarok if it ever releases its tail.

Kelpie (Scottish Origin) meaning 'deceptive water spirit' is a creature that looks like a black horse and can shapeshift into different creatures.

Kraken (Greek Origin) meaning 'giant squid' is a huge sea monster that is said to attack nearby ships and its boatswain.

Leviathan meaning 'to twist' is a sea serpent with webbed feet that often represents chaos.

Loch Ness Monster (Scottish Origin) meaning 'Monster of Loch Ness' is a giant plesiosaur.

Marsh Wiggle meaning 'moving creature of marsh' is a light human-like monster that lives in the marshes.

Melusine meaning 'strong' is a female spirit that usually stays near springs and rivers.

Ogopogo meaning 'aquatic monster' is a creature that is said to have a beautiful voice that lives in Okanagan Lake, Britain.

Naiads (Greek Origin) meaning 'water nymph' are creatures that generally live in coastal areas, small water bodies, etc.

Scylla (Greek Origin) meaning 'terrific water nymph' is a creature that has a unique body shape.

Sigmund meaning 'protection' is a kind sea monster that refused to scare humans.

Vampire Squid meaning 'bloodsucking squid,' is a squid that has red-colored eyes and webbings which connect its limbs.

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D&D Sahuagin Race Names

Dungeons And Dragons is a popular game among fantasy game players and are known for several sahuagins.

Sahuagin Blademaster meaning 'the devil who has mastered sword' can communicate with sharks via telepathy.

Sahuagin Coral Smasher meaning 'coral breaking devil' can call upon an army of monsters to block its enemy.

Sahuagin Deep Diver meaning 'deep-diving devil' is a dragon who can lure its opponents and bring forth a powerful sword to fight.

Sahuagin Hatchling Swarm meaning 'swarm of devils' are newborn sahuagins who could breathe underwater to launch attacks.

Sahuagin Priestess meaning 'female proponent' can use spellcasting with blood frenzy.

Sahuagin Wave Shaper meaning 'wave controlling devil' can use innate spellcasting.

Names Of Sahuagin Deities

Sahuagin worshipped several deities of power, trick, wealth, stealth, evil, and even love. Listed below are the names of such deities.

Abbathor meaning 'master of greed' was the dwarf deity of greed who used to envy and desire the riches of others.

Aerdrie Faenya meaning 'elf deity' is renowned for its advanced magic and grace and weapons like swords and bows.

Bahgtru meaning 'god of natural strength', the orc deity of pure strength and power, is a ferocious fighter.

Corellon Larethian meaning 'the protector' is the god of craft, art, music, magic, and poetry.

Deep Sashelas meaning 'humanoid elf' is among the principal races, capable of living a long life and blessed with beauty and grace.

Demogorgon (Greek Origin) meaning 'demon' is the deity of the underworld humanoids.

Eardo meaning 'the deliverer' is the creator of two aquatic races.

Erythnul meaning 'religion' is a deity known for malice, envy, and hate. His blood could change into many different kinds of creatures.

Fenmarel Mestarine meaning 'dark elf deity' is a dark elf with a very sophisticated taste.

Gaknulak meaning 'trap master' was the demigod of traps, stealth, and trickery.

Hanali Celanil meaning 'elven goddess' is known for her timeless unmatchable beauty and love.

Jazirian meaning 'greater deity' is the god of parenthood, tranquility, and knowledge.

Koriel meaning 'patron god' roamed through multiple skies, known better as the developer of ki-rin.

Labelas Enoreth meaning 'Lord of Continuum', considered the life-giver, is an elven deity who guards the gates of time.

Luthic meaning 'the orc goddess' is the deity of caves, with a strong and vicious personality, and would engage in a savage fight.

Moradin meaning 'creation' is the deity of the dwarven people. His domains included creation, protection, and knowledge.

Nebelun meaning 'deity of inventions' lives in the Golden Hills and spends time in Olympus.

Panzuriel meaning 'deity of evil' is the god of murder, evil, confusion, and other evil beings of the sea; with his symbol of the head of Kraken, squid eye, and left footprint.

Pelor meaning 'just' is a deity that has the favor of humans. Pelor was known as the god of the Sun, healing, and strength.

Persana meaning 'guardian of the deep' was a mysterious god of guardianship and creation who created the entire Triton race.

Quorlinn meaning 'Lesser deity' was the creator of the Kenku race.

Sehanine Moonbow meaning 'elf deity' is known for its magic and grace, using weapons like swords and bows.

Sekolah meaning'shark god'' is the primary god worshipped by the entire race of Sahuagin.

Shargaas meaning 'god of the dark', otherwise known as the orcish deity of the night.

Solonar Thelandira meaning 'Lord of Forests', was the god of archery, hunting, forests, and survival in wild places.

Urdlen meaning 'crawler below' is the deity of chaos, destruction, and evil usually in the transformed form of a mole.

Vergadain meaning 'The laughing dwarf' was the god of luck, wealth, and trickery.

Water Lion meaning 'monster of the river' is a large cat with dagger-like tusks and fangs.

Yurtrus meaning 'god of death' is the orcish deity who deals with mortality and diseases.

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