100 Cool Pubg Names For Your Little Ferocious Fighter

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Originally Published on Jun 16, 2022
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amazing clan names for pubg players

PUBG has gained much traction among people ever since it was released for mobile platforms.

Of course, since this game is very popular among kids, you must've come across the problem of choosing the right username for your little champ's profile. But come on now, you know how choosing a proper name can be tedious and lengthy.

The best way is to search for references to come up with a relevant username. Children can be quite picky, considering how indecisive they are.

You might think that you have come up with a great name only to meet with a frown on your precious one's little face. So if you're searching for ideas to name your profile and stumbled upon this article, don't not because you've come to the right place.

Well, now you must be interested in how you can also select a great name that will bring a huge, sparkling smile to your little one's face as they would open the game and look at their name displayed on the top right corner of the screen.

Cool Clan Names For PUBG

In the list below, there are some of the names of squads that are quite cool on their own. So just sit back and enjoy the badass energy you'll feel while going through this list.

Agent 47 is quite a famous name in the gaming world, and every gamer knows who Agent 47 is.

Alpha Squad is a simple name, but it is surely quite cool.

Anax is quite a cool name inspired by a Dragonfly, to be more specific.

Badass is, well, a badass name for your clan.

Blackstorm is quite a cool name. Well, anything after 'Black' becomes cool automatically.

Boss is a simple and cool name.

Crazy Killer is quite a cool name for your little soldier, which is actually quite quirky.

Cruel Criminals is a hilarious name for a group of innocent kids playing this game.

Dark Blade is quite a cool name as well.

Dark Prince is a really nice name that sounds like it has come straight out of a fantasy.

Dynamo is the name of one of the best players in India.

Game Over is among a few names that will appear immaculate on the killfeed.

Kingslayer is quite a great name with a fancy vibe to it.

Lone is a short and simple name that is quite easy to remember.

Myst is quite a fancy name even though it still has a touch of simplicity.

Optimal Aces is a great name for a clan that consists of Ace league players. Optimal Aces is a great name choice for brash thugs.

Shroud is the name of one of the best PUBG streamers globally, and PUBG enthusiasts take great inspiration from him.

Soul was actually the name of a popular PUBG clan in India. That's why it became such a popular name among players.

Swag is a common name among layers. Not really a terrible choice, is it?

Thanos. Well, who doesn't know Thanos, right? He is one of the ultimate antagonists of the MCU.

The Dark Hornet is quite a cool name. And Hornet is such an underrated term.

Viper was actually the name of a popular PUBG player, and it's a great name.

Cool PUBG Club Names

In the list, there are some of the best club names that are quite cool.

Bloss Flop is a quite rare name.

Bot Slayer, now you know that one guy who always kills the bots and steals kills.

Dominators is a great name, even more so when the land squad standing has this name.

Dragon Tamers is a very cool name, especially for a club, it is a great name.

Fear Butchers is quite a ruthless name considering it is for your precious little soldiers. Fear Butchers is a great PUBG name.

Fuzzy Pack is an adorable name that goes well with our little soldiers.

Headhunter has quite the weight in the name itself, and it sure sounds great too.

Highlander Monk is a cool name, which sounds aesthetic as well.

Invincible, as the name suggests, gives an image of power to the player.

Jack the Ripper is obviously named after the infamous serial killer of Britain who was never caught.

Joker has always been a popular name because of the craze toward Batman and DC.

Knuckle Dusters is a badass name that sounds quite authentic too.

Mr. Devil is quite a cringe name, in my opinion, but if you like this, then just go for it.

Predators is another badass name that was inspired by another eSports team name.

PubJesus is quite a smart name if you think about it.

Smoker is a great name for those who want to destroy their enemies and let them taste defeat.

Survivor is a great name. Imagine the last man standing in the game is named Survivor'.

Trash, if you're bad at this game, then why not name yourself Trash.

Trollers is a name that will piss off people by just the sound of it. No one likes trollers in a game. (Just kidding)

Cool PUBG Team Names

In the list below, there are some cool names for your team. Though there might not be much difference, you can surely take inspiration from this list or pick a name out of this as well.

DeadMatrix is a great name with quite an exquisite vibe to it.

EatBullets is a funny name. Imagine yelling Eeat bullets' at your enemies.

Faulty Devils, as told earlier, a few words make a whole name cool on its own, like Devil.

Games of Joker is quite the fancy name that feels badass as well.

Green Ghost is quite a great name which is cool as well.

InmicalThugs is quite a rare and unique name because people can't see the words Inimical and Thugs together.

Iris is quite a beautiful name. It is beautifully cool, if that's an expression.

Kill Spree is such a cool name that'll surely bring a wide smile to your little one's face.

Leto is a tiny little name that is simple and easy to remember.

Overkill is another super cool name for your little warrior.

Pace is a bland name that doesn't spark that much joy in us.

Post is a short and simple name because sometimes simplicity is the best choice.

Tonight Gamer is surely a great name for players who actively play at night.

Wolf is one of my favorite names on this list.

Cool Creative PUBG Names

In the list below, there are some creative names, but not many people use them because most of them are references from something. It includes names inspured by memes or movies or out-of-the-box creativity. So sit back and surf through this list because a few names might catch your attention.

Agent Hercules Kill Spree is a stylish PUBG name for PUBG mobile.

Assassins is a cool name, and it's quite popular among gamers as well.

Bad Soldier is an ironic name for someone who is bad at this game.

Bad Soldier is another hilarious name. It's such a random and funny name that you can't help but crack a few sneers.

Brash Thugs is one of the fun PUBG names. Brash Thugs will make for a great name in PUBG.

Bravo Six is another popular name among gamers, and most FPS players know why.

Captain Jack Sparrow is quite a hilarious name that will surely bring a smile to your enemy's face.

Complex Slayers is one of the interesting PUBG names. Complex Slayers is one of the most popular PUBG names.

çûtê ßâçhî is a legendary meme reference. çûtê ßâçhî can be one of the best PUBG names.

Daibolic Killers is a very cool and aesthetically pleasing name.

Dancing Madman is a fancy name and quite creative too.

Dark Warrior is one of the best PUBG clan names for open PUBG mobile game.

Dead Deal is a satirical name, but you sure should have the skills to carry this powerful name.

Dead Shot is one of the cool PUBG names. It can be written as dξλdsh0t xx dξλdsh0t as well.

Game of Phones is probably the best pun on this list so far.

Homely Sharpshooters is one of the interesting PUBG names. You can certainly choose Homely Sharpshooters.

Humble Flexer is one of the funny PUBG names for boys.

Inimical Thugs is one of the rare PUBG names. Inimical Thugs is a great choice for PUBG.

Junkyard Dog Hog Butcher is the best PUBG name.

Knuckle Duster is quite a funny name.

Local Grim Reaper is quite a cool name, especially when it shows on the kill feed.

Metal Star is a cool name. Though it might sound simple, it is quite different from the others.

Night Magnet is a unique and cool name, especially for a boy.

Odd Hooligans is one of the interesting PUBG names. Odd Hooligans is one of the stylish names.

Outrageous Dominance is a popular name in PUBG mobile. Outrageous Dominance is a great name choice.

Pixie Soldier is one of the cool, unique PUBG names for boys.

Psychedelic Servicemen is one of the incredible PUBG names. Psychedelic Servicemen is a good name choice for PUBG.

Quarrelsome Strategy is a common name in PUBG mobile. Quarrelsome Strategy could also be one of the PUBG clan names.

qʋɘɘŋ oʆ boɭɗŋɘss is quite a hilarious name inspired by a movie.

Shoot 2 Kill is a dizzy irresistible PUBG name.

Straight Gangsters is a simple and catchy name.

Strange Love is an adorable and aesthetically pleasing name.

Thanos Ball Blaster is one of the ultimate antagonists from the MCU.

Time Waster is the perfect name for gamers.

Veteran of Death is one of the stylish names for selfish soldiers.

W for Homies is a good name for the guy who can bring in the Chicken Dinner.

Walking Pegasus is one of the rare PUBG names. Walking Pegasus is a good name choice in PUBG.

We are Mad is a great name for enthusiastic gamers.

βακκ ςυəəπ is a great name choice in PUBG. βακκ ςυəəπ can easily be regarded as one of the funny PUBG names for girls.

иαиι ραяι is one of the best PUBG names. иαиι ραяι will just go well with demonic criminals.

ᴅᴇᴀᴅ ᴋɪʟʟᴇʀ 彡 or 彡 ᴅᴇᴀᴅ ᴋɪʟʟᴇʀ is one of the stylish PUBG names for boys.

个 ð is a great name for selfish soldiers from Japan.

女 王 is a cool PUBG name.

廴 刁 isone of the stylish PUBG names for girls from Japan.

ア レ one of the best PUBG names for boys from Japan.

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