198 Fiery Sandwing Names From The Wings Of Fire

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Tumbleweed icewing sandwing names are highly sought after by fans

Why Sandwing Names?

Fantasies are something related to a mysterious land that might be full of wonders. Are you a fantasy lover and are interested in traveling into a fantasy world full of dragons? Let's get started.

There are two continents in the world of 'Wings of Fire', Pyrrhia and Pantala consisting of dragons. Both continents have ten tribes, with seven for Pyrrhia and three for Pantala. Each tribe consists of a queen, a royal family, and scavengers (humans).

The seven Pyrrhia tribes are Sandwings, Mudwings, Skywings, Nightwings, Seawings, Rainwings, and Icewings. The three different tribes in Pantala are Hivewings, Leafwings, and Silkwings. Check out the best nicknames for Sandwings.

Sandwing Nightwing Hybrid Names

1. Anubis - lives in the kingdom of sand, and she was a former soldier in Burn's army.

2. Brightsting is a rude hybrid who works as a janitor at a hospital named Starcatcher.

3. Cobra - is an assassin and a member of the 'Talons of power.'

4. Diamondback - has the elemental attribute Sand. The goal of Diamondback is to become the Queen of Pyrrhia by killing its Queen Thorn.

5. Dust devil - has the elemental attribute of shadow, and her goal is to save whoever is facing problems.

6. Dusty - has ink as an elemental attribute. He has abilities similar to Sandwing and has no enemies.

7. Grasshopper - has an elemental attribute named amber. The enemy of Grasshopper is WIP.

8. Horizon - has the elemental attribute of water, and her goal is to make friends by traveling around the world.

9. Hourglass - has the elemental attribute of sand, and the goal of the hourglass is to balance time.

10. Mirage - is a story narrator, and he can make friends easily. His enemies are the communist scavengers.

11. Moondust - has the elemental attribute of ice, and she used to be very helpful. She is a student.

12. Roadrunner - has an elemental attribute of fire. He has no weapons; his enemies are the Ivory, Trapsetter, and Barnacle.

13. Sandstorm - resides in the Rainforest Kingdom, and discovering his origin is the goal of Sandstorm. He has powers similar to a traditional Sandwing.

14. Sunrise - has the elemental attribute of Heat, and the goal of Sunrise is to find her parents.

15. Sunset - has the elemental attribute Damp, and the goal of Sunset is to find her parents.

16. Sandstone - The goal is to find a perfect home, and she has no weapons. Her enemies are everyone in the tribe.

17. The heatwave - has the main attribute, fire scales. She belongs to the tribe Sandwings and holds the power of scalding venom.

18. Tumbleweed - has heat resistance as her elemental attribute. She has similar power as normal Sandwings, and her enemies are persons related to the Antarctic.

19. Ultraviolet - has the power to control the weather. Her mother is Queen Flash, and she is one of the suspected hybrids.

20. Wasteland - is good-looking and known for his sweet personality. He is a soldier in Queen Duck's army.

Fan-Made Sand Wing Names

21. Arizona - refers to a place where you can find only the deserts and the cacti.

22. Geranium - is one type of flower found in mountainous desert regions.

23. Hades - is a God who is responsible for the underworld. He is an Egyptian god and is possibly a good name for the Sandwing variety.

24. Ignis - can be named for a Skywing hybrid variety too. It is referred to as fire in Latin.

25. Poison Ivy - refers to some poisonous plants growing in desert regions.

26. Re - refers to the Egyptian god. The god of the sun is one of the most suitable Sandwing names.

27. Roadrunner - refers to a bird that is a fast runner which belongs to the family named Cuckoo.

28. Scorch - means to burn something with the utmost fierceness.

29. Sekhmet - is an Egyptian goddess for sun, water, war, and healing.

30. Suna - is a Japanese version to refer to sand. It suits well for Sandwing variety.

31. Vinca - is a suitable Sandwing name named after a desert flower.

32. Aardvark

33. Abert

34. Alamos

35. Anopheles

36. Antelope

37. Anubis

38. Apophis

39. Arachnid

40. Arenaceous

41. Aten

42. Baobab

43. Bask

44. Bateleur

45. Bighorn

46. Bilby

47. Bismarck

48. Black-tailed

49. Boa

50. Bahada

51. Bactrian

52. Bontebok

53. Bronze

54. Brown Recluse

55. Burrow

56. Cacti

57. Cactus

58. Caracal

59. Carrion

60. Ceja

61. Chaparral

62. Chihuahua

63. Cholla

64. Chuckwalla

65. Chupacabra

66. Cooper

67. Coyote

68. Deathstalker

69. Desert

70. Deserthive

71. DesiertoDingo

72. Diamondback

73. Dragonbite

74. Dromedary

75. Drought

76. Elf

77. Eucalyptus

78. Euphrates

79. Fennec

80. Ferocactus

81. Fossil

82. Fowl

83. FulguriteGranite

84. Funnel

85. Gecko

86. Geode

87. Gila

88. GoldenGobi

89. Grit

90. Heatstroke

91. Heatwave

92. Horus

93. Humid

94. Hyrax

95. Inferno

96. Jackal

97. Jackrabbit

98. Joshua

99. Kangaroo

100. Killer

101. Kudu

102. Lizard

103. Loam

104. Mamba

105. Manticore

106. Mesilla

107. Nighthawk

108. Nevada

109. Oryx

110. Outback

111. Pangolin

112. Pharaoh

113. Potrero

114. Prickly

115. Pyramid

116. Ra

117. Raptor

118. Rhino

119. Roach

120. Roadrunner

121. Sabaku

122. Sahara

123. Sandpiper

124. Sandstone

125. Saw-Scale

126. Sear

127. Serpent

128. Serval

129. Sidewinder

130. Simoom

131. Skeleton

132. Skinwalker

133. Snake

134. Snakebite

135. Sobek

136. Spark

137. Sphinx

138. Spider

139. Stork

140. Strike

141. Sulcata

142. Sun

143. Sunhunter

144. Sunray

145. Sunstone

146. Taipan

147. Tegu

148. Titanaboa

149. Titylus

150. Tokage

151. Topaz

152. Torrid

153. Trigger

154. Tumbleweed

155. Tutankhamun

156. Uluru

157. Xerophyte

158. Zeugen

Rainwing Sand Wing Hybrid Names

159. Almond - has the elemental attribute of nature. His goal is to murder Queen Wasp.

160. Aloe - has the elemental attribute of magic and sand. She has abilities similar to a normal Sandwing.

161. Autumn - is a demi girl, and she has the elemental attribute of Helium. Her enemies are the loud dragons.

162. Cactus - resides in Scorpion Den, and his main attribute is his strictness. He has very few enemies.

163. Coconut - belongs to the tribe Rainwing, and he is currently a student.

164. Dusk - has the elemental attribute of fire. Her goal is to become a doctor. She does not need more food or water. She used to radiate heat; her weapons were her venom, fire, claws, and wings.

165. Dwan - has the capability to breathe smoke. She can read minds, and she lives in the rainforest.

166. Fang - has the power of good sense and hearing. His goal is to go on an adventure trip.

167. Flare - has the elemental attribute of fire. She uses swords and daggers as her weapon. Also, she is a good fighter.

168. Gecko - used to be afraid of everything, and mostly, she used to be very shy. Her enemies are those who hurt her feelings.

169. Glass - has the elemental attribute of sharpness, and his goal is to destroy all those who killed his family. He used to have a powerful dagger at the end of his tail.

170. Gleam - has the elemental attribute of stars. She is a sculptor. Her enemies were those who insulted her.

171. Lioness - is a princess of an old king and queen. Her goal is to build and lead a strong kingdom.

172. Lizard - is a singer, and her goal is to become a drama queen. Her weapons are her teeth, claws, and tail.

173. Parodia - Its ultimate goal is to win the war of Blister. Her enemies are Blaze and Simoom. She has normal abilities like Sandwing.

174. Summer - has the elemental attribute of water. She is a student, and her enemies are spearheads. Her power is to hold her breathe for more hours.

175. Sunshine - used to be happy always, and her goal was to find her sister Zebra. She is the youngest and tallest girl in her family.

176. Tarantula - is a general in Burn's army, and her enemies are the White capes and the dragonets of destiny.

177. The Moth -is a wing watcher. He is a human and got introduced in Dragonslayer.

178. Venom - is a leader of new out claws. His enemies are those who break the law. He uses a metal spear as his weapon.

Seawing Sand Wing Hybrid Names

179. Albatross - is the prince of Seawing. He belongs to the tribe Seawings, and he has Animus as his extraordinary power.

180. Bay - has the elemental attribute of water, and he is a student. His goal is to make his friends smile always.

181. Beach - has the elemental attribute of sand. She aims to become a singer and move to silver bay for survival.

182. Coast - has the elemental attribute of the beach. Her goal is to control her powers, and she uses her claws, tail, and teeth as weapons.

183. Copper - is an artist, and she has a complicated personality. Her elements are wing and magic.

184. Crab - has similar abilities as Seawings. His enemies are the Seawings whom he comes across.

185. Dawn - has no other weapon other than her venom.

186. Drift - has the elemental attribute of fire. He is one of the co-leaders of the sky fighters.

187. Egret has the elemental attribute of air and is a student. His ultimate goal is to make and have friends. He uses fire as his weapon.

188. Orca - has special animus magic power, and she belongs to the royal family of Seawing.

189. Palm - is known for her sweet and clever nature. However, she used to have nightmares, and due to this, she is emotionally unstable.

190. Pearl - is the former queen of Seawings, and she belongs to the tribe Seawing.

191. Quartz - has the elemental attribute of air, and she uses the sword as a weapon.

192. Ray - has the elemental attribute of water. He is a student, and he has basic Seawing abilities.

193. Sahara - is a well-known professional spy once, and her enemies are Ruby and Blister.

194. Sand dollar - belongs to the Sea wing tribe, and his main weakness is that he can't swim.

195. Sandpiper - has the elemental attribute of nature. Her ultimate goal is to create some impact in the world, and her enemy is Betta.

196. Sandy - has the elemental attribute of fire. Her enemies are Skywings, and she has power similar to a normal Sandwing.

197. The Boil - is a scroll writer, and his enemies are Icewings. He has no weapons, and his goal is just to exist in the world.

198. The goal of Nile - is to find her father. She has multiple enemies around Pyrrhia and abilities like a Sandwing.

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