131 Starship Names That Are Out Of This World

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Originally Published on Apr 21, 2022
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UFO, an alien plate hovering over the field.

News of UFO sightings often generates curiosity beyond imagination in humans all over the world.

JMC Royal Hawk, The USS Kulakov, Daedalus are some of the popular fictional spaceships famous all over the world. These ships could generate great speeds allowing them to travel far away from Earth.

Star Trek Starship Names

Here are some Star Trek Starship names which you will find really interesting:

D7-Class Battlecruiser (Latin origin) meaning 'armed warship' was a long Klingon ship,

Deep Space Nine (German-Latin Origin) meaning 'spaceship of outer space' was operated by Starfleet's joint crew.

Enterprise (NX-01) (Latin Origin) meaning 'undertaking', could carry about 100 members and travel in space.

Friendship 1 (Old English Origin) meaning 'the state of being friends' signifies the desire of humans to make friends.

Galileo NCC-1701-7 (Latin Origin) meaning 'of Galilee, a significant location in Israel' is a class F spaceship.

Jem'Hadar Warship (Urdu Origin) meaning 'leader', was the warship of Jem'Hadar, from the series 'Star Trek'.

Krenim TemporalWeapon Ship (Latin Origin) meaning 'of time' was threatening, possessing the power to change the timeline.

La Sirena (Spanish Origin) meaning 'mythological mermaid', was provided with phasers, the ability to form holograms.

Nomad (Greek Origin) meaning 'in search of pasture', was a strong spaceship that obliterated over 4.5 billion people covering four planets.

Phoenix (Greek Origin) meaning 'a giant bird of the Sun' is a primitive ship used by Lily Sloane and Zefram Cochrane.

Romulan Warbird (Roman Origin) meaning 'founder of Rome' was the strongest, iconically large spaceship captained by Jean-Luc Picard. 

Sarcophagus (Greek Origin) meaning 'flesh to eat' is a large Klingon ship.

Scimitar (Persian origin) meaning 'claw' is equipped with photon torpedoes and disruptor banks.

Species 8472 Bioship meaning 'biologically manufactured spacecraft' was an organic and fully armed starship.

SS Botany Bay (Australian Origin)meaning 'DY-100 class vessel' was first seen on the screen of the USS enterprise.

The Borg Cube (Proto-German Origin) meaning 'castle' is one of the most powerful starships.

The Doomsday Machine (Old English Origin) meaning 'day of the last judgement' appeared in the 'Star Trek' franchise.

The Narada (Sanskrit Origin) meaning 'king of all sages' was a mining and the most significant spaceship.

The Whale Probe (Indo-European Origin) meaning 'large sea fish' was undefeatable, power-draining, cylindrical.

USS Defiant (French Origin) meaning 'to resist or fight' was built for battles taking on starships head-on.

USS Discovery (Latin Origin) meaning 'make known' was with a distinct propulsion drive enabling it to leap from different realms.

USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (Latin Origin) meaning 'undertaking spaceship' of the prime timeline was a slow warship equipped with a science lab.

USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (Latin Origin) meaning 'undertaking spaceship' of the Kelvin timeline, it has two folds bigger than that of prime timelines. 

USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A (Latin Origin) meaning 'undertaking spaceship' was an imitation of the Extraordinary enterprise.

USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B (Latin Origin) meaning 'undertaking spaceship' is the lustrous version of Enterprise. 

USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D (Latin Origin) meaning 'undertaking spaceship' was built big with great agility designed to battle.

USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E (Latin Origin) meaning 'undertaking spaceship' was equipped with quantum torpedoes.

USS Enterprise NCC-1701-J (Star Trek Origin) meaning 'United Space Ship' is a federation ship of universe-class with advanced features.

USS Excelsior (Latin origin) meaning 'more elevated' was the spaceship of Captain Hikaru Sulu.

USS Franklin (Anglo-Norman Origin) meaning 'landowner' was small in size but resilient in action with stealth war equipment.

USS Prometheus (Greek origin) meaning 'forethought' was a floating nebula class ship with the motive of reigniting the dead sun.

USS Raven (German Origin) meaning 'thick black hair' was at the core of the episode, 'The Raven'.

USS Shenzhou (Chinese Origin) meaning 'Divine Vessel', equipped with phasers, cannons, and torpedoes was a sci-fi ship.

USS Vengeance (Latin Origin) meaning 'revenge' appeared in the episode of 'Star Trek: Into Darkness'.

USS Voyager (Latin Origin) meaning 'a journey' is a fast and smart voyager. It can voyage at warp 9.975.

V'Ger, meaning 'vessel of energy cloud', is known for its destructive capabilities.

Vor'Cha-Class Attack Cruiser (Polish-English Origin) meaning 'torpedo cure' was a long, armed, and powerful Klingon spaceship.

Xindi Probe (South African Origin) meaning 'perfectionist' has great destructive powers in 'Star Trek: Enterprise'.

Famous Starship Names

Some of the famous and elegant Starship names seen in various science fiction movies and shows are listed below and they can leave you awe-struck.

Aires Lunar Lander (Latin Origin) meaning 'moon' had a design derived from NASA.

Alien Slave Ship (Latin Origin) meaning 'servant' from the movie 'District 9', was an alien spaceship.

Battlestar Galactica (Latin Origin) meaning 'related to the galaxy' was displayed on the show.

Colonial Shuttle (Latin Origin) meaning 'colony related' was an iconic shuttlecraft of 'Battlestar Galactica'.

Discovery (Latin Origin) meaning 'to make known' of 'A Space Odyssey' was equipped with nuclear engines.

Discovery Pod (Latin Origin) meaning 'to make known' was known in the movie, '2001: A Space Odyssey'.

Eagle Transporter (Latin Origin) meaning 'power of flight', seen in the show 'Space', was inspired by the designs of the Apollo spaceships.

Event Horizon (Greek Origin) meaning 'limit' from the movie 'Event Horizon', was lustrous in appearance.

Fireball XL5 (Old English Origin) meaning 'ball of fire' was first seen in the movie, 'Fireball XL5'.

Gunstar meaning 'star user of guns' was first displayed in the movie, 'The Last Starfighter'.

Pan Am Space Clipper (English Origin) meaning 'something to clip' was first seen in 'A Space Odyssey'.

Ranger (German Origin) meaning 'a wanderer' was first seen in the movie 'Interstellar'.

The Liberator (Latin Origin) meaning 'setting free' is from the show 'Blake's 7'.

The Narcissus (Latin Origin) meaning 'fixation with oneself' from the movie 'Alien' was an armed ship.

The USCSS Nostromo (Italian Origin) meaning 'shipmate' was seen in the movie 'Alien'.

Thunderbirds 3 (German Origin) meaning 'bird of lightning', from the movie 'Thunderbirds', had an attractive design.

Thunderfighter (German Origin) meaning 'fighter of thunder' designed by Ralph Mcquarrie.

USS Cygnus (Latin-Greek Origin) meaning 'swan' first appeared in the movie 'The Black Hole', portrayed as a haunted spacecraft.

USS Reliant (French Origin) meaning 'to attach' was the perfect replica of the Starfleet ship. 

USS Sulaco meaning 'fictional spaceship' was a cargo carrier military spaceship and became very popular among the people.

'Star Wars' Starship Names

'Star Wars' Starships are very popular among fans for being classy and really strong. Check out the names given below and decide which one you would choose if you were the captain!

B Wing (German Origin) meaning 'structures for flight' is unimaginably strong with its firepower.

Clawcraft (German origin) meaning 'talon' had an unusually unique design that looked like wild claws ready to tame.

Death Star (Old English Origin) meaning 'state of dying' is a frightening ship capable of destroying planets.

Ebon Hawk (German Origin) meaning 'aggressive hunter' was used for journeys from galaxies.

Executor (Latin Origin) meaning 'performer' was a massive starship with numerous lights.

Hammerhead-class Cruiser meaning 'cruiser of the shape of a hammer' was a Warmachine and was brought up with an iconic scene in the first game.

Home One (Mon Calamari cruiser) (German Origin) meaning 'a place to live' made its grand entry during a battle.

Interdictor Star Destroyer (Latin Origin) meaning 'aircraft equipped with aerial bombers' infiltrated the enemy and destroyed their plans and warforce.

Jedi Starfighter (Japanese Origin) meaning 'drama', is a vibrant starship with astromech droids.

Kylo Ren's Upsilon-class Command Shuttle (Latin Origin) meaning 'sky' was a fighter battleship with laser cannons. 

Lambda Class Imperial Shuttle (Latin Origin) meaning 'authority' was a graceful starship.

Lambda-Class T-4a Shuttle (Greek Origin) meaning 'celestial longitude' is the perfect example of an iconic vessel.

N-1 Naboo Starfighter (Gungan Origin) meaning 'plainsfolk' made its first debut in the episode, 'The Phantom Menace'.

Outbound Flight meaning 'to travel away via flight' was a collection of heavy cruisers.

Outrider, meaning 'forerunner' was a unique ship known for its story in 'Star Wars'.

Scimitar Sith Infiltrator ( Persian origin) meaning 'claw' appearing as dark-colored with its open claws looked deadly like a preying bird.

Slave 1 (Latin Origin) meaning 'servant' was the fictional and original creation of 'Star Wars' as an on-point hunter ship. 

Snoke's Supremacy Flagship (Latin Origin) meaning 'zenith', first appeared in the episode 'The Last Jedi'.

Solar Sailer (Latin Origin) meaning 'sun' was a small starship, that had lasers and propellers, that could travel through hyperspace.

Sun Crusher (German Origin) meaning 'destroyer of the Sun' is a ferocious destroyer armed with deadly weapons.

Super Star Destroyer (Latin Origin) meaning 'slayer' first appeared in the episode, 'The Empire Strikes Back'.

Tantive IV (Latin Origin) meaning 'to handle' was seen in the movie, 'Star Wars'. It was almost similar to the eagle ships.

The Fireball (Old English Origin) meaning 'ball of fire', although not made for serious fights, had a beautiful yellow look.

The Ghost (German Origin) meaning 'soul of the dead' was an armed starship built to conquer wars with its pilot.

The Millennium Falcon (Latin Origin) meaning 'bird of prey' was one of the most extraordinary spaceships of its era built in a short time.

The Ravager (French Origin) meaning 'to uproot' was seen with a threatening look and was used in wars.

TIE Fighter (Old English Origin) meaning 'the one who fights' is an iconic starship with great speed and expanding features.

X-wing (German Origin) meaning 'structures for flight' was precisely ferocious, with great agility.

Y Wing (German Origin) meaning 'structures for flight' is immensely loved by all fans and collectors.

Zonama Sekotan Shuttle, meaning 'aircraft', was very fast, from the planet of Zonama Sekot and highly equipped with weapons.

Funny Starship Names

There are some starships with funny names yet formidable in character. While going through all the deadly and influential names, here are some of the funny names of starships.

AndorianKumari Class Warship meaning 'icy moon' first appeared in 'Star Trek: Enterprise' and had an interestingly different shape compared to other ships in the franchise.

Colonial Viper (Latin Origin) meaning 'venomous' of 'Battlestar Galactica' was spiteful according to its look.

EVA Pod (Hebrew Origin) meaning 'living field crop' made its debut in 'A Space Odyssey'. It was an elegant but threatening starship.

Mars Recovery (Roman Origin) meaning 'recovery of a planet' has a beautiful design in action from the movie 'Mission to Mars'.

Mothership (German Origin) meaning 'give birth to' was huge with a hi-tech control system and a funny story.

Pod (English Origin) meaning 'field crop' was a small but elegant-looking spacecraft making its debut in the 'Planet of the Apes'.

Space Cowboy's Ship (Spanish Origin) meaning 'cattle manager' had a blunt front with a clean landing.

Starbug meaning 'an insect of stars' from the movie 'Red Dwarf', was green in color and shaped like a bug.

Sulaco meaning 'land of quail' was first featured in the movie 'Aliens', which possessed antennae that could pierce through planets.

Unidentified flying object on light blue neutral background.

Federation Starship Names

Here are some extremely intriguing federation starship names:

Aurora (Latin Origin) meaning 'dawn'  was a class J starship that was captured by Dr. Servin and his followers.

HMS Bounty (Latin Origin) meaning 'good' was a Klingon starship that was commanded by James T. Kirk.

USS Ajax (Greek Origin) meaning 'eagle' was an Apollo class starship operated by Starfleet. It was captained by Captain Narth.

USS Alhambra (Arabic Origin) meaning 'red castle' was a California class starship and was operated by Starfleet. 

USS Archimedes (Greek Origin) meaning 'masterplans'  was an Obena class starship under the command of Captain Sonya Gomez.

USS Atlantis (Greek Origin) meaning 'island of Atlas' was a starship under the direct command of Captain Jana Park.

USS Billings (Latin Origin) meaning 'a round lump' was a starship that was commanded by Kathryn Janeway.

USS Callisto (Greek Origin) meaning 'most beautiful' was a starship captained by Seth Goldberg and went on a cultural evolution study of a planet. 

USS Constellation (Latin Origin) meaning 'set of stars' was a constitution class starship that was destroyed by a deadly planet killer.

USS Destiny (Latin Origin) meaning 'faithful event' was a starship under the command of Captain Raymer.

USS Endeavor (English Origin) meaning 'striving for something' was a constitution class starship that was assigned a deep space exploration mission. 

USS Excalibur meaning 'the magic sword' was a constitution class starship commanded by Captain Harris and assigned to the fleet war games.

USS Fearless (Old English Origin) meaning 'no fear' was an Excelsior-class starship that got the experimental warp drive experiment.

USS Glenn meaning 'from the valley' was a crossfield class starship that was experimented on for a new type of engine.

USS Hood (Old English Origin) meaning 'covering' was a starship that was attacked by Nero while it was on the docks of Vulcan.

USS Hornet (Old English Origin) meaning 'large wasp' was a starship under the fleet of Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

USS Illinois meaning 'best people' was a starship that was used by Officers Carol and Durango for many years.

USS James (English Origin) meaning 'supplanter' was a spaceship commanded by Benjamin Franklin Pierce.

USS Kerala meaning 'land of coconuts' was a spaceship that had participated in the fight against the Klingon fleet at the Battle of Binary Stars.

USS Kongo meaning 'mountains' was a starship operated by Starfleet. This was the eighth ship on the Starship Mission Assignments.

USS Liberator (Latin Origin) meaning 'to set free' was a spaceship that fought in the Battle of Wolf but it was destroyed during the battle.

USS Majestic (Latin Origin) meaning 'dignity' was a part of the fleet that was under Captain Benjamin Sisko but it was destroyed by a torpedo.

USS Monitor (Latin Origin) meaning 'to keep check' was a Nebula class spaceship that was dispatched to counter a potential Romulan ambush with another spaceship.

USS Noble (Latin Origin) meaning 'aristocracy' was a constitution class starship operated by Starfleet. It was stationed at the Federation Headquarters.

Romulan Starship Names

Here are some intriguing Romulan Starship names for your perusal:

Belak meaning 'carbon black' was a Romulan D'Deridex class warbird under the service of Tal Shiar.

Decius (Latin Origin) meaning 'against will' was a holographic Romulan warbird created for Commander William T. Riker, one of the most iconic characters in the world.

Devoras (Latin Origin) meaning 'bee' was one of the vessels under the command of Admiral Mendak.

Gasko meaning 'success' was a spaceship under the service of the Romulan Star Empire for transport requirements throughout the galaxy.

Haakona meaning 'high son' was a warbird in the Romulan military and was commanded by Sub-commander Taris.

Makar (Greek Origin) meaning 'maker' was a starship and was a part of the joint fleet but it was destroyed in the Battle of Omarion Nebula.

Pi (Latin Origin) meaning 'little mouth' was called a scout ship that crash-landed on a planet while it was carrying out a mission.

PWB Preceptor (Latin Origin) meaning 'instructor' was a warbird that had fought in the Dominion War but the crew suffered heavy casualties.

PWB Tomal, meaning 'a tree', had fought in the Dominion War but its crew had suffered numerous amount of casualties. 

T'Met meaning 'encounter' was a D'Deridex class warbird, under the command of Sub-commander Almak, that could travel at a plaid speed.

Talvath meaning 'cargo' was a science vessel that was supervised by Dr. Telek R'Mor. 

Terix (Greek Origin) meaning 'earth' was a warbird under the service of the Romulan military commanded by Sirol.

Valdore, meaning 'gold valley', was a warbird under the command of Commander Donatra. This ship was named after a Romulan Admiral, Valdore.

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