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List of drum names and pictures will help you know drum symbol names and drum cymbal names.

Looking to buy a drum kit for your music passion?

Well, investing in a drum kit is an expensive proposition with which you will have emotional attachment as well. Therefore, you need to know about different drum names to make an informed decision.

Read on for the names of some of the most essential drums and drum parts names.

Drum Parts Names

Which are the popular drum instrument names? Are you looking for drum cymbals' names? Then you must have complete knowledge of drum set part names. Here are some of the leading drum set brand names for you to check:

Bass Drum Pedal is used for operating the bass drum. The bass foot pedal is an example of an instrument available in different sizes for use by a drummer. The Bass drum pedal is an essential part of rock music creation.

China cymbal is an additional cymbal they are not necessarily used on the music floor but is sometimes used by drummers to produce a particular tone.

Cowbells produce a flat chunky sound by a drummer when playing for a band.

Crash Cymbals can be up to 16 (40 cm) in diameter. One crash cymbal is placed on the toms through a metal stand. They tend to be brighter and lighter than the other percussion cymbals. It is a popular percussion instrument used by drummers to create a tone.

Hi-Hat Cymbal is essentially two metal cymbals placed together on a stand. They come in different sizes, but the most prevalent is the one that is 14 in (35 cm) in diameter. They give out an extremely high-pitch sound.

Hi-hats are incredibly versatile and commonly used drums. It is possible to play them with the help of a foot pedal or by striking the symbols using drum sticks. It is an essential part of a kick drum kit featuring a ride cymbal.

Ride Cymbal is placed on the right side of the entire drum set and is placed on a sturdy metal stand. They are among the largest cymbals that can measure up to 22 (55.88 cm) in diameter.

To create a low-pitch sound that goes on for a long time, drummers use the technique to hit the edge of the ride. Drummers produce different sounds by playing the cymbals placed on a stand.

Snare Drum is one of the drums that are shallower in shape and are often used by the drummer between the legs. The shell of the drums is usually created with the help of metal or wood.

The depth of the snare drum can go up to 6 in (16 cm), while the diameter can extend to 12 in (30 cm).

The snare drum kit features two different types of skins wherein the batter features on the upper side while resonant on the lower side. A great instrument to play some rock music.

Splash cymbals is a small crash cymbal. It is an example of popular musical instruments that musicians use to produce different tone sounds with sticks for a band.

Toms, also known as tom-toms, are similar to bass drums, smaller in size. Some of the tom-toms feature resonant skin as well as batter skin.

Toms can sound which is much deeper than a snare and are therefore able to enable the hits to resonate for extended durations. The shells of toms range from 10-14 in (25-35 cm) in diameter for playing crash sounds when they are placed on a stand.

Names Of Drums In A Drum Set

There are many kinds of drum sets available for all ages. They range from basic to professional drum sets.

Here is a list of drums in drum set parts that are popular cymbals instrument.

African Drums are of several types. One of the popular drum brand names.

Basic Acoustic Drum Set is a complete drum set that includes a bass drum, a snare drum, and three toms, tuned to a low, middle, and high pitch. They can be hanging toms, or one of them can be a floor tom, two crash cymbals, a hi-hat cymbal, various effect cymbals, and a drum throne.

Dholak is a single drum kit and happens to be one of the most popular Indian instruments names.

Djembe is a goblet-shaped African hand drum. One of the popular drum set names.

Ghatam is a clay vessel that looks like a pot in drumming terms.

Indian Drums are of several types and are often used as percussion instruments.

Junior Drum Set is a three-piece set with a snare drum, a bass drum, a hanging tom with a stand, a hi-hat, a hanging cymbal with a stand, and a drum seat called a drum throne.

Mridangam is the oldest type of drum being used in a traditional Indian drum kit, drumset.

Ngoma is a barrel-shaped drum. One of the rare drum part names.

Slit drum is an idiophone made out of a log. A popular mid drum kit.

Tabla consists of two drums, a male drum and a female drum.

Talking Drum is an hourglass-shaped drum with skin on both sides. One of the rare drum set parts of a drum.

Udu is an idiophone resembling a hollow jug. One of the African drum names.

Drum part names are extremely important for budding drummers.

Drum Kit Names

Different types of bands play different types of music like pop, rock, acoustic, jazz, and classical. To play these different types of music and produce other tunes, the bands use different drum kits.

Here is a list of drum kit names.

Acoustic Drum Sets include snare drum, bass drum, floor tom, and rock tom.

Auxiliary Drum Kits include blocks, triangles, chimes, drums, and bells. These drums are widely used for solo applications or bands.

Front Ensemble Drum features different parts like auxiliary instruments, cymbals, frame drums to the marimba, bass drums, drum sets, and woodblock.

Fusion Kits, through this,two genres are combined to create a piece of sonic music. They are smaller in size and don't make much loud music.

Jazz Kits are the smallest types of acoustic kits. They produce high-pitched sounds.

Marching Drum Snare has deeper skin than normal snare drums so that they can make a louder sound. A marching drum snare produces a crash sound with the drum. The snare is an important part of the drum kit.

Marching Drums are similar to drum kits but not exactly drum kits.

Multi Tenor Drum is available in a range of sizes. They are also available in varied configurations, ranging from four to six.

Power/Rock Kits are used in rock bands' live. These drums are comparatively larger to create a louder sound.

Triggers are added to the acoustic kits. Musicians widely use the drums with triggers.

Virtual or Electronic Drum Kits use different sensors to share the signal of the beat with the sound module present in the drum, which, in turn, produces the crash sound.

Small Drum Names

Small drums are generally the hand drums from different regions of Indian, African, Irish, and Cuban origins. They are smaller than a bass drum or a snare drum and are easy to carry and very versatile in use.

Here is a list of small drums.

Bodhran Drum is an Irish or Celtic drum. It was made of wood and goatskin in the olden days, but it is made of artificial skin in modern times. They are around 12-24 in and around 4-8 in (10-20 cm) deep. You can control the pitch by placing your hand inside the Bodhran.

Bongo Hand Drums are Afro-Cuban hand drums. They are tiny in size and are played with congos.

There are two drums; the smaller one is known as the Macho, and the larger one is known as the Hembra drum. They have conical or slightly tapered wooden shells. However, manufacturers are using fiberglass and metal to create bongos in modern times.

Cajon Hand Drum is a drum in the shape of a box and has six sides. It originated in Peru. In the Cajon hand drum, the player slaps the front and the rear faces of the skin with their hands to create the sound.

It produces a wide range of sounds depending on which face you are slapping. The Cajon drums are widely used in the production of acoustic music. It is a very versatile instrument and very easy to carry.

Congos Hand Drums are from Cuba and are known as tall drums. They come in a group of up to three drums. The smaller one is called Quinto, the medium one Conga, and the larger one is called Tumba. The congo drums are called Barrels. Congos are played with the help of some basic hand movements.

Djembe is an African drum. It is very popular in West Africa. It can be tuned with the help of a rope traditionally or mechanically.

Doumbek Drum is a drum used in North Africa to create religious music. It is in the shape of a goblet. It originated in Eygpt. It is also called a Darbuka. It is prepared from clay or wood. There are two techniques for playing a Doumbek drum. It is used for high-pitched music.

Ngoma Drum represents traditional African beliefs. The origin reflects the Bantu populations from the African continent. It is prepared from wood, and the upper part is made out of a cow's skin.

This is played on special occasions wherein typical rhythms are required for dancing to the songs. It's quite famously known as Engoma. This drum set is widely used in Southern Africa.

Pandeiro is a Brazillian drum. Fingers, hands, and palms play it. It has platinelas which means jingles attached to its sides.

Tabla is a popular form of the hand drum and is extensively used in classical music production in India. Tabla drums, in turn, feature two separate drums wherein the Dayan is the smaller drum, and the bayan is the larger drum.

The dayan is helped for the creation of high notes, while the bayan is meant for producing deeper notes.

Talking Drum is one of the oldest drums in the region of Western Africa. They were primarily played while telling a story or broadcasting the news.

You wrap your arm around the instrument's body to play this essential drum and then squeeze it intermittently. This drum produces different pitches. The drum got its name talking because of its vibe from the pitch vibrations when you squeeze it.

Tambourine is very similar to the pandeiro. It can have many heads. It has a single or a double layer of jingles. It is not tunable. There are many similar drums found in different regions of the world.

Timpani Drums are most common in orchestral music. They are weighty types of drums.

Udu African Drum, where Udu means pot or a vessel, is very differently structured or designed. It has an additional circle-shaped hole on the side of its body or the top of the waterpots made from clay.

It is generally used on women's occasions. It is played by slapping the hole in quick moments. If you want to make different sound effects, you can use water.

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