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Pair Of River Otters
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Otters are extremely cute animals who live in freshwater.

The most common types of otters are Eurasian otters, scientifically called Lutra lutra. Baby otters are called pups and kittens.

It is important to note that an otter might not be the perfect pet. They are not meant to stay captive and will be happier living in a natural environment with other otters.

They can also be very territorial, and whilst they do not kill humans, they may attack if they or their young feel threatened.

Therefore, if you wish to name an otter it might be best to adopt one in a zoo or in the wild instead (or simply find a soft toy otter)!

In this article, we have provided a list of more than 150 super cute otter names you'll love. If you like this list, you can check out other articles from Kidadl, like this list of cute calico cat names for your kitten or these brilliant black dog names for your puppy.

Famous Otter Names

If you want to name your otter after a famous name, here is a list of cute names for otters you should check out.

1. Baby Butter, a famous Disney character who is happy and jovial.

2. Blekker, a female otter in the fantasy novel ‘Taggerung’.

3. Bula, a female otterfrom the novel ‘Mossflower’.

4. Chab, the name of an otter character in fantasy novel ‘High Rhulain’.

5. Churk, a scholarly otter in the fantasy novel ‘Triss’.

6. Daddo, an otter from the ‘The Legend Of Luke’ novel series.

7. Daxter, the lead character of ‘Jak And Daxter’ video game series.

8. Deyna, a competent warrior otter in the fantasy novel ‘Taggerung’.

9. Ed, an otter who is best friends with Mr’ Whiskers in the series ‘Brandy & Mr. Whiskers’.

10. Emmet, a singer in the ‘Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas’.

11. Gil, a young female otter in ‘The Rogue Crew’, part of the ‘Redwall’ series.

12. Heartwood, the name of an otter character in the novel ‘Outcast Of Redwall’.

13. Keyla, a slave otter in the ‘Redwall’ series.

14. Kite the Slayer, a young and bloodthirsty sea otter maid in ‘The Rogue Crew’.

15. Lottie, the name of a character from the book ‘Return To The Hundred Acre Wood’.

16. Marigold, a female otter from the novel ‘Martian The Warrior’.

17. Marlene, a female otter character in the 'Madagascar' franchise.

18. Mask, a male otter in the ‘Mossflower’ series.

19. Memsy, an otter maid in the novel ‘High Rhulain’.

20. Mr. Otterton, a character from the Oscar-winning film ‘Zootopia’.

21. Mrs. Otterton, another character from the movie ‘Zootopia’.

22. Opal Otter, another Otter character in Disney that appears in the show ‘PB & J’.

23. Oswald, a member of the Juggling Otters in the novel ‘A Redwall Winter’s Tale’.

24. Otto, the mascot of 2020 Winter Paralympics.

25. Peanut Otter,another famous Disney otter.

26. Reedtail, the name of an otter warrior in the novel ‘Outcast Of Redwall’.

27. Riverjack, the name of an otter character in the fantasy novel ‘The Great Redwall Feast’.

28. Root, a river otter in the ‘Mossflower’ novel.

29. Rumbol, an otter character in the novel ‘Triss’.

30. Runa Wildlough, a female otter from ‘High Rhulain’ fantasy novel.

31. Rushcutter, an otter character in ‘Pearls Of Lutra’ fantasy novel.

32. Scrimmo, a young otter in the novel ‘Outcast Of Redwall’.

33. Shad, a male otter gatekeeper in ‘The Long Patrol’ novel series.

34. Shoredog, a male sea otter from the novel ‘Loamhedge’.

35. Skipper, name of the leader of the Mossflower Woods otters in the novel ‘Mossflower Woods’.

36. Sleeve, a young otter maid in the novel ‘Triss’.

37. Smudger, the name of an otter character in ‘High Rhulain’.

38. Sork, an old female sea otter in the novel ‘Loamhedge’.

39. Spraydog, an otter character in the novel ‘Lord Brocktree’.

40. Spring, a young female otter maid from the ‘Mossflower’ novel.

41. Streamer, a young male otter in the fantasy novel ‘Mossflower’.

42. Stugg, a young inquisitive otter from the ‘Loamhedge’ novel.

43. Swash, a female otter in the fantasy novel ‘Taggerung’.

44. Tarka, a character from the novel ‘Tarka The Otter’.

45. Terry, an otter character in the animation series from Disney, ‘Yin Yang & Yo’.

46. Varon, the name of an otter in the fantasy novel ‘Doomwyte’.

47. Warthorn, an otter from the ‘Mossflower’ series.

48. Whulky, the name of an otter character in ‘High Rhulain’.

Asian Small Clawed Otter

Funny Otter Names

If you want a funny and unconventional name for your otter, here are a few ideas of good otter names.

49. Airhead

50. Balboa, named after the Spanish explorer.

51. Bizzy

52. Bouncy

53. Bunny

54. Dancer

55. Dora, referring to ‘Dora The Explorer’.

56. Dude, one of the coolest baby otter names.

57. Fitch, an unusual and interesting name for an otter.

58. Fluffer

59. Frisky

60. Gandalf

61. Gozer

62. Harry Otter, an otter name inspired by the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise.

63. Hoosie

64. Hulk

65. Jack, named after ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’.

66. Logan, named after Logan from 'X-Men'.

67. Lulu

68. Marco

69. Missy

70. Moses

71. Naughty

72. Noodles, one of the food-based names for a sea otter.

73. Phantom

74. Pickle, one of the cute pet otter names.

75. Pinky

76. Po

77. Polo

78. Pounce

79. Professor X

80. Rocky, a name inspired by the character in the American boxing drama movies of the same name.

81. Rogue, another 'X-Men' name for your otter.

82. Roller, one of the endearing female otter names.

83. Scooby, the name of an otter inspired by the character from ‘Scooby-Doo’ series.

84. Scrappy

85. Sniffer, one of the most adorable sea otter names.

86. Sniper

87. Squishy

88. Tarzan, a fun name for your otter pup.

89. Tugger

90. Vito, an adorable name for your otters' babies.

91. Winnie

92. Zero

93. Zohan

94. Zorro

Close up Asian Short Clawed Otter

Girl Otter Names

If you have adopted a female otter and have no idea what to call her, explore this list of good names for otters!

95. Abby

96. Bella, one of the beautiful names for baby otters.

97. Brownie

98. Claire

99. Daisy, a flower-based name for your otter babies.

100. Ellie, meaning “light” is an adorable female otter name.

101. Emily, a fun baby otter name.

102. Girly, an interesting name for a baby otter.

103. Ivy

104. Jeeva

105. Jellybean

106. Jewel

107. Kelly

108. Lilly

109. Lola

110. Luna

111. Mimi, a pet name you can use for your baby otter.

112. Molly,

113. Olie

114. Olivia, a beautiful name for your baby otter.

115. Oreo

116. Pearly

117. Puppy, among the most interesting names for a baby otter.

118. Rosa, meaning “rose” is among the most beautiful names of otters.

119. Rose

120. Ruby

121. Stacey

Boy Otter Names

Have you just adopted a male otter and are confused about what to name them? Here is a list of good names for an otter to help you.

122. Andy

123. Baby, an adorable name.

124. Bennett

125. Benny, a delightful name for your pet best friend.

126. Bubbles, a cute and fun name for your otter.

127. Buddy, a cool and fun name for an otter.

128. Donald

129. Fatty

130. Fitch

131. Gidget

132. Max, a simple and sweet name.

133. Mickey, an otter name based on the famous Disney character.

134. Mr. Little, an adorable name.

135. Mr. Small

136. Munchkin, a fun name for an otter.

137. Neptune

138. Peanut

139. Prince, a perfect name for your royal otter.

140. Roo, a cute and adorable name for your otter.

141. Rover, a cool name.

142. Sam

143. Sami, a short and sweet name you can use for your otter.

144. Simon

145. Snicker

146. Speedy, a popular name for an otter.

147. Splash

148. Teddy, a cute and fun name for an otter.

149. Tiny

150. Toby

151. Tucker

Kidadl has many names articles that can inspire your next character. If you love these ideas for otter names, why not take a look at something different like this list of hilariously cute cat pun names or the best literary cat names?

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