The Most Lovely Loli Names For All Anime Cartoon Fans

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Our list for Loli names would include fire emblem Loli names, Loli Neko names, Loli female names, and Loli patrol names.

Nowdays, anime has become an inevitable part of Gen-Z, and much to the audience's delight, their kawaii female characters rule the charts.

Anime has stood the test of time and has gained massive popularity worldwide. But what's the USP for a hit one? Well, the credit goes to those big bubbly eyes, petite, cute voiced Lolis that steal the show and make viewers go gaga over them.

Now, people who are new to the world of anime must be wondering, who are these overhyped characters, Lolis? In simple words, Loli is a term used to define a young-looking Japanese girl.

Some people can hate Lolis but no one would be able to ignore their cuteness. Their lovely appearance make them popular among the audiences. So, without further delay, let's do the real talking and hunt for cute Loli names, and even some alternative and other names for Loli from everyone's all-time favorite anime - 'No Game No Life'.

This list of these names can be never-ending as almost every anime, manga, and games has a famous and interesting Loli character that keeps viewers hooked. Roricons are yet another word for Lolicons and deal with the same theme.

We have listed a range of names and are sure that you will find your favorite Loli name in the list.

Cute Loli Names

Super cute petite Lolis having cut personas but their names are much cuter. These names reflect kawaii culture and add an appeal to anime characters. Also, they add a certain personality and trait to your favorite anime characters. So, take a look at some especially curated names.

Chino Kafū (Japanese origin)appeared inIs The Order of Rabbit?’ and has pretty eyes, horizontal bangs, and a soft-spoken personality. One of the cutest Loli anime characters that you will always love.

Enju Aihara (Japanese origin), appearing in ‘Black Bullet’, has pretty crimson hair and knee-length ponytails that emphasize her short stature. In addition, she has tags on her hair, made into twin tails, with the bunny ear on them. At heart, she is a good girl and extrovert who likes making new friends.

Hibiki (Japanese origin), appearing in ‘Kantai Collection’, iscalm and composed. She is a Russophile and occasionally speaks Russian. One of the popular old names for girls.

Koneko Toujou (Japanese origin), appearing in ‘High School DXD’, is a petite second-year high school student at Kuoh Academy and has white hair and gold eyes. One of the popular Loli baby names.

Noel (French origin), appearing in‘Sora No Method’, haslong blue hair, blue eyes, and a simple white and black outfit. She looks charming and has one of the popular anime names.

Rikka Takanashi (Japanese origin), appearing in 'Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions’, has cyan-colored eyes and wears a yellow-colored contact lens on her covered eye. Her dramatic and often strange behavior wins the hearts of countless fans.

Shinobu Oshino (Japanese origin), appearing in‘Bakemonogatari’, has beautiful yellow eyes, pointy ears, sharp fangs, and long-blonde hair. Her face lacks emotions, but she still manages to be cute even when expressionless.

Shiro (Japanese origin), appearing inNo Game No Life’, is an 11-year-old gamer and an introvert with long, messy white hair and beautiful golden-yellow-red eyes. Surely, one of the popular Loli names.

Taiga Aisaka (Russian origin), appearing inToradora’, is a general representation of the common tsundere trope seen in anime. She has long and curly hair and lovable eyes. Another popular name which is shown on most lists.

Yoshino Himekawa (Japanese origin), appearing in‘Date A Live’, is a cute girl who is around 14 years old. She has blue eyes and long, curly, blue hair. She looks very adorable in life.

Loli Cat Girl Names

What is that one common thing in manga, anime, and Japan? Cats and catgirls. Widely renowned as nekomimi, catgirls are humanoid cats with features like cattails and paws. Their behavior tendencies match cats as they lick their forepaws and make cat noises. They are adorable and have their very own fandom.

Here are some cute Loli cat girl names.

Alicia Rue (Spanish origin), appearing in 'Sword Art Online', is the duchess of the cat fairy family, Cai Sith. She manifests all the catgirl features and has cat ears and a cattail. She is petite and super cute.

Blair (Scottish origin), appearing in 'Soul Eater', is a therianthrope who would transform into a cat. It is difficult to recognize her as a cat from her physical features, but her personality and feline nature make her the best catgirl.

Chocola (Latin origin), appearing in‘Nekopara’, is very playful and outgoing, willing to befriend and engage with anyone she meets.

Coconut (Portuguese origin), appearing in‘Nekopara’, is the tallest and most mature catgirl. She is the least petite and wishes to be cuter than strong. It's a unique name for girls.

Karyl (German origin), appearing in 'Princess Connect! Re: Dive', is a tsundere character that any avid manga reader or anime watcher must be familiar with. At the beginning of the game, she starts as a spy from the enemy camp but ends up being friends with the targets.

Rem Galleu (Dutch origin), appearing in 'How Not to Summon a Demon Lord', is a Panther's Argonaut with the spirit of the Demon King Krebs Krem. She is petite and has long black hair. She looks adorable in cat ears and cattails. One of the popular anime name for girls.

Vanilla (Hindi origin), appearing in‘Nekopara’, is the twin sister of Chocola and has vanilla white hair. She is generally quite aloof and inexpressive when dealing with others. A great name for girls.

Yoruichi Shihoin (Japanese origin), appearing in 'Bleach,' is a catgirl. She can transform into a black cat and exhibits much cat-like behavior in her personality. She is the best catgirl and slays with her catty attitude and paws.

Old anime names are extremely popular for Loli characters.

Other Names For Lolis

Who doesn't like names that have deep meaning and has a cute appeal at the same time? If you are also looking for such names, then you're in the right place. Below are some other popular names for Lolis along with their meanings.

Akane (Japanese origin), meaning 'deep red', is one of the best anime character names.

Hana (Japanese origin), meaning 'flower', is the next name in our list of unique anime names.

Haruka (Japanese origin) meaning 'spring', is one of the best names for a Loli character.

Hikari (Japanese origin), meaning 'light', is one of the popular anime characters.

Hinata (Japanese origin), meaning 'sunny place', is indeed one of the best anime names.

Kaori (Japanese origin), meaning 'fragrant', is one of the best anime character names.

Kyouko (Japanese origin), meaning 'influential and respectful', is one of the best names for a Loli character.

Mononoke (Japanese Origin) is usually spirits and natural forces. It is a popular old anime name.

Nagisa (Japanese origin) is a common Japanese name. Nagisa means 'beach', 'sand', or 'water hill'.

Best Loli Server Names

Need some super adorable names for discord servers? Just take a quick peek at the names mentioned below in the list. These names will add an enchanting vibe to your boring servers and make them super lovable.

Ai (Japanese origin) is a Japanese word for 'love'. It is a popular and old anime name.

Akitsuki (Japanese origin) means the 'autumn moon'. It is a popular name that people like to search and comment about.

Ezra Scarlet (Turkish origin) is a name that combines two beautiful words, Ezra meaning 'the gift of god' and Scarlet meaning 'red'. She is a fantastic anime girl with the strongest spirit compared to others.

Futaba (Japanese origin) means 'a bud' or 'a sprout'. It is one of the popular character names from the series.

Kawaiichan (Japanese origin) is a nickname. which means 'cute girl'. It is actually close to the top favorite name.

Mikasa (Japanese origin) is a beautiful name with a combination of three words. Mi means 'beautiful', Ka means 'blossom', and Sa means 'fragrance of a flower'.

Mizuha (Japanese origin) means 'an auspicious waterleaf'. An anime character name that people actually search for a lot.

Nanako (Japanese origin) is a female name that means 'red apple' or 'child'. It is one of the anime character names that features in most lists.

Sugoi (Japanese origin) is an expression meaning 'oh! Wow'. It is a popular name from the series who people would actually like to see more of.

Demonic Loli Names

Cuteness combined with the evilness of Yandere Lolis. Sounds interesting, right? It is the biggest fantasy of all anime lovers. Here are some actually demonic Loli names from the popular series: -

Celty Sturluson (Celtic origin), appearing in 'Durarara', is an Irish Dullahan living in Ikebukuro and searching for her missing head. She is versatile and can transform shadows into objects. One character whom people actually like to see more of.

Lucy (Latin Origin), appearing in 'Elfen Lied', is a God-tier successor of bloodbaths and notorious for being a sadist. She suffers from amnesia and takes shelter with college students. She loves to act all shy and innocent.

Rem (Dutch origin), appearing in 'Re: Zero', is a polite, well-groomed, intelligent, and loyal blue-haired protagonist. She is the demon twin of Ram.

Rias Gremory (Japanese origin), appearing in 'Highschool DXD', is from the bloodline of sublime, purebred devils. She is a genius queen who has the power of destruction and can annihilate matter of both incorporeal and corporeal substances. She is an absolute fan favorite and always in demand.

Shiki Ryougi (Japanese origin), appearing in 'The Garden of Sinners,' has premonitions of death. She has special powers to perceive deaths and can track or divert them. She is a tough and intricate character. She is a firm believer in her philosophies.

Shiro (Japanese origin), appearing in‘Deadman Wonderland’, is an unusual, childlike, albino girl, wearing a skinsuit and oversized mittens. Shiro is adorable. Moreover, such traits make Shiro a popular anime character.

Zero Two (Italian origin), appearing in 'Darling in the Franxx', is a despicable character. She has little red horns and is nicknamed 'Teammate Killer' due to her low compatibility rate.

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