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Kryptonians were inhabitants of the planet Krypton.

Kryptonian males have a first name, followed by their family name. Female Kryptonians have a given first name, followed by their father's name.

DC Comics introduced us to Superman or the Man of Steel, one of the strongest people in the universe. Superman is also a member of the elite Justice League. Kryptonians are weak to kryptonite, meaning a unique rock from Krypton.

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Names Of The Most Powerful Kryptonians

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Here's the Kryptonian names list of the most powerful Kryptonian characters.

1. Chris Kent was a young boy who crash-landed on Metropolis. He was given a new identity by Superman, Batman, and Lois Lane. Named after a Kryptonian god, he came to be known as 'Nightwing'. After Krypton's destruction, having previously spent time in the Phantom Zone, he had heightened capabilities and was resistant to kryptonite.

2. Cir-El appeared on Earth and claimed to be Superman's daughter from the future. However, she was later revealed to a hybrid victim of Brainiac. As a human, her DNA was genetically altered with Kryptonian DNA, thereby giving her immense powers. In the end, she, however, sacrifices herself to save the day.

3. Connor Kent was a victim of genetic alteration by Project Cadmus. Also known as Kon-El, he was artificially aged to give a teenage outlook. He was prepared from Superman's DNA, which was left behind between the fight of Doomsday and Kal-El. He was adopted by Superman's foster mom and started living with her.

4. Doomsday was a genetically altered and modified monster of ancient beings. It destroyed numerous planets before reaching and causing havoc on Earth. Doomsday defeated the entire Justice League till he faced Superman. It was the greatest battle that Superman ever encountered, and it reached a standstill after both of them died.

5. Flamebird is formed after Thara Ak-Var binds herself with the Flamebird entity. In Kandor, she was made the chief of security, and her psychic links to Superman makes her immensely powerful. She is also resistant to the gold kryptonite and shares the powers of Kal-El.

6. General Zod is one of the archenemies of Superman. He was also a prisoner of the Phantom Zone, like his lover Ursa, for wanting to usurp the power and control of all of Krypton. Zod escaped the prison and reached Earth, where he carried his rivalry with Superman. He is an excellent tactician with military experience.

7. Jonathan Samuel Kent was the biological son of Lois Lane and Clark Kent and was also the latest Superboy. He usually spends a lot of time with Damien, Bruce Wayne's son, and is still understanding his powers. He is yet to reach his capabilities and will hope to overpower his father.

8. Jor-El was the father of Superman and was an exceptional scientist. He prepared his son's escape from the planet when no one paid any heed to his warnings.

He was successful in sending his son away to Earth when Krypton exploded. He has taught a wide range of beautiful traits to Superman through crystal recordings at the Fortress of Solitude. Later it was revealed that he did survive his planet's destruction and watched over the Earth as Mister Oz.

9. Krypto is also known as Superdog and is the pet of the man of steel. Krypto has always been loyal to the El family and was tested in the capsule by Jor-El. As fate would have it, Krypto's rocket got directed off and landed on Earth, whose yellow sun gifted immense power to the dog.

10. Power Girl or Karen Starr is Power Girl, which is the alter ego of Supergirl from a different dimension. Like her cousin, she is immensely powerful and also resistant to kryptonite.

11. Seyg-El was the grandfather of Superman and was one of the greatest Kryptonian minds of all times.

The genius scientist and inventor advanced Krypton's technology to a huge extent, who was also very well versed in Kryptonian language. He also imparted huge knowledge to his son Zor-El. As a vital member of the Kryptonian council, he was one of the most important people on the planet.

12. Superboy-Prime Is depicted as the Man of Steel from an alternate reality whose powers were triggered when a comet passed over his head. After meeting Connor Kent, he became jealous and bitter and became a negative character and one of the most dangerous villains of the entire DC universe.

13. Supergirl is the cousin of Superman and is known as Kara Zor-El. She reached Earth much later than her cousin and, as a result, had troubles in growing up. Like her cousin, she has an incredible range of powers.

14. Superman, Krypton name, Kal-El, goes by his adoptive Earth name of Clark Kent. He is easily the strongest of all the Kryptonians and is a superhero of Earth. Apart from having immense powers, Superman's most remarkable powers are modesty and humility, which separates him from other Kryptonians.

15. Ursa is one of the supervillains and enemies of Superman. She was once trapped in the Phantom Zone and where she escaped and joined Zod. Earlier she was a Kryptonian guard, but she rebelled against the system and was consequently punished.

16. Van-Zee Nightwing is a cousin of Kal-El who also survived his planet's destruction and started living in Kandor. When he reached Earth, he fell madly in love with Lois Lane. However, he married Sylvia DeWitt and returned to Kandor to take the role of the legendary protector 'Nightwing'.

Names Of Significant Kryptonians

American Comic book with Superman and Supergirl

Like Superman's Kryptonian name is Kal-El, here are some of the other Kryptonian first names.

17. Ab-Kar is a Kryptonite who appeared in the pre-crisis era.

18. Ak-Var was a guard of the military. He is also the father of That Ak-Var

19. Alena is a Kryptonian who appeared in the pre-crisis era.

20. Alura is the wife of Zoe-El and the mother of Supergirl, and aunt of Superman. This Kryptonian name is one of the most beautiful female Kryptonian names.

21. Ar-Rone is a Kryptonian from the Bottle City of Kandor.

22. Ar-Val was a one-shot character in the pre-crisis era who replaced Superman.

23. Ariella is the daughter of Superman from the pre-crisis era and Linda Danvers. Ariella Kent became the Supergirl in the 853rd Century.

24. Arn-Nee was a character from the pre-crisis era.

25. Art-Al was a Kryptonian from the pre-crisis era.

26. Asha Del-Nar is the second in command to Superman in Red Shard.

27. Az-Rel was a notorious Kryptonian criminal who worked under the evil General Zod.

28. Baal was the son of Quar and a cult member of the Shrunken Kandorian clan.

29. Bar-El was one of the first-ever astronauts from Krypton.

30. Bar-Nes was a character from the pre-crisis era.

31. Basqat was the leader of Krypton's biker guerrilla gang.

32. Beh-Osk lives in New Krypton and is a member of the Judgement Council.

33. Beepo was Superman's extremely powerful pet monkey. He joined the Super Legion of Pets.

34. Black Flame, aka Zora Vi-Lar, was one of the arch enemies of Supergirl and was imprisoned in the phantom zone.

35. Brainiac's daughter was the daughter of Supergirl and Brainiac 5 in the Kingdom of Come. She is currently a member of the Justice League.

36. Captain Van-L was a member of the house of El during the devastating Kryptonian Wars.

37. Cator-Ol is a Hawkman's reincarnation as a person from Krypton.

38. Commander Gor was one of the 600 members who fought against Brainiac's attack under Zod.

39. Councillor Mayra was a Kryptonian of the pre-crisis era.

40. Cris Kend is the Superboy from the 843rd Century.

41. Cyborg Superman is one of the enemies of Superman and Green Lantern. After Superman was killed by Doomsday, he was created with Superman's remaining organic parts.

42. Dal Kir-Ta is one of the many Kryptonians who survived owing to Brainiac's conquest of Kandor.

43. Dame Kela-Van was the maternal grandmother of Superman. She was trapped in Kandor and was brainwashed by Xa-Du against Kal-El.

44. Dax-Am, as a Kryptonian pilot, discovered a planet that became the home of Daxamites.

45. Divine is a clone made with Power girl's DNA. As a result, she is also the clone of Supergirl.

46. Don-El belonged to the house of the El and was the cousin of Superman.

47. Dor-Ox was the mother of Zor-El.

48. Dr. Mo-De was a one-shot character from the pre-crisis era.

49. Dyn-Xe is a member of the guild of artists and a member of Superman's defense counsel.

50. El, in the old Krypton, was the first ancestor of Superman, and he started the El family name.

51. Erndine Ze-Da was a Kryptonian from the pre-crisis era who was from the phantom zone.

52. Faora Hu-Ul is a dangerous criminal who was imprisoned in the Phantom Zone after she tortured and murdered 23 Kryptonian men. She ultimately escaped the zone and planned revenge alongside Zod. Krypton names like this one are one of the deadliest Kryptonian female names.

53. Futoro referred to the Superman of Krypton. He was also a character of the pre-crisis era.

54. General Lek-Var was the head of the military guide of the planet of Kandor.

55. Gnor-Ax was a Kryptonian from Kandor.

56. H'el was prepared by cells of many Kryptonians. He wanted to save Krypton and reached the Earth to destroy it. In the end, he wanted the help of Superman.

57. Hex-Le was a Kryptonian from the pre-crisis era.

58. Im-El was a Kryptonian scientist who saved his planet from a comet attack.

59. Jan-Al was a Kryptonian wanderer who was made one of the first seven of the Green Lantern ten billion years ago.

60. Jax-Ur was the first and the worst villain to be imprisoned in the phantom zone. He is said to have destroyed Krypton's moon with dangerous experiments.

61. Jeq-Vay was one of the first residents of the new Krypton while previously resided in Argo city.

62. Jer-Em was a Kryptonian who was responsible for the destruction of Argo City.

63. Joel William Kent is the oldest son of Lois Lane and Superman. He was brainwashed and turned evil by Lex Luthor.

64. Kal Kent is a descendant of Superman from 853500 AD and the Superman for his time.

65. Kan-Z was the son of Myra, and it was he who started the Kryptonian clone wars.

66. Kar-Lu was a Kryptonian of the pre-crisis era.

67. Kara Kent is the daughter of Superman and Lois Lane in the Generations universe.

68. Ken-Dal was a professor who was in charge of the space program.

69. Kim-Da was a Kryptonian scientist who lived in Kandor.

70. Lyta-Zod was the name of a military commander on the TV show 'Krypton'.

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