79 Tornadoes Names That Are Totally Terrifying

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Two tornadoes at once in Kansas
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The deadliest tornadoes are accompanied by funnel cloud formations and incredible wind speeds, often resulting in a considerable death toll and a lot of debris.

A tornado is also known as a funnel cloud or twister in common parlance. North America's coastal regions like Oklahoma, Illinois, Missouri, Mississippi, Florida, and Texas have recorded the worst tornadoes in national history.

Read on to know the names of some famous tornadoes from across the world.

Famous Tornadoes Names

This twister list starts with the top 10 worst tornadoes in history that shook people’s hearts. Thousands of people lost their lives and millions of dollars of property damage.

It was a truly horrifying sight to behold. Buildings were left broken and hanging while trees were pulled apart from the ground, with debris all around. It was the wrath of nature that people had never witnessed before.

Dixie Tornado Outbreak occurred on April 24, 1908. The cloud funnel was a storm system with EF-4 rating on the Enhanced Fujita Scale and caused a lot of damage.

Flint-Beecher Tornado occurred on June 8, 1953. It was a storm system with EF-5 rating on the Enhanced Fujita Scale and caused quite the havoc in Michigan.

Great Natchez Tornado happened on May 6, 1840. A lot of people were injured and killed due the to Great Natchez Tornado. It was the second deadliest tornado in the history of the U.S. with a death toll of over 300.

Joplin Tornado occurred on May 22, 2011. It was a storm with EF-5 rating on the Enhanced Fujita Scale and caused quite the havoc.

New Richmond Tornado occurred on June 12, 1899. It was a storm with EF-5 rating and affected the whole state of Wisconsin.

Sri Lanka Tornado hit the Polonnaruwa district on March 12 of 2006. Around 10,000 people were affected.

The Central Vietnam Tornado hit the area, as mentioned in the name. It affected Central Vietnam on September 23, 1997.

The Great St. Louis Tornado happened on May 27, 1896. The twister was of intensity EF-4 on Enhanced Fujita Scale, and many people were injured, and a lot of properties were damaged in St Louis, U.S.

The Manila Tornado hit on August 14, 2016. These storms damaged more than 200 houses.

The March Outbreak hit Vietnam in March 2020 and lasted for a whole day.

The North Cotabato Tornado hit Pikit on August 25, 2015. Seven people were injured, and over 152 houses were destroyed.

The Northern Samar Tornado was a dangerous one. A lot of houses were destroyed, and people were injured.

The Tien Giang Tornado hit Vietnam on August 23 of 2000 and caused 77 injuries.

The Woodward Tornado occurred on April 9, 1947. The cloud funnel was an F5 tornado and caused havoc in Oklahoma.

Tri-State Tornado happened on May 18, 1925. It was an F5 tornado, and a lot of people were injured during the three and a half hours it was on the ground.

The Tri-State Tornado was the deadliest tornado in the history of the U.S. with a death toll of 695 across Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana. As per radar readings, the storm system stayed on the ground for more than three hours in Missouri before passing into Illinois and Indiana and then finally dissipating.

Trieu Son District, Vietnam Tornado was a terrible one as it nearly damaged 500 houses.

Tupelo-Gainesville Tornado Outbreak happened on April 5, 1936. It was an F5 tornado, and a lot of people were injured near Mississippi city.

Vinh Phuc Province Tornado was quite the major one that hit June 10 of 2020. It resulted in 18 injuries.

Tornadoes Typical Names

Now, any major tornado is a newsworthy event. But even among them exist a few which were horrific storms and scarred people's consciousness.

The most powerful storms leave an impression on the mind long after they dissipate. Albeit a camera in the right place and at the right time may capture another funnel cloud famous, the most infamous tornadoes are remembered for the chaos they stirred and the people who died needlessly.

Peninsula Malaysia Tornado Outbreak was a strong tornado of EF3 intensity. Its effects lasted for two days.

Rumbia wasn't such a big one, but it sure did a lot of damage. It hit Gorio on June 29 of 2013.

Quezon City Tornado was a storm that moved through seven villages, and many people were injured.

Nangka was a series of two consecutive storms. It crashed in the Quezon province on June 23, 2009.

The Quezon Tornado affected two villages. A lot of people were injured, and houses were destroyed.

The Laguna Tornado damaged several houses and injured a lot of people.

Southern Philippines Tornado caused chaos in four riverside villages.

The Dipolog Tornado was a tragedy. A lot of villages and people were affected.

The Ibaraki Prefecture Tornado was one of the worst tornadoes in Japan, rated F3. A lot of properties were damaged.

Saitama Prefecture Tornado was an F2 tornado that happened on September 2, 2013.

Hachirogata Tornado was one of the longest continuing storms lasting 41 minutes.

The Philippines Tornado hit San Fernando on October 16, 1994. It caused a few fatalities as well.

Pakistan Tornado hit the region of Bhalwal on March 28, 2001. A few people were injured.

The Iloilo Tornado hit Oton on August 10, 2009.

Japan Tornado happened on February 28, 1978. It was known to be the tornado that traced the longest path of 25.7 mi (41.2 km).

The Nepal Tornado affected the district of Bara on April 30. It was an atrocious tornado of EF4 that caused havoc.

Burma Tornado happened on May 15, 1990. It derailed an entire passenger train.

Bebinca hit the city of Mimaropa on June 20, 2013.

Miyazaki Japan Tornado hit Nobeoka on September 18, 2006. It was one of the deadliest tornadoes to ever occur in Japanese history.

The Datu Piang Tornado hit Maguindanao on November 29, 1994. A lot of villages were affected as well.

Beautiful defined tornado in American Plains

Creative Names For Tornadoes

Here is a list of creative and funny tornado names that'll make you crack into peals of laughter. 

A Buck-Off is an absolute brazing name!

Beansprout is sure to get repetitive, but it never gets old. Imagine a tornadoin a bean field. Well yeah, you got the rest of the idea.

Brusselsprout is a tornado hitting the Capital of Belgium.

Bustnado is what one might witness on the busted storm chase.

Cornado is a tornado hitting a cornfield. Just corns flying everywhere, like there's no tomorrow.

Cornsprout is quite a funny name for a  tornado hitting a cornfield.

Dustnado is the perfect name for a Tornado in a desert area. Just imagine a moving wind snake in the desert.

Floornado is Tornado entering your home.

Giant Garbage Disposal is somewhat the truth of a tornado. Just that the garbage gets disposed of on someone else's lawn out of the blue.

Mr. Spinwind is another funny name that seems quite formal for a Tornado.

Spinning Snake is literally what a Tornado is!

Teasprout is a tornado crashing its way through the meadows of a tea field.

Turnado is a hilarious name. Imagine a tornado taking a turn in the road; what'll you call it? A Turnado!

Vacuum Cleaner is indeed true. Tornadoes do clean everything in their way.

Wheatsprout as the name suggests is quite specific for a tornado hitting a wheat field.

Whirly Twirly is a funny name. It will be hilarious to listen to this name on television.

Windiana Jones is a hilarious name for a Tornado. It's quite funny because you know it's wind and it's rotating.


Real Names Of Tornadoes

This is the list of a more tornadoes that have occurred and caused quite the havoc.

Daulatpur-Saturia Tornado was one of the deadliest tornadoes in world history that struck Bangladesh. Bangladesh authorities estimated it to be near F3 or F4 level threat.

Jamalpur-Tangail Tornado caused a lot of havoc. Nearly 80 villages faced its wrath, and a lot of damage happened.

Jiangsu Tornado was an F4-rated one that caused absolute devastation on March 3, 1966. 

Bazhou-Tianjin Tornado was a very intense series of two consecutive Tornadoes that tore the city apart.

Shaanxi Tornado was a massive tornado that was nearly 300 m wide. It almost destroyed most of the houses in Zhoucheng village.

Heilongjiang Tornado Outbreak was a series of more than six Tornadoes rated to be F4. 

Shanghai Tornado Outbreak occurred on September 24, 1956. It was a series of three tornadoes that wreaked havoc in the city.

Magura-Narail Tornado happened on April 11, 1964. The supercell thunderstorm destroyed various villages.

Dhaka District Tornado happened on April 17, 1973. It caused quite the tragedy and destroyed several villages.

Madaripur-Shibchar Tornado struck on April 1, 1977. Several villages were devastated, and a lot of fatalities were reported.

Hunan Tornado occurred on April 17, 1979. It caused havoc, and many towns were affected by it.

Guangdong Tornado occurred on April 19, 1995. Fatalities and casualties were reported in quite massive numbers.

South China Tornado happened on April 20, 2003. It was a series of massive winds that thrust its way through several.

Anhui Tornado occurred on July 30, 2005, which resulted in a massive economic loss. Buildings were left broken, and trees were pulled off the earth.

Nanyang Tornado happened on August 3, 2005. It was quite a tragedy and caused a lot of damage.

Brahmanbaria Tornado struck Dhaka on March 22, 2013. A lot of fatalities and casualties were reported as soon as it struck Bangladesh.

Hubei Tornado was an F3 rated Tornado that happened on April 22, 1958.

Shadong Tornado hit Zaozhuang on July 5 in the year 1958. It was a massive storm and resulted in millions of Yuans of loss.

Hainan Tornado struck the Hainan Province on September 27 of 2005. The rapid and devastating winds tore apart trees and buildings.


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