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Nicknames of Triple H are really witty.

The name Triple H stands for Hunter Hearst Helmesley, which was given by J.J. Dillon.

Jean-Paul Lévesque is a great American business executive and a former professional wrestler. He is universally famous for his nickname Triple H.

It is known from one of his interviews that one of his very close friends named Shawn Michaels started calling him Triple H. He was a WWE Champion as well as a WWF Champion of all time. Over the years, he has gone by many different names.

In the WWE, nicknames are very common and typically define a wrestler's unique personality or characteristics.

Following his self-description as 'The Game' in an unscripted advertisement, he has adopted the moniker. Triple H is referred to as being in essence, the best wrestling expert in the WWE since he is the finest player and not a student of the game.

Ring Nicknames For Triple H

Ring names are basically the stage names for the game that the athletes use to denote themselves while playing that specific game. The most famous three nicknames of Triple H are given below. These names have their own significance in the life of this famous wrestling expert.

1. The Game- This nickname describes Triple H as the master of this game and not as a student of this game. Basically, this name is meant for the top wrestlers in WWE.

2. The King Of Kings- This is the nickname given to Triple H by Motorhead through one of their entrance theme songs. He was named the king of kings after defeating King Booker at SummerSlam.

3. The Cerebral Assassin- Jim Ross has given this nickname to Triple H, which means a person who is intellectually superior and uses their skills to outwit any rival in a competition.

Interesting Nicknames For Triple H

Besides these universally common ring nicknames, he also had some other interesting nicknames which have been enlisted below.

4. The Connecticut BlueBlood- As Triple H had dropped the Connecticut BluebBood stunt in the year 1997.

5. Hunter- This particular nickname was derived from his former name Hunter Hearst Helmsley which he had at the time of his WWE debut.

6. Triple- A very obvious nickname which has been originated from his name, Triple H.

Cool Nicknames For Triple H

The cool and funny nicknames that say different stories about Triple H are also available here. Just have a look at the most trendy nicknames that will definitely surprise the readers.

7. Tri- This is a very cool and short nickname for Triple H, which denotes the very first three letters of his name.

8. Terror Risin'- Levesque joined WCW as the villain with this nickname after receiving training at Killer Kowalski's wrestling academy.

9. The Gravedigger- This nickname was given as he has an infamous reputation as a grave digger. He is viewed on the one hand as a renowned wrestler who has taken part in several iconic matches and storylines, but on the other, he is viewed as a self-serving backstage politician.

Famous Nicknames for Triple H

Over the years, Triple H has built a legacy. Being a well-known executive and multiple-time World Champion, he won't be stopping anytime soon.

His well-known moniker, king of kings, originated with Motorhead's theme song, just like his other two names. Triple H received three theme songs from Motörhead during their association. In the mid-2000s, he was known by the names, The Game, King Of Kings, and Line In The Sand.

10. HHH - Hunter Heart Helmsley is one of the famous names for Triple H.

11. Mr. Triple H - A classy nickname for someone stylish.

12. The Creator/The Destroyer - Another name his fans have given the fighter, comparing his power to the almighty deity that has the ability to create or destroy.

13. Trips - As it is a variation to the shortened version of the name Triple, it can be given to someone who loves traveling as well.

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