Ultimate List Of 100+ Stormtrooper Names And Stormtrooper Types From Star Wars

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Originally Published on Dec 17, 2020
Darth Vader from Star wars with Stormtroopers army

In the 'Star Wars' universe, one of the most powerful and influential communities of beings are the Stormtroopers.

Stormtroopers are essentially space marines or elite shock troops who existed in the Galactic Empire. These stormtroopers are military units of the First Order and are under the powerful leadership of Emperor Palpatine and Stormtrooper commanders, the most important commander being Darth Vader.

Amongst the many Stormtrooper types in the 'Star Wars' universe, some of the most elite stormtroopers were Imperial Royal Guards, Death Troopers and Shadow Troopers. Another elite Stormtrooper designation was the TK-421 which was essentially a male Stormtrooper on the Death Star.

TK stands for a standard Stormtrooper. There is also a red Stormtrooper in 'Star Wars' referred to by the name of Cardinal CD-0922 or Archex. This red Stormtrooper is the Captain of the First Order.

'Star Wars' Stormtroopers are some of the most interesting beings in the 'Star Wars' universe and if you are looking for Stormtrooper names and types of Stormtroopers, here is the ultimate list of famous Stormtrooper names, Scout troopers, Stormtrooper legions and more.

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Stormtrooper Names From The Original Trilogy

The original 'Star Wars' trilogy is essentially the set of the first three movies that were released, 'Star Wars', 'The Empire Strikes Again' and 'Return Of The Jedi'.

The Galactic Empire is an important part of all of these three movies with Death Star, Darth Vader and Scout troopers being other essential parts of the trilogy. If you are looking for Stormtrooper types or names of Stormtroopers from the original trilogy, here is an ultimate list to put an end to your search.

Look for different types of Stormtroopers, Stormtrooper ranks and Stormtrooper corps in this list!

1. Biker Scout, founded on the jungle planet of Endor, this is a hoverbike-mounted Stormtrooper.

2. Cold Weather Assault Stormtroopers, another name for the powerful and skillful Snow troopers.

3. Combat Assault Tank Pilots, use armored repulsorlift vehicles in the Empire’s Army to fight against targets and enemies identified by the First Order.

4. Foot Patrol 7, a Sandtrooper unit led by TD-110 and helped in the notable battle of Secret Mission to Tatooine.

5. Forest Troopers, first seen in the 'Return Of The Jedi', they are skilled in patrolling forest areas.

6. Heavy Sandtroopers, known to operate in sandy or desert areas using super heavy machinery and weapons.

7. Imperial Sharpshooters, another name for the Scout Troopers.

8. Mine Trooper, specially trained unit for the security of the mines.

9. Red Guard, chief protectors or personal bodyguards of Emperor Palpatine.

10. Sand Trooper, designed specially to work in the hot and dreary desert worlds.

11. Scout Troopers, another name for the famous and deadly Biker Scouts.

12. Snow Troopers, cold assault troopers most feared by Han Solo.

13. Space Troopers, operate in zero-gravity conditions and were responsible for patrolling the first Death Star.

14. Stormtrooper Grenadiers, famously known for launching grenades against their enemies.

15. Tank Troopers, another name used for the mighty and capable combat assault tank pilots.

16. TD-110, a Sandtrooper commander who was a male human officer affiliated to the First Order as well as the Galactic Empire.

17. TD-4445, the commander or leader of the Dewback troopers.

18. TD-787, a Sandtrooper who wore a white armor and used a DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle to run direct attacks on its targets.

19. Wanton, the nickname of TD-110 who served the first Death Star before it was blown up to pieces.

Close up studio portrait of stormtrooper helmet

Stormtrooper Names From The Prequels

Directed by George Lucas, the 'Star Wars' prequel trilogy was released years after the original trilogy was released in 1977. The movies included in this prequel include 'The Phantom Menace', 'Attacks Of The Clones' and 'Revenge Of The Sith'.

Numerous new troopers from the Stormtrooper corps make a first appearance in this trilogy and come with interesting character traits and plot lines. If you are looking for new 'Star Wars' Stormtrooper names, here are all Stormtrooper types that appeared in the prequel trilogy.

20. Advanced Recon Force Troopers, a specialized force specializing in survival skills.

21. Bacara, the Colonel Marshall Commander who was one of the most powerful characters in this franchise.

22. Captain Rex, the loyal and no-nonsense Commander of the Rebel Alliance.

23. CC-1138, a nickname given to the Colonel Marshall Commander, Bacara.

24. CC-2224, the birth number of the clone trooper Commander Cody.

25. CC-3636, the birth number of the clone trooper Commander Wolfe.

26. CC-4477, was the commander of the imperial Shock troopers.

27. CC-5576-39, the birth number of the clone trooper Commander Gregor.

28. Clone Shock Trooper, they first appeared in the 'Revenge Of The Sith' and were an elite military unit.

29. Clone Troopers, cloned soldiers that make their first appearance in 'Attack Of The Clones'.

30. Commander Cody, one of the most cynical and bitter clone troopers.

31. Commander Gregor, one of the most expert hand-to-hand combatants amongst the clone troopers.

32. Commander Wolfe, one of the most expert marksmen and tacticians amongst the clone troopers.

33. CT-7567, the birth number of the clone trooper Captain Rex.

34. Imperial Shock Troopers, wore heavy armor and machinery and could be distinguished by others using clear red markings on their armor.

35. Ki-Adi-Mundi's Squad, led by Jedi General Ki-Adi-Mundi and notably known for their efforts in the Fourth battle of Mygeeto.

36. Order 66, the special unit of the military that raided the Jedi Temple.

37. Thire, the nickname of the leader of the Imperial Shock troopers CC-4477.

Stormtrooper Names From The Disney Trilogy

Walt Disney Studios distributed the third sequel trilogy of the 'Star Wars' franchise from 2015-2019. The first movie in this trilogy is called 'The Force Awakens', which was released on 18 December 2015 and was directed by JJ Abrams.

'The Force Awakens' is one of the most popular 'Star Wars' movies that there ever has been. Following 'The Force Awakens', the second movie in this trilogy is 'The Last Jedi' which was released on 15 December 2017.

The last movie in this trilogy was 'The Rise Of Skywalker' which was released on 20 December 2019 and was again directed by JJ Abrams. Here is a list of all types of Stormtroopers in this Disney trilogy.

38. Electropod Troopers, almost similar to the standard First Order Stormtroopers wearing white armor except for the fact that they come with specially fitted electropods.

39. Finn, the First Order Stormtrooper who is one of the most popular characters from 'Star Wars'.

40. Flame Troopers, belonging to the First Order they specialise in flames and fires.

41. FN-2000, was a First Order Stormtrooper who was trained by Captain Phasma.

42. FN-2003, the weakest link in the First Order Galactic Empire unit.

43. FN-2187, was the former name of Finn who was an extremely skilled gunner.

44. FN-2199, another human male Stormtrooper who served in the First Order and was a riot control trooper.

45. FN-3181, a First Order soldier who fought using the standard F-11D blaster rifle.

46. Heavy Snowtroopers, wear white armor and are skilled in heavy machinery to be operated in snowy environments.

47. Incinerator Troopers, skilled in using flamethrowers against their targets.

48. Jannah, this was the nickname of First Order soldier TZ-1719.

49. Megablaster Heavy Assault Troopers, another name given to the heavy troopers who carry extra ammunition web gear load and FWMB-10 repeating blasters.

50. Nines, the nickname of FN-2199 who fought using a riot shield and F-11D blaster rifle.

51. RiotControl Troopers, worked towards maintaining order and discipline in the First Order controlled worlds.

52. Slip, this was the nickname of First Order soldier FN-2003.

53. Sovereign Protectors, the red armored powerful, capable and elite bodyguards of Emperor Palpatine operating on the faraway planet of Exegol.

54. Stormtrooper Executioners, first appeared in 'The Last Jedi' and are equipped with BL-155 Laser axes to execute Stormtroopers who are found guilty of treason.

55. Toasters, a commonly used term which refers to the Flame troopers because of their ability and skills in utilizing fire to target enemies.

56. Treadspeeder Drivers, use 125-Z tread speeder bikes and immensely light armor to ride at lightning fast speeds when in pursuit of their targets.

57. TZ-1719, skilled in engineering and blaster rifles, this female soldier deserted the First Order,

58. Zeroes, this was the nickname of the First Order soldier FN-2000.

Stormtrooper from Star Wars in blue background.

Stormtrooper Names From The Extended 'Star Wars' Universe

Owing to the popularity of all the new 'Star Wars' movies, numerous spin-off movies were created that were loved by the audience in all capacities.

These movies are now referred to as the Extended 'Star Wars' Universe and comprise numerous movies launched since 1977.

The most famous and popular movies included in the Extended 'Star Wars' Universe include 'The Adventures Of Luke Skywalker', 'Splinter Of The Mind's Eye', 'The Han Solo Adventures', 'The Adventures Of Lando Calrissian', 'Rogue One', 'Solo', 'The Clone Wars' and more.

Here are all the Stormtrooper squad names and other kinds of soldiers that appeared in the Extended 'Star Wars' Universe.

59. 21st Nova Corps, one of the most powerful military units in this franchise known for being relentless during combat attacks.

60. Arctic Jumptroopers, a specialized military unit operating in cold environments and wearing white armor.

61. Blue Stormtrooper, also known as Stormtrooper snipers or Sharpshooters of Imperial Stormtroopers.

62. Clone Jet Trooper, first appeared in 'Star Wars: Battlefront'.

63. Coastal Defender Troopers, first appeared in 'Rogue One'.

64. Crimson Trooper, a new unit skilled in high temperature and volcanic area operations.

65. Darth Vader’s Guard, a subgroup of death troopers led by Darth Vader and an important Stormtrooper rank.

66. Death Troopers, made their first appearance in 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story'.

67. Demolition Troopers, used SE-14C blaster guns and smart rockets to demolish their targets in one single go.

68. Dewback Trooper, used dewbacks as vehicles and used weapons such as RT-97C heavy blaster rifle, CR-24 Flame Rifle and T-21 light repeating blaster.

69. DT-5537, a powerful and deadly member of the Unit TI-23.

70. DT-F16's Squad, which notably fought in the Mission to Faos Station.

71. Galactic Marines, another name given to the all-powerful 21st Nova Corps.

72. Gideon’s Guard, another Death trooper guard unit which fought in the Skirmish on Nevarro.

73. Green Stormtrooper, another name for the aerial stormtrooper unit called clone jet trooper.

74. Heavy Shore Troopers, a specialized unit of coastal military defenders skilled in the use of heavy ordnance.

75. Inquisitor Troopers, Jedi hunters founded by Darth Sidious.

76. Jump Trooper, known for their ability to fly at top speeds due to their jetpacks.

77. Krennic's Guard Squadron, led by Director Orson Callan Krennic.

78. Magma Troopers, skilled in attacking their enemies in extremely hot temperature conditions.

79. Mimban Stormtrooper, specifically designed to navigate the swamp planet of Mimban.

80. Mortar Stormtrooper, famously known for their skills in mortar weaponry.

81. Patrol Troopers, work diligently using their C-PH Patrol Speeder bikes.

82. Purge Trooper, a special forces military unit that first appeared in 'Darth Vader: Dark Lord Of The Sith'.

83. Raiders, these skilled and specialized troopers affiliated to the First Order were headed by their leader, Kylo Ren, and are especially capable of hunting.

84. Range Troopers, they first appeared in 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' and had heavy armor with fur.

85. Rocket Trooper, another name for the Imperial unit called Jump trooper.

86. SCUBA Troopers, they are skilled in operating and fighting enemies underwater using special apparatus such as flippers, underwater blasters and breathing equipment.

87. Sea Troopers, wore white armor and were most dreaded because of their abilities in fully submerged aquatic assault.

88. Shadow Stormtroopers, made their first appearance in the comic strip 'Gambler’s World' and were specialized Imperial Stormtroopers.

89. Shoretroopers, another name for the Coastal Defender Troopers.

90. Sith Jet Troopers, powerful troopers who look just like First Order Jet troopers and are equipped with red armors.

91. Sith Trooper Officers, powerful commanders of the Sith Jet troopers who use advanced sensor technology to identify and fight their enemies.

92. Special Commando Advanced Recon Troopers, have some of the most unique and characteristic equipment as well as armor design and are operated for very special high risk missions.

93. Swamptrooper, Han Solo was this kind of trooper when he served the Empire.

94. Tarkin’s Guard, was affiliated to the Galactic Empire.

95. Task Force 99, an elite squad run by Sergeant Kreel most famously known for their Skirmish on the Ghost Moon.

96. Terror Trooper, a specialized and elite class of experimental Stormtroopers.

97. Thrawn’s Guard, made up of at least six Death troopers and led by Grand Admiral Thrawn.

98. Unit TI-23, a special forces military unit known popularly as The Undying.

99. Veris Hydan’s Guard, a special forces military unit led by Minister Veris Hydan.

100. Wet-Weather Gear Stormtroopers, another name for the famous and deadly Mimban Stormtroopers.

101. Yewl’s Guard, defended the space station during the Dr. Chelli Lona Aphra infiltration.

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