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Discover 215 Umbreon nicknames like Pokémon characters.
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Are you on the hunt for some amazing nicknames for your favorite Pokemon character, Umbreon? You're in the right place! Derived from the Latin word for 'shadow', Umbreon is captured by its mysterious and alluring nature.

This nocturnal Pokémon holds a special place in pop culture and the hearts of fans worldwide. With its glowing yellow eyes and shiny black fur, it's not surprising that it can inspire some of the most creative nicknames! It has the perfect suggestions to help encapsulate the essence of your Umbreon.

Names are deeply intertwined with identity, and it's no different for Pokémon! Just as evolution in Pokémon life makes Flareon turn into Glaceon, similarly, the right nickname can truly redefine your Umbreon.

Whether you are seeking a name that reflects its mysterious nature or you prefer a playful twist the perfect Umbreon nickname is waiting for you to discover in this list. So, prepare to step into the fascinating world of Pokémon nicknames that bring a whole new dimension to your favorite Umbreon!

Fun Umbreon Nicknames

Umbreon, with its dark typing and graceful appearance, is one of the most intriguing evolutions in the world of Pokémon.

Often described as a mirror of the night sky, its sleek black fur and mysterious glowing rings draw a captivating parallel to the twinkling stars and eternal vastness of the cosmos. If you’ve caught this awesome evolution of Eevee, you surely need a name just as striking.

Immerse yourself in this compendium of the best Umbreon nicknames, each reflecting its unique characteristics, enigmatic aura, and the profound meaning this Pokémon embodies.

1. Anubis - means 'god of the Dead'.

2. Black Hole - means 'a region of spacetime where gravity is so strong that nothing can escape'.

3. Blacklight - means 'ultraviolet light' and very little visible light.

4. Cress - means 'from the top of the hill'.

5. Celeste - means 'heavenly or celestial'.

6. Capricious - means 'unstable'.

7. Dapper - means 'handsome'.

8. Diablo - means 'devil'.

9. Dracula - means 'son of Dracul or the devil'.

10. Dante -means 'steadfast or everlasting'.

11. Dusk - means 'between day and night'.

12. Dormammu - means 'Lord of Chaos'. It is derived from Marvel comics.

13. Darkwind

14. Erebus - means 'a personification of darkness'.

15. Eclipse - means 'passing through the shadow of a celestial body'.

16. Gabriel - means 'God is my strength'.

17. Galaxy -means 'large system of stars'.

18. Hades -means 'the unseen' or 'the giver of wealth'.

19. Luminous

20. Luna - means 'moon'.

21. Morpheus - means 'form shape', that god is associated with sleep and dreams.

22. Moonshine

23. Muse - means 'source of inspiration.

24. Mirage - means 'illusion or fantasy'.

25. Neon - means 'new'.

26. Nightlight

27. Night Claw

28. Obsidian - means 'stone of Obsius'.

29. Osiris - means 'mighty'.

30. Pyro - means 'fire'.

31. Padfoot -means 'black dog'. The name is popular in the Harry Potter movies, as well.

32. Rainer -means 'strong counselor'.

33. Rogue - means 'Unpredictable'.

34. Ringo - means 'apples'.

35. Spinel - means 'spark'.

36. Spirit - means 'supernatural being or essence'.

37. Solstice - means 'when the sun stands still'.

38. Torment -means 'extreme pain or anguish of body or mind'.

39. Tsuki - means 'moon'.

40. Umber - means 'shade'.

41. Umbral - means 'shadow'.

42. Xenon - means 'the guest or host'.


Cool Umbreon Nicknames

Looking for a unique spin on shiny Umbreon nicknames? Popularly known for their mysterious appearance, cool Umbreons are a favorite amongst Pokémon enthusiasts.

Being a Dark-type Pokémon introduced in Generation II that evolves from Eevee, these characters are known for their sleek features accentuated by moonlight.

Check out these cute and mysterious Umbreon nicknames that create an aura of intrigue, perfect for both boys and girls. Whether under the shadows or glowing under the midnight moon, you'll discover the presence of shiny gods of the night in this collection of ideas for words to nickname your Umbreon.

43. Apocalypse -means 'to uncover or disclose'.

44. Arcane -means 'mysterious'.

45. Boogeyman - means 'a frightening specter'.

46. Caprice -means 'unpredictable'.

47. Denonaire - means 'nonchalant'.

48. Glaceon -means 'ice'.

49. Kuro - means 'ninth Son'.

50. Moonbeam - means 'ray of light from the moon'.

51. Morpheus - means 'form shape', a god associated with sleep and dreams.

52. Nymeria - means 'warrior queen'.

53. Nemesis - means 'goddess of vengeance'.

54. Sparky - means 'lively'.

55. Sakura - means 'cherryblossom'.

56. Salem - means 'peace'.

57. Twilight -means 'dusk'.

58. Umbrous - means 'shadow'.

60. Umbeled - means 'sunshade'.

61. Umbrageously - means 'spotted with shadows'.

62. Wendigo -means 'evil spirit'.

63. Voldemort - means 'flight of death'. A character name in Harry Potter.

64. Vaporeon


Pokemon sign on the wall.

Unique Umbreon Nicknames

Umbreon, with its dark allure and high friendship ratings, is an absolute favorite for many Pokémon fans. Originating from the words "umbra" meaning shadow, and "eon" linked to evolution, this creature truly depicts an underworld charm.

If you have a female Umbreon or any Umbreon in your Pokémon list, you might be looking for the best nicknames for that special touch.

In this article, you'll explore unique Umbreon nicknames, adding a bit more personality to your Pokémon gaming experience. Get ready for a journey through the Pokémon underworld with these intriguing nicknames.

66. Aftermath

67. Emblazon

68. Crescent

69. Equinox - means 'equal night'.

70. Ebondy

71. Fang- means 'wind'.

72. Gorgon - means 'grim'.

73. Hallow - means 'sacred'.

74. Incubus -means 'nightmare'.

75. Kira -means 'black'.

76. Krampus -means 'claw'.

77. Lunarcat

78. Raven- means 'dark-haired'.

79. Thanos -means 'immortal'.

80. Tenned

81. Osiris - means 'mighty'.

82. Orfeo -means 'darkness of night'.

83. Trojan - means 'person from Troy'.

84. Monster- means 'monstrous creature'.

85. Sylveon - means 'problem solver'.

86. Umbro - means 'shade'.

87. Umber -means 'sky'.

88. Umbar- means 'sky'.

89. Umbra -means 'shade'.

Funny Umbreon Nicknames

Umbreon, a Pokémon character known for its sleek dark form, has quite a fan base. However, giving this nocturnal menace a humorous twist is where the fun truly begins.

If you're seeking a laugh or two, funny Umbreon nicknames can surely lighten up the game. From 'GloomGlow' playing on its Luminescent abilities to 'MoonMunchkin', there's no shortage of hilarious nicknames for Umbreon that can make your Pokémon gaming experience memorable. Scroll down to go through this list of amusing Umbreon nicknames and pick a winner today!

91. Blightesome

92. Cererus - means 'three-headed dog guards the entrance to hades'.

93. Cress - means 'peak of a hill'.

95. Extremum -means 'an extreme point'.

96. Garraz

97. Jolteon -means 'thunder'.

98. Knight - means 'warrior'.

99. Keith - means 'from the battleground'.

100. Krueger

101. Lycan -means 'a werewolf'.

102. Nightdust

103. Nachtara

104. Oscura - means 'dark'.

105. Rinfo

106. Saix

107. Spinel

108. Tamoa

109. Tron -means 'thunder'.

120. Umberli - means 'providing shade'.

122. Ugne - means 'the fire'.

123. Ulla -means 'determination'.

Hopefully, this collection of Umbreon nicknames has given you some fresh ideas for personalizing your Pokémon adventures.

Whether you're after something playful, unique, or a twist on the traditional, there's a nickname for your Umbreon that's a perfect fit. Remember, the best nicknames truly capture the essence of your Pokémon, making your gaming experience all the more immersive and fun.

So go ahead, dabble in the world of Umbreon nicknames, and see which one resonates with you the most - it might just add an extra layer of enjoyment to your game.

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