83 Welsh Dog Names That Are Impawssibly Cute

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List of Welsh dog names features unqiue and creative Welsh female dog names and Welsh Corgi male dog names.
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A dog is your closest friend who knows everything about you and gets you the way no one does.Dogs will love you more than anyone else in the world as you are everything to them.

Having a pet brings comfort to the mind as they help you recognize yourself and will always be there to listen to you.They are cute, fluffy, a part of your family, and best friend. As time passes by, you watch them grow from a baby you adopted to a big dog who now understands everything you say to him/her.

When they enter your life, they bring a sense of joy that will leave you spellbound.Are you looking for the perfect pet dog?

Plenty of breeds will leave you amazed, but the finest amongst all is 'Welsh,' a native dog breed to Cymru.

This dog breed is not only cute but energetic too.

They have an excellent working sense and can win any running challenge easily.So if you are looking for a cute and fluffy dog who is smart and loyal too, you should go for this breed.

Some of the popular Welsh dog names are Afanen, Griffin, Terrwyn, Teleri, Sea, Llew, Rhianon, Isolde, Rhiannon, Rhett, Morga, and Dewi.Read on to find some more interesting Welsh dog names for your champion Pembroke Spaniel.

We have curated a list of 83 such names which are suitable for both males and females.

Male Welsh Dog Names

A great name for a Welsh dog depends upon your dog’s personality, from his size to his great working skills, everything matters. Some popular name ideas in Wales for pets are Howell, Brychan, Adara, Tristan, Dewi, Warrior, Maddox, Holy, Dylan, and Young.

The name should define your dog, its traits, and features, and have a good vibe to it. Here's a list of some cute and sweet Welsh dog names.

Aeron (Welsh origin) means 'fair'. An interesting name for a young puppy.

Aled (Welsh origin) means 'offspring'. One of the simple dog's name ideas.

Aneira (Welsh origin) means 'golden'.

Brownen (Welsh origin) means 'white'. A common dog's name.

Derog (Welsh origin) means 'obstinate one'. Therefore, it is a perfect name for a stubborn dog.

Dylan (Welsh origin) means 'son of the sea'. The prefix 'dy'  stands for great, and 'lan' is for flow. It is a popular Welsh dog name.

Ebrill (Welsh origin) means 'born in April'.

Elis (Welsh origin) means 'someone who is benevolent'. The name meaning maks it more popular in the Welsh language.

Enfys (Welsh origin) means 'rainbow'. An interesting name for pet dogs.

Gruffydd (Welsh origin) means 'lord'. A great name for a multi-colored Welsh terrier.

Gwilym (Welsh origin) means 'a strong protection'. A great name for a hound.

Hari (Welsh origin) means 'who attracts everyone'.

Howell (Welsh origin) means 'imminent'. It is a popular Welsh dog name.

Idris (Welsh origin) means 'smart'. A wonderful name for a dog born in Wales.

Ifan (Welsh origin) means 'gift of God'.

Owain (Welsh origin) means 'young warrior'. A unique name for dogs.

Rhys (Welsh origin) means 'passionate'. You could certainly use this name for a puppy from Wales.

Sion (Welsh origin) means 'perfect'.

Tristan (Welsh origin) means 'sorrowful'.

Wyn (Welsh origin) means 'fair'.

Female Welsh Dog Names

There are some interesting names for female dogs that pet parents will surely love. Let’s have a look at some of the female Welsh dog names.

Aelwen (Welsh origin) means 'that dog has fair brows'.

Aeron (Welsh origin) means 'fair'. A good name option for a female dog.

Afan (Welsh origin) means 'raspberry'. It is a fun name for a female dog.

Aneira (Welsh origin) means 'golden'. A truly interesting female name option.

Banon (Welsh origin) means 'queen'. A fun name option for a male dog.

Berth (Welsh origin) means 'beautiful'. A fascinating name for a female dog.

Bethan (Welsh origin) means 'from Elisabeth'. Sounds like one of the simple name options for a female dog.

Briallen (Welsh origin) means 'primrose'. It is surely a good name option for a pet dog.

Brown (Welsh origin) means 'a color'. A simple name that is self-explanatory.

Brychan (Welsh origin) means 'spotted'. Pet parents will surely enjoy the sound of this name.

Caitrin (Welsh origin) means 'pure'. This name is extremely common in Wales.

Delyth (Welsh origin) means 'pretty'.

Dona (Welsh origin) means 'goddess' from Welsh mythology. It is another holy name in the Welsh language.

Ebrill (Welsh origin) means 'born in April'.

Eres (Welsh origin) means 'wonderful'. It sure looks like a unisex name that can be used for a male as well as a female dog.

Eriol (Welsh origin) means 'snowdrop'.

Filomena (Welsh origin) means 'lover of the moon'. A funny name for a female dog.

Glenda (Welsh origin) means 'clean', 'holy', 'good'. It sounds like one of the holy name options for a pet dog.

Gwenydd (Welsh origin) means 'morning star'. A great name option for the pet parents to choose from.

Heini (Welsh origin) means 'active'. A unique Welsh name that is suitable for a female dog.

Iona (Welsh origin) means 'short for January'. One of the most interesting names for pet dogs.

Isolde (Welsh origin) means 'from the Celtic myth'. A great name for a pet dog.

Mancelona (Welsh origin) means 'princess'. You can choose this welsh name for your female dog.

Rhiannon (Welsh origin) means 'maiden'. It indeed sounds like a great name for a pet female dog.

Seren (Welsh origin) means 'star'. A fascinating name for a pet dog.

Pet parents need to understand the name meaning before selecting a name for their pet dogs.

Welsh Dog Names For A Border Collie

The cross between two breeds, such as a Welsh sheepdog and a Welsh collie is referred to as a Border Collie. This breed of dog is easy to manage and is mild. If you own this breed and are confused about what to name him/her, here's a list of names to give you an idea.

BeIla (Welsh origin) means 'beautiful and fair'. It is a suitable name for a female dog.

Caramel (Welsh origin) meaning 'a dog with beautiful caramel-colored fur', is the perfect name for a Border Collie breed.

Checkers (Welsh origin) means 'the board game, played on a black and whiteboard'.

Chess (Welsh origin) means 'the classic board game'. It also depicts smartness.

Coffee (Welsh origin) means 'a Collie with coffee-colored hues in its fur'.

Cooper (Welsh origin) means 'barrel maker'. It is a perfect name for a notorious dog.

Dice (Welsh origin) means 'the black and white patterns on a dice'. This name is suitable for an entertaining, cute coolie.

Domino (Welsh origin) means 'the traditional game played with lots of pieces and different things'.

Dougal (Welsh origin) means 'dark and mysterious personality'.

Duke (Welsh origin) means 'bold'. It is a perfect name for a smart puppy.

Jupiter (Welsh origin) means 'the planet', a dog named Jupiter may bring lots of happiness.

Lexi (Welsh origin) means 'defender of a man'.

Lily (Welsh origin) means 'a beautiful flower' in English. It is suitable for a Welsh dog.

Molly (Welsh origin) means 'an adorable dog who knows how to win over someone through her charm'.

 Pip (Welsh origin) means 'cute'. It is a classic choice for a white fur puppy.

Shadow (Welsh origin) means 'a mysterious and dark-colored mirror self'.

Sudoku (Welsh origin) means 'a fun puzzle', it also depicts quirky choices.

Taran (Welsh origin) means 'the Lord of thunder'.

Thor (Welsh origin) means 'Lord of thunder'. It represents the famous marvel character.

Zoe (Welsh origin) means 'life'. It is a perfect name for your beloved dog.

Welsh Dog Names For A Corgi

A Welsh corgi is a form of a breed commonly found in Wales. The word corgi means a dwarf dog that stands for this breed’s physical appearance. Here is a list of some cool names for a corgi.

Afon (Welsh origin) means 'a river in Wales'. An interesting name for a female dog.

Aiden (Welsh origin) means 'fire'. This dog has an energetic aura and can play all day

Alfie (Welsh origin) means 'wise'. It is suitable for a clever dog that knows how to play it wisely.

Bethan (Welsh origin) means 'Elizabeth' in Celtic. This dog knows how to rule everyone.

Brennan (Welsh origin) means 'the grey king of Welsh'.

Conor (Welsh origin) means 'strong-willed'.

Dew (Welsh origin) means 'loyal'. She is called a perfect Corgi because of her behavior.

Elen (Welsh origin) means 'a saint'. So this name is perfect for the cute little notorious dog.

Fiona (Welsh origin) means 'fair'. It is a perfect name for a white-furred dog.

Gareth (Welsh origin) means 'gentle'.

Gavin (Welsh origin) means 'popular'. This dog is famous in his neighborhood.

Glenda (Welsh origin) means 'clear and pure'.

Iona (Welsh origin) means 'January'.

Jenna (Welsh origin) means 'white shadow'.

Jestin (Welsh origin) means 'righteous'.

Maegan (Welsh origin) means 'pearl'. This dog is a lover of new things.

Moira (Welsh origin) means 'fate'.

Myric (Welsh origin) means 'dark personality'.

Rhett (Welsh origin) means 'passionate'. It sounds like a great name idea.

Taffy (Welsh origin) means 'friend'. This dog will listen to all of your secrets.

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