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Originally Published on Jun 01, 2022
Fact-checked by Sonali Rawat
Popular 'Legend of Zelda' names are Sidon, Fairy Faron, Sheik, Saria, Groose Agitha, Beedle, Hylia, Tingle, Malon, and Tetra.
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You're strong, you're powerful.

There is a 'Z' in you for zeal, and your zest for life is insane. You're a warrior fighting in darkness and an incredible legend, thriving for success.

You are the light, you're the wisdom. You are the Zelda in the realms of reality. But to the pondering souls, who do not know about the legendary character of Zelda, it would not be an understatement to call them Luddites of Gen Z.

The 'Legend of Zelda' is a high-fantasy, action-adventure, RPG video game designed by Japanese designers and further developed and published by Nintendo. It is a journey to the kingdom of Hyrule and discovering the secrets of powerful Triforce while battling evils and emerging victorious.

In the 'Legend of Zelda' series, according to the ancient tales, the world was created by three goddesses, namely Din, Nayru, and Farore. Therefore, to protect the world they had left, they created a Triforce-a magical object consisting of three golden triangles that grant a wish to those who possess the three virtues of goodness; power, courage, and wisdom.

Otherwise, the Triforce will split into three pieces, and its true power could no longer be accessible.

All games and characters in the 'Legend of Zelda' tells a crucial part of the history of the Hyrule. Explore 'Legend of Zelda' funny names and Zelda girl names to pick the best one.

Zelda Wifi Names

Bored of those old, greasy names for your wifi and need some gamer’s magic to make anything, but boring? Here are some fun Zelda Wi-Fi names inspired by the game and characters! You'll love them whether you like playing the game or not.

Hyrule Old Man Loading will solve the loading problem of your wifi as the Hyrule is the name of the kingdom.

Wis a wise name that one can give to their wifi asKaepora is the name of a wizened old owl.

Dark Twifi PrincessZelda is the best name for your wifi princess.

Linksys Ocarina of Time is the best wifi name to boast among your gamers society enchanted by the Ocarina of Time.

Sheikah Tower is yet another cool name for the wifi asSheikahis the ancient clan ninja-warriors that have sworn to protect the Royal Family of Hyrule.

The Great Deko is a quirky name for your wifi.Dekuis the race of a plant-like creature that can vary its size and temperature.

The Legends of Wifi is a mighty name for your router that is taken from ‘The Legend of Zelda’

Zora's wifi is a cool name for your router as it is kept on the nameZora; it is a town whose princess is Ruto.

Funny Zelda Names

Here are some quirky names that can make you roll on the floor and laugh. Let's check them out.

Beedle (British Origin), appearing in Phantom Hourglass, is groovy as hell and clones himself relentlessly.

Crazy Tracy (British Origin), appearing in Captain Rainbow, is crazy and has a crazier manager. She is riotous.

Falbi (Italian Origin), appearing in Twilight Princess, is a sight to see in his orange polka-dots, parachute pants, frilly green top, and a ghostly appearance. He is straight-up comical.

Guru-Guru (Sanskrit Origin), appearing in ‘Ocarina of Time’, is a music-box guy from ocarina and plays the same song forever, ever, and ever.

Maggie (English Origin), appearing in Wind Waker, is an ugly duckling who falls in love with a darn Moblin, Moe. She is a thousand times weird.

Salvatore (Italian Origin), appearing in Wind Waker, is a struggling painter who always has crazy mini-games up his sleeves to gain quick cash.

Tingle (English Origin), appearing in Wind Waker, is a poster boy for weirdness in Hyrule. He is strange, funny, and has questionable hobbies.

Zelda Dog Names

Your dog is upset for you to have been using the same years old name of Tommy for him, give it some rest please and look out for these great names for your zesty dogs.

Biggoron (Hylian Origin) is the clever and skilled blacksmith of Death Mountain in Ocarina of Time.

Dampe (German Origin) is the grave keeper from the Ocarina of Time.

Daphnes (Greek Origin) is the King of the Red Lions in Wind Waker.

Daruk (Indian Origin) is the pilot of Vah Rudania and the Goron Champion from the Breath of the Wild.

Ezlo (Hylian Origin) is an iconic cap that serves as a companion of Link in The Minish Cap.

Kass (Jewish Origin) is a traveling Rito bard in Breath of the Wild.

Mikau (Hylian Origin) is the lead guitarist of the Indigo-Go's in Majora's Mask.

Ravio (Italian Origin) is a mysterious merchant from A Link Between Worlds.

Revali (Japanese Origin) is the pilot of Vah Medoh and the Rito champion from Breath of the World.

Sidon (Greek Origin) is the Zora Prince and the brother of Milpha from Breath of the Wild.

Vaati (Afro Origin) is the ever-green villain in the game. He is a despicable and irritating character.

Viscen (British Origin) is the commander of the Clock Town Soldiers Majora's Mask.

Yunobo (Hylian Origin) is the descendant of Daruk and the Goron youth from Breath of the Wild.

'Legend of Zelda' series is a popular sign and symbol of the gaming arena.

Zelda Cat Names

Meow, meow, meow and your cat is in a frown, don't let her down And give her some good names to the crown.

Agatha (Greek Origin) is first seen in Twilight Princess.

Epona (Gaulish Origin) is a fictional horse in the series.

Faron (French Origin) is a province found in Breath of Wild.

Impa (Swedish Origin) is the most skilled warrior in the entire game. Impa is a member of the Sheikah Tribe.

Kotake (Japanese Origin) is a witch that creates Twinrova.

Malon (Polish Origin) is a recurring character in the game.

Medli (French Origin) is a young Rito with half-human and half-bird qualities. She is kind and sincere.

Midna (Japanese Origin) is the Princess of the Twilight Realm. Midna is mischievous and snippy.

Navi (Indian Origin) is a tiny fairy who protected Link in Kokiri Forest. Navi plays an important role in the story.

Nobooru (Japanese Origin) is the best example of action defining humans rather than their Origin.

Cool Zelda Names

Here are some amazing names that are hunt from the amazing series of Zelda and are as powerful as their characters in the game.

Aghanim (English Origin) is an imposter like Ganon and approaches the royal family under the disguise of a helpful force.

Agitha (Indian Origin) is a character that appears in Twilight Princess and calls herself the 'Princess of Bugs.'

Bellum (Latin Origin) is invincible and terrorizes the world to his wishful thinking.

Blizzrobe (Hylian Origin) is a monster in the game.

Chuchu (Portuguese Origin) is a blob-like enemy in the series.

Cia (Latin Origin) is the villain in the first half of Hyrule Warriors. One of the unique characters.

Ciela (Latin Origin) is the one who saves Link after he falls into the ocean.

Cole (Greek Origin) is a government official in the Kingdom of Hyrule.

Daltus (Irish Origin) is the King of Hyrule. One of the fun characters.

Demise (Latin Origin) is referred to as the father of Ganon and is the real villain of the game.

DethI (Hylian Origin) is a dreadful villain and host of Kholint Island.

Din (English Origin) is the goddess of power that created land.

Farore (Hylian Origin) is the goddess of courage that created life.

Fi (Latin Origin) is a female Sword Soul and is calculative. She is strong in her physical form and has an analytical brain.

Ganon (Irish Origin) is a manifestation of pure evil and looks like a boar. One of the fun characters for games.

Ganondorf (Irish Origin) is a wielder of the Triforce of Power and is invincible.

Ganondorf (Irish Origin) is known as the 'King of Thieves.' The king used the power of Triforce to become the beast, Ganon. He possesses the Triforce of Power on the Nintendo games.

Ghirahim (Sanskrit Origin) is the most entertaining villain of all time. He is a sadist prick that is a narcissist and a complete lunatic.

Goron (English Origin) is the race of mountain dwellers that is peaceful but powerful.

Great Deku Tree (Japanese Origin) is the race of a plant-like creature. Great Deku tree can vary its size and temperature in 'Legend of Zelda' games.

Groose (French Origin) is the bravest and the most skilled student of the Knight's Academy and sole rival of Link and bores a crush on Zelda.

Hilda (Norse Origin) is the Princess of Lorule. One of the popular characters.

Hylia (Greek Origin) is the goddess whose successor is Zelda.

Keese (German Origin) is a bat-like creature and a recurring enemy in the game.

Link (Dutch Origin) is the young hero of Hyrule and has the legendary Master Sword. He Carries the Triforce of Courage.

Majora (Latin Origin) is an enemy of Link that would have won if Link didn't use control of time at the end of the game.

Marin (Spanish Origin) is a singing maiden on the island of Koholint.

Mipha (Japanese Origin) is a cute Zora Princess. Mipha is chosen to be the pilot of Divine Beast. Mipha just sounds beautiful.

Nayru (Japanese Origin) is the goddess of wisdom that created order. Nayru plays a crucial role in the story.

Ocarina (Italian Origin) is from the Ocarina of Time, a game in the series.

Ruto (Nigerian Origin) is the princess of the Zora Tribe and has a self-centered approach towards life.

Saria (Hebrew Origin) is a friendly and thoughtful member of the Kokiri Tribe and is destined to awaken as the Sage of the Forest.

Sheikah (Japanese Origin) is the ancient clan ninja-warriors that have sworn to protect the Royal Family of Hyrule.

Tetra (Greek Origin) is a version of Princess Zelda from previous incarnations. She is a tomboy and unkempt.

Veran (Afro Origin) is the main enemy in the Oracle of Ages.

Yuga (Sanskrit Origin) is competent and decisive in manipulating Hilda into invading Hyrule.

Zant (Dutch Origin) is a dangerous villain and single-handedly takes over Hyrule.

Zelda (Yiddish Origin) is wise beyond her years and is the royal Princes of Hyrule. She carries the Triforce of Wisdom. Her real name is Zelda Hyrule.

Zora (Slavic Origin) is a town whose princess is Ruto.

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