65 Zesty Zebra Names That You Haven't Heard Before

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Originally Published on May 26, 2022
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Wildlife lovers always look for some famous zebra names and funny zebra names.

Male zebra names and female zebra names are extremely popular with people who like every zebra species with black and white stripes.

Zebra species can be divided into three species plains zebra, mountain zebra, and Grevy's zebra. This is the reason people across Africa always keep looking for good zebra names based on the character of the exotic animal species.

Some of the good zebra names could sound like Racer Mania, Bank Pen, Zebra Zigby, Clara Jane, Afro Bobby, Great Buddy, Big Mama, Zebra Man, Marty, Duchess Obi, Eliza, Madagascar Oreo, Bullet, Arthur, Nadine, Batman, Barbie, and several others. Read on for some good zebra names that are suitable for young pets.

Pattern Names For Zebras

Zebras are really social animals. A zebra kid is known as a foul. Zebras have a distinct pattern on their body (white and black stripes), and there are no visible distinctions between male and female zebras.

The zebra is known as a Punda, in Africa. The male zebra is also known as a stallion, is that a wonderful name? Below, we list some amazing pattern names for your cutie zebras.

Grevy, for zebras with narrow strips.

Mounty, this can be used to name your mountain zebra, who loves mountains, rocks, and dry habitats

Plainy, for zebras with relatively wide stripes, are the most common zebras that you get to see every day

Z Names For A Zebra

Zebras make really good pets, in this section, we have compiled some beautiful zebra names starting with ‘z’, hope you all enjoy the list below! 

Zach (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘god remembers’, this name is one of the most handsome names for a male zebra. This one-of-a-kind baby name evokes feelings of strength and power. It's ideal for a little guy.

Zachary (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘god remembers’, is one of the famous zebra names.

Zack (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘god remembers’, is a famous name right out of the movies.

Zafrina (Indian origin), meaning ‘flower’ is a beautiful name for a beautiful female zebra and has a great history.

Zahra (Arabic origin), is again a beautiful name for our lovely zebras out there.

Zaka(Greek origin),  meaning ‘intelligence’. This is one of the famous zebra names for a baby zebra.

Zamboni, meaning it is an exotic Italian name. This is one of the fun baby zebra names.

Zan (Greek origin), is a cute name for our cute zebras. It is one of the cute zebra names.

Zander (Greek origin), meaning ‘defender of people’ this name has a tenderness to its tone.

Zane (German origin) adds grace to the bearer. One of the well-known male zebra names.

Zanny (Italian origin), meaning ‘nourished’, is a fun name for a male zebra!

Zany (Middle French origin) this name means ‘gift from god’, this is the brightest name for our brightest zebra. One of the famous zebra names for mountain zebras.

Zap (English origin), meaning ‘imitative’, oh zap! Isn’t this the cutest of all baby zebra names!

Zapper (English origin), means 'something or someone that involves thunder and lightning' this is the coolest name of all.

Zara (Arabic origin), meaning 'radiance'. Oh, how poised the name sounds! One of the fun female zebra names.

Zazu (Hebrew origin), is also the name of the animated red-billed hornbill in Disney's 1984 film, Lion King, meaning ‘movement’.

Zeal (English origin), this name means ‘one who has great energy’ or ‘someone who is passionate’, hence one of the cute zebra names.

Zeb (Hebrew origin), this name means ‘the dweller of honor’, hence this is a beautiful name for our beautiful zebras. It is considered to be short forms of the names Zebadiah and Zebulon.

Zebedee (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘the gift of god’, is one of the coolest names, not everyone can pull it off. This is also quite a famous name amongst baby zebras!

Zed, the meaning of Zed, according to its English roots, is 'God is righteousness.' 'God's justice' is the Hebrew meaning of the name Zed. Zed is also an abbreviated form of Zedekiah's name. One of the funny zebra names.

Zee (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘wolf’. Why not consider Zee, if you're searching for something with the delightful simplicity of Dee or Ann? This is a gracious name for a graceful girl zebra!

Zeeko (English origin), meaning ‘You prefer to negotiate rather than fight. An idealist is one of a kind’. Gives you a poised, gracious, and reserved nature.

Zeke (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘god will strengthen), if you are an 'Attack On Titan' fan, then you’ll get the reference. It is one of the funny zebra names.

Zelda (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘strong woman’, is a fancy yet beautiful name and has a strong meaning. Perfect for your gorgeous baby zebra.

Zemo (Russian origin), meaning ‘variant’, is yet another rare find for domesticated pets.

Zen (Japanese origin), this name emphasizes the value of meditation and intuition, hence a great name for our favorite zebra.

Zena (Greek origin), meaning ‘born of zeus’ or guest. It is derived from the ancient Greek words 'znn' for 'consecrated to Zeus' and 'xenia' for 'hospitality.'

Zenny ‘Russian origin’, means ‘noble’. A great name for young pets called zebras.

Zeo (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘holy spirit’, is a beautiful name form for a domesticated pet.

Zigby (Indian origin), meaning ‘grace’ is a pretty famous name starting with the ‘z’. One of the cute zebra names.

Scary Names For Zebra

Zebras like grassland, forest, and savanna habitats. Male zebras are known as stallions, just like male horses, while female zebras are known as mares.

Some popular common name ideas could be Duchess Nadine, Obi, Arthur, Oreo, Barbie, and Eliza. Giving your zebra a special name is difficult. Here are some spooky names for your favorite zebra that you may use.

Bone (Norman origin), meaning ‘good’, is a very simple scary, and exotic name in the world.

Boo (English and French origin), the French word 'beautiful' is translated as 'admirer' or 'sweetheart' in English.

Boogey (English origin), meaning ‘devil’, is the perfect spooky zebra name you are looking for for your pet.

Broomstick (English origin), originates from the name of a thorny shrub.

Cauldron (Old French origin), meaning 'a maker of cauldrons'. A popular exotic zebra name in South Africa.

Darkey (Gaelic origin), meaning ‘dark’, is another perfect spooky name for a character.

Fang (Chinese origin), meaning 'square' or 'four-sided'. This is scary and a wild name for your lovely pet zebra.

Ghost (German origin), meaning ‘spirit, soul’, is the perfect scary name for your plains baby zebra.

Midnight (Old English origin), meaning ‘12 AM’, is a gender-neutral exotic zebra name for the mountain species.

Moon (Old English/Latin origin), this name shares its origin with the Latin word metri, and it is a great name for these fun characters.

Mummy (Latin origin), is referred to both an embalmed body and the bituminous embalming substance.

October (Latin origin), meaning ‘eight’, is the spookiest month of the year, hence a perfect scary name.

Pumpkin (Mexican origin), meaning ‘large melon’. A cute scary name for mountain zebra species.

Raven (English or Scottish origin), means ‘hard hair’, you can use this great spooky name as a nickname for your little dark-haired zebra.

Shadow (English origin), meaning ‘shade from the sun’, this name can be used to name both your cute baby boy and a girl zebra.

Spider (Old English origin), meaning ‘to draw, stretch, spin’, is a modern name for your favorite pet!

Spirit (English origin), meaning the soul or non-physical entity of a person.

Spook (Dutch origin), relating to, resembling, or implying spooks' is how the term 'spooky' is defined. A further examination of 'spook' reveals the meanings of 'ghost, specter'.

Trick (Middle English origin), metonymic nickname for a cunning or crafty person of the world.

Character of the zebra can give you ideas about naming the animal in an impressive manner.

African Zebra Names

Because zebras thrive in the wide grasslands and savannahs of southern and eastern Africa, it's only natural that we include some African names on our list. Below are some fantastic African zebra names. 

Abdu (Arabic origin), meaning ‘servant of the giver’. This is a very famous African name chosen by many pet owners.

Adana (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘Spanish feminine of Adam’, is a beautiful feminine name for your cute female zebra!

Alexandria (Ancient Greek origin), meaning ‘defender of mankind’, is a beautiful name for your pet zebra.

Ali (Arabic origin), meaning ‘excellent, champion’, is a name for all the champions out there.

Barika (Urdu origin), meaning ‘bloom or be successful’, is a beautiful name for your female zebra, isn’t it?

Chika (Japanese origin), meaning ‘wisdom, intellect’, imparts a different kind of beauty to the bearer.

Dakarai (African origin), meaning ‘happiness’, this name corresponds to a happy lively soul.

Kenya (Japanese origin), is named after a mountain of the same name.

Madagascar (African origin), meaning ‘large island of Indian origin’.

Nairobi (Arabic origin), meaning ‘cool water’, this name is also given to a character from a famous Netflix show called ‘Money Heist’. Hence, a name worth choosing.

Nala (Arabic origin), meaning ‘stem, hollow reed’ is a beautiful uncommon African name.

Sahara, the meaning of Sahara, an Arabic name, is 'desert.' The name comes from the Arabic word 'sahra,' which means 'desert.' This term refers to the Sahara Desert, the world's biggest desert.

Zahara (Arabic origin), meaning ‘beautiful flower roses’.

Zanzabar (Arabic origin), when Persian navigators visited the region in the Middle Ages, they gave it its name.

Zuri (Swahili origin), meaning ‘beautiful and good’.

Unique Zebra Names

Lions, wild dogs, and hyenas are some natural predators of zebras. It is true that a good name has a favorable impact on one's personality, same as horses. This section is a list of some very unusual and lovely zebra names from which you may select for your beloved zebras!

Cloud (English origin), meaning ‘rock’, is a beautifully unique name for your favorite zebra.

Guard (Old English origin), meaning ‘protection’.

Jourdan Zebra (English origin), is a name best for Zebras.

Kensuke (Japanese origin), meaning ‘preserver of health’, or a helpful friend also a name for horses.

Lion (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘kingliness and grandeur and courage’, is a fierce name for all the zebras out there.

Marty (English origin), meaning ‘god of war’.

Oreo (French origin), meaning ‘gold’.

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