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Four girlfriends at a baby shower enjoying themselves while opening the gifts.
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A baby shower is a celebration for the Mum-to-be, the new baby and any partner or important person in the new Mum's life.

It is simply a time to party and an opportunity for close friends and family to celebrate properly with the mum-to-be. An important part of these baby showers is making sure the Mum-to-be does not get involved!

It is a time to celebrate these lovely Mums, so it is often a close friend that takes on the planning responsibility. It is a very exciting time for everyone, so making the baby shower perfect is such an enjoyable experience.

But every party planner has some teething problems, so Kidadl are here to help you plan a whole selection of shower games to make sure your celebration is that little bit different!

What Do You Do At A Baby Shower?

A modern, fun baby shower celebrates love, friendship and a new future. Games, gifts, fun and laughter are all a part of a baby shower and what you choose to do is a unique experience. Baby shower games are only one part of a whole celebration!

Everybody loves to see the adorable clothes and toys, so opening these with your closest friends and family can be really lovely. This should not go on for too long though, so just open a few of the presents and then save the rest for when everyone has gone home.

Food and drink is also a big part of the celebrations. You could serve some cocktails (and mocktails) and personalise them relating to the Mum-to-be: the more personalised it is, the more unique and memorable the experience!

What Are The Baby Shower Games You Can Play?

Have a look below at our baby shower games pack below for 15 different activities to try!

Top Tip: Make sure to check with Mum-to-be if she would like to play any games, or if there is anything she wants to avoid.

Ice, Ice Baby

Baby, it's cold outside!

What You Need:

An ice cube tray.

Small plastic babies (can be bought online).

How To Play:

The host puts a plastic baby in each cube on the tray and freezes them in water. On the day, one ice cube should be placed in every guest's drink and everyone must watch out for the ice cube melting.

When it has melted, the guest must shout "My water broke!" as loud as they can. Whoever does this first is the winner.

Who's That Baby

What a baby face!

Baby girl sat on the grass reaching forwards towards her mum.

What You Need:

Baby photos.

Large piece of card.


How To Play:

This is the classic game of guesswork! Before the shower, ask each guest to send an embarrassing baby photo. Print these off and stick each photo on a large piece of card. Number each one. The guests can then guess who the babies are, the person who guesses the most wins.

Nappy Relay

Ready, set...change!

This game requires teams. You will need each of these things per team.

What You Need:

Pack of newborn nappies.

Baby/small blanket.

Baby doll.

How To Play:

In teams, the first person must put a nappy on the doll and wrap it in a blanket. The second person then changes the nappy, puts a clean one on and wraps the baby in the blanket again ready to pass to the third player.

This continues until everyone in the team has had a go. Whoever does this first wins. (The least mess and the tidiest stations can get extra points!)

Make A Wish

Be the fairy godmother!

What You Need:



Pieces of ribbon.

A box.

How To Play:

This shower game is a less active game, making a nice keepsake for the Mum-to-be. Each guest gets a square of paper and a pen.

They will write one wish that they have for the new baby. The paper is then rolled up like a scroll and tied with a piece of ribbon. Each scroll is placed in a box and this is given to the expectant Mum.

Celebrity Mums

Famous people are just like you!

What You Need:

Names of celebrity mums written on stickers.

How To Play:

The host will stick a name tag either to a piece of clothing or to your forehead! Each guest will take a turn to guess which celebrity mum they are by asking 20 questions or by acting things out in a charades type game.

If they haven't guessed after five minutes, time is up! Everyone that guesses correctly is a winner.

It's All About Me!

Do you know Mum-to-be as well as you think?

Expectant mother with sticky notes with question marks written on them stuck on her baby bump.

What You Need:



How To Play:

For this shower game, the host will prepare a quiz all about the Mum-to-be. On a sheet of paper, everyone will answer as the quiz master reads the questions. Whoever gets the highest score is the winner. The Mum-to-be should play this game to see how many she gets right!

Pin The Bib On The Baby

Who can get it just right?

What You Need:

Large picture of the Mum-to-be as a baby.

Small doll's bib.

Drawing pins.

Small spot stickers.


How To Play:

This is your classic baby shower version of Pin The Tail On The Donkey. Hang the picture up at eye height and place a marker on the back in line with where the bib should go.

Each guest will use a drawing pin to attach the bib blindfolded, and when they are finished, the pinprick is flagged with a coloured spot (write their initials on the spot). Whoever was closest wins!

What's The Baby Called?

Hatchling, cub or calf....?

What You Need:

List of baby animals.

Pen and paper.

How To Play:

Ask your guests to write down the baby names of each animal that you say. Whichever guest guesses the most wins (you can add pictures as well if you like).

Hook A Baby Duck

Rubber ducks in a tub of soapy water.

Hook, line and tiny sinker!

What You Need:

A baby bath.

Small rubber ducks (with hooks).

Small fishing rods.

How To Play:

Each guest must hook as many ducks as possible in one minute. One duck will have a special marking underneath. Whoever hooks this duck the fastest will win. But, before they can get their prize, they have to answer a difficult quiz question about the Mum-to-be!

Bobbing For Dummies

Don't let the water throw you off!

What You Need:

Large buckets of water.

Lots of dummies.


How To Play:

In each bucket place five dummies. Each guest has two minutes to pick up as many dummies with their mouth as possible. Whoever gets them all in the time wins- but it will be messy!

Baby Cakes

Keep them sweet!

A cupcake in a blue cupcake case with blue sprinkles and a decoration saying 'It's a boy' on it.

What You Need:

A batch of pre-made fairy cakes.

Fairy cake icing and decorations.

How To Play:

For this baby shower game, every guest will decorate a baby cake. Everyone will decorate a cake and the guest of honour will pick her favourite - they will win a prize! Perhaps you could create a theme for this mini-competition, take inspiration from the Mum-to-be's favourite things.

Tinkle Time!

Can you make it?

What You Need:


Selection of coins.


How To Play:

A baby shower favourite! Place a balloon underneath your top to replicate a pregnant bump. Everyone lines up in a row facing the jars opposite. Put the coin between your knees and walk (or waddle!)

towards the jars. Once you reach the jars, the guests must 'tinkle' in the jar by dropping the coin from between their legs and getting it in. Whoever 'tinkles' first wins.

Bottoms Up, Baby!

Two babies lying on a blanket on the floor drinking from their milk bottles.

Drink It Quick For A Chance to Win

What You Need:

Baby bottles (for every guest).

A drink of your guests choice.

How To Play:

This baby shower game can be made suitable for both adults and children. Fill the baby bottles with a selection of drinks: cocktail, beer, apple juice or orange squash. It can be anything! Each guest starts drinking on the count of three, and whoever finishes their bottle first wins!

Don't Say Baby

Be sure to bite your tongue...

What You Need:

Safety Pins.

How To Play:

This is a good baby shower game to start with. When everyone arrives, give them a safety pin. Tell everyone that they are not allowed to say the word baby for the entire shower. If a guest hears someone say "baby", they take their pin. Collect as many pins as possible and you are the winner.

It's Fashion Darling!

Different colours of folded baby clothes laid out neatly in a circle.

Designer or disaster?

What You Need:

A babygrow for each guest.



Other decorative materials of your choice.

How To Play:

Stretch the white baby grow over a piece of cardboard, and give one to each guest. They can decorate and design with paints, pens, iron-on stickers. This will give the new baby an endless number of designer pyjamas!

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