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Originally Published on Jul 16, 2020
Girl who loves dinosaurs looking for best dinosaur gifts for kids

If you're looking to buy a gift for a dinosaur loving kid - look no further than this list of the best dinosaur gifts.

Whether you're after dinosaur books, toys, clothes or something more for children who are fascinated by dinosaurs, there's something out there to suit every child. From early dinosaur colouring books to more advanced dinosaur digs - we've found a great range of gifts for any dinosaur-loving kid.

When shopping for a dino-lover, consider the age and the individual interests of the lucky child who will be receiving your gift. There are prehistoric-inspired toys for young children who will enjoy pushing around a whimsical wheeled dinosaur, but your teenager may want something more high-tech or hands-on.

So, below we'll guide you through some great options for each age group!

Dinosaur Puns

0-2 Years

Cuddly Dinosaur: Babies and toddlers are guaranteed to fall in love with a beautiful little soft dinosaur toy. We love the navy dino from - the soft knit makes the perfect companion for bedtime, and the dinosaur's modern style looks great in the nursery too.

They also offer a personalisation service, which makes it the ideal keepsake gift for £25.

Cute Dinosaur Hat: JoJo Maman Bebe's adorable dinosaur hats are both practical and fun - protecting little heads from harmful UV rays whilst offering a bright and exciting display of dinosaurs.

At just £12, JoJo Maman have designed the perfect protective hat with built-in SPF 50+ protection and a long flap at the back to avoid sunburn on their necks.

Glow In The Dark Blanket: Young kids will love using a cuddly dino blanket to keep warm and snuggle up with as they watch their favourite dinosaur movies or read their favourite books at storytime.

Bollepo have some great ones which make for the perfect child’s security blanket, with glowing dinosaurs that give them something peaceful to look at in the dark.

Blankets also make for beautiful throws to have on display in the nursery. Bollepo's is £35.99.

a dinosaur is one of the best dinosaur gifts for kids and teens

3-5 Years

Dinosaur Onesie: Everyone loves a onesie. Argos offer a super cute, red fleecy dinosaur all-in-one which comes in a super soft and snug fabric - perfect for both relaxing and dress-up playing. At £14, it's the perfect gift for young ones.

Dinosaur Projector And Nightlight:Bright Minds' brilliant photo projector will project images up to one metre wide onto the walls and ceilings of a kid's bedroom, for just £12.99! It can shine 24 images of dinosaurs and also doubles up as a really cool nightlight - with a 15-minute auto-shutdown.

T-Rex Head Torch: Another gem from, dino-mad kids will love their T-Rex shaped head torch. It includes light and sound features that are sure to inspire kids. The torch has many uses - it could be for outdoor adventures or for bedtime reading, and it costs just £9.99.

Growing Dinosaur Garden: Kids can enjoy making and growing their very own dinosaur garden with a wheatgrass growing kit from Not On The High Street, for £15.95. Perfect for children aged from three years and up, it contains wooden shapes, paint and a paintbrush to decorate and assemble into a dinosaur garden scene.

Just add soil to the tin, then place the painted props into position and spread the wheatgrass seeds. Remember to water every day to ensure the seeds grow well.

Mum and son playing with the best dinosaur gifts for kids and teens

6-10 Years

Jigsaw Puzzle: Journey back to dinosaur times with a classic jigsaw puzzle. With Bright Minds' 150-piece option, you can learn the names of prehistoric creatures and plants using the puzzle's helpful key chart, then see how many of them you can spot in your completed dinosaur scene. This one £11 on

Wonders Of Learning:Bright Minds also offer a dinosaur discovery box - a brilliantly engaging and educational box of goodies. It includes a hardback reference book, a dinosaur sticker book, a dinosaur poster, an excavation kit and a wooden dinosaur model to build - all for £20.

Giant Colour-In Poster/Tablecloth: This super fun product by Eggnogg Ltd is packed full of colouring-in dinosaurs, with choices from Archaeopteryx and Triceratops to Tyrannosaurus and Velociraptor. Their colour-in tablecloths are a fun-filled craft activity for all ages and can be displayed proudly once they're finished - all for just £10 on

Inflatable Dinosaur Morph Suit: These amazing suits are suitable for kids of any age that are five foot and under. Perfect for dress-up parties or to surprise guests, this hilarious outfit is bound to be a hit. You can find these on Amazon for £34.99 including a built-in air pump!

Plastic dinosaur toy is one of the best dinosaur gifts

11-14 Years

Dinosaur Fairy Lights: Fairy lights are always a fun addition to a child's bedrooms who is wanting to redecorate! These ones from feature twelve brightly coloured dinosaurs with four different characters. Each figure is illuminated by an LED that can be put on a six-hour timer. All for £19.99!

Dinosaur Mechanical Kit: For practically-minded kids who love building, try 'The Source Wholesale 12 in 1 Solar Hydraulic Construction Kit' for just £18.99 on Amazon Prime. It’s a kit for building twelve different working robots. The robots take the form of animals and vehicles that are powered by solar energy and water hydraulics, meaning it's educational and recreational!

Dinosaur Monopoly: The classic game loved by every family, but now featuring dinosaurs. Monopoly isn't just a fun game for young teens but is also educational, as they will understand the value of saving, spending and investing - as well as negotiating.

At just £25 from Amazon, Dinosaur Monopoly is the same price as the original version just with a different spin for dinosaur-loving teens.

books are great dinosaur gifts for kids and teens

14+ Years

National Geographic Fossil Kit: For teens interested in history or palaeontology, try the 'Mega Fossil Dig Kit' by National Geographic which allows them to dig up real dinosaur fossils that are millions of years old!

Dig for dinosaurs, brachiopods, mosasaurs, ammonites and more! They will be using the real tools of the trade - chisel, brush and magnifying glass - to excavate incredible real fossils and, with help from the guide, learn how fossils are formed and how to identify each specimen as it’s discovered.

This is on Amazon for £19.99.

Dinosaur Candles: Gifts for teens can sometimes be hard to think of, but for those who love to spend time in their rooms try the vegan dinosaur candles from The Blackened Teeth, on Etsy for just £11. The T-Rex candles are handmade and available in various wax colours and scents.

Make sure your teens are responsible with their candles - the manufacturer has ensured that these are safe to burn but must be placed on a heat resistant surface before lighting.

Terrarium: Mini cacti and succulents seem to be the big thing with teens at the moment. So how about adding to their collections of little plants with an amazing build-your-own terrarium from House Of Moss on Etsy?

The cute habitat is the perfect addition to a teen's bedroom and the kit includes all you need to make and care for your own mini Jurassic World - at a fair price of just £24.

If you liked this article and are looking for some more dinosaur-related content, take a look at these dinosaur puns and jokes and our map of every dinosaur in Britain!

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