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Originally Published on Dec 10, 2021
Kids love using GoHenry, a prepaid debit card.
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Whether your kids spend all their money in one go or save every penny in a piggy bank, their spending habits are in place from an early age. Research suggests that kids' financial habits are already in motion by the age of seven, with some studies suggesting it’s as early as age five.

Unfortunately, learning how to be money-smart isn't something that's taught at school, and lots of adults are just winging it too.

Nowadays, there are tools and services out there that can educate and empower young people to make financially-responsible decisions and start nurturing healthy spending behaviours. One of these resources is a prepaid debit card like GoHenry.

As seen on TV, GoHenry is the UK's leading prepaid debit card and app for kids aged 6-18, used by more than 2 million customers.

GoHenry gives kids the tools to learn how to save, earn, give and spend responsibly, and to develop a healthy relationship with money that will continue long into adulthood.

And even better, through Kidadl you can get it for free for two months, or try it out for free for one month and get a free custom card along with it, which allows kids to choose the image that will be printed onto their prepaid debit card.

What Is The GoHenry Kids' Prepaid Debit Card?

GoHenry is a prepaid Visa debit card and app for kids aged 6+. Parents link the debit card to their bank account and have access to their child's account via their own version of the app.

They can send money and load cash onto the card, see the account balance at any moment, receive real-time notifications whenever a payment is made, and use the parent controls to set saving goals and spending limits.

Children learn how to budget and develop good money habits through using a simplified version of the app in line with these customisable parental controls. They can use it in the same way you'd use any other prepaid card, either contactless or with chip and PIN in person, or using the card details online.

If you have more than one child, you can create up to four sub-accounts through one main parent account, with each child receiving their own GoHenry card and child account. You can also add a co-parent so that there's another adult managing the account.

The Giftlinks feature makes it easy for grandparents and other family members to send money directly to your child’s GoHenry account on birthdays and holidays, which means you can skip the step of transferring it from your own account, or going to the bank to pay in a cheque.

Use GoHenry to learn all about money.

Who Is GoHenry For?

Kids who want to save up for a treat

Whether your child is saving up for a new craft kit, LEGO set, or video game, together you can set up savings goals so that they can work their way towards their goal.

You can regularly log into your own dashboard and track your child’s saving and spending progress. You receive instant notifications any time your child hits a savings goal or makes a payment.

If your child needs a bit of help to reach their goal, you can set spending limits or restrictions so they're not tempted to spend all their money in one go. Over time, as their money skills improve, you can adjust these limits and give them even more independence.

Kids who are learning the value of earning money

As your children grow older, they should learn the value of money by understanding the importance of earning and budgeting their own money rather than just being handed it.

You can choose the day of the week that your child receives their pocket money and this will be automatically transferred from your parent balance, which you can top up for free once per month.

You can also add a list of tasks that your child can be paid for, so if they have a big purchase in mind but don’t have enough money saved up yet, they can earn extra money by helping around the house.

Once these tasks have been marked complete, your child will receive their payment.

When they’re out and about, your child can withdraw cash from a cash machine, in line with any limits you have set on cash withdrawals.

There's also the option to split a bill, so if your older child is out with friends in a cafe and grab a hot chocolate together, they can settle the bill between them in the app.

Kids who want to know more about finance

Your child can learn new financial skills in an age-appropriate way using Money Missions on the GoHenry app.

GoHenry's Money Missions are a series of in-app interactive quizzes and videos that are developed with teachers and financial education experts to teach young people about finance in line with national financial education guidelines.

Your child can learn about interest, budgeting, spending responsibly, borrowing and credit, and even the basics of investing. The skills taught in Money Missions adjust to your child’s age and confidence over time, so you can be sure it’s appropriate.

With every Money Mission they complete, your child gains points and badges, which makes them feel accomplished and motivated to continue.

Try out GoHenry's Money Missions.

Kids who are learning about the importance of giving

Many children like the idea of helping others, and donating a little money is a great way for your child to help your community or the wider world.

GoHenry's giving feature makes it easy to set up a small, weekly donation to GoHenry's charity partner, the NSPCC. Just a few pence can make a big difference and help to teach your child about the importance of giving back.

What Are GoHenry's Safety Controls?

You can feel comfortable that GoHenry is safe for both you and your children to use.

- Parental controls mean you can adjust spending limits.

- You receive real-time spending notifications so can flag if anything is wrong and instantly freeze cards when needed.

- If your child loses their card, there's a reliable replacement service in place. You can order a replacement with the same design on the mobile app for free. Changing the card’s design will cost £4.99.

- Standard contactless payment limits are in place, but it's also protected by chip and PIN.

- If your child forgets their PIN, you can securely and easily recover it in the app.

- Your child can only spend as much money as they have in their account; there's no way to get into debt or an overdraft.

- GoHenry automatically blocks unsafe spending categories like alcohol or gambling sites.

- The GoHenry card does not work with 'buy now, pay later' systems, so you won't be hit with unexpected recurring payments.

- The app is accessible via fingerprint and facial recognition for extra security.

- Your child's money is safely protected.

- Your data is secured via bank-style encryption.

How Much Does GoHenry Cost?

Through Kidadl, you have the option to try out GoHenry for two months for free, or use it for one month and get a free custom card. After this, it costs £2.99 per month.



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The UK’s leading debit card for kids

GoHenry is the UK's leading prepaid debit card for kids, with an accompanying app that helps parents stay in control of their children's spending. The app allows parents to see every financial decision their children make, as well as providing a range of educational tools to teach them about money.

GoHenry has over 2 million users in the UK and continues to grow.

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