100+ Golden Girls Trivia Questions (And Answers): Bring Cheesecake And Dig In | Kidadl


100+ Golden Girls Trivia Questions (And Answers): Bring Cheesecake And Dig In

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Among the many things that were a landmark in 2020, it also marked the 35 years after the first 'Golden Girls' episode was aired on-screen.

The show revolved around the story of four girls who came from different parts of the country to live under one roof. They competed in various competitions and enjoyed life!

Even after 35 years, viewers still love Rose's peculiar but sweet nature, Blanche's fabulous ways, and the funny duo of Sophia and Dorothy. After the amazing responses for the 80's trivia and Andy Griffith Show trivia, we bring you 100+ 'Golden Girls' trivia questions. So girls, celebrate your girl gang with the 'Golden Girls' trivia games and answers.


Before diving into the world of 'Golden Girls' trivia challenge, let's start with a little warm-up trivia to get your gears up and running!

1. Question: What is the 'Golden Girls' about?

Answer: The show is about four women, Rose, Sophia, Dorothy, and Blanche, who live together and participate in various shows to show off their talents.

2. Question: What are the 'Golden Girls' names in real and on-screen life?

Answer: Betty White as Rose Nylund, Rue McClanahan as Blanche Devereaux, Bea Arthur as Dorothy, and Estelle Getty as Sophia.

3. Question: Which of the two Golden Girls were related?

Answer: Dorothy and Sophia (Sophia was Dorothy's mother).

4. Question: Dorothy's daughter Sophia married what kind of doctor?

Answer: Podiatrist

5. Question: Sophia called someone 'Stable Mable'. who was she?

Answer: Rose

6. Question: How many seasons of 'Golden Girls' were aired?

Answer: Seven seasons.

7.Question: In the first Season, Dorothy went out with Elliot Clayton. What was his profession?

Answer: Doctor

8.Question: Who was David?

Answer: Blanche's grandson.

9.Question: Dorothy grew up in which state?

Answer: New York.

10.Question: Which of the 'Golden Girls' did Dorthy refer to when she had said," You are a Yankee"?

Answer: Blanche.

11.Question: Whose house did all the 'Golden Girls' live in?

Answer: Blanche's house.

12.Question: When was 'Golden Girls' first aired on TV?

Answer: 14 September 1985

13.Question: What are the names of actresses who played Dorothy and Sophia?

Answer: Bea Arthur and Estelle Getty.

14.Question: the whole Golden girl's show was set in which place?

Answer: Miami.

15.Question: The girls are obsessed with one dessert. Which is it?

Answer: Cheesecake!

Golden Girls: Behind The Scenes Facts!

Retro TV receivers set from circa 60s, 70s and 80s.

'Golden Girls' was as amazing as the cast behind it. After our warm-up walk down memory lane, our memories are fresh with simple questions and answers like the 'Golden Girl' names and the 'Golden Girls' ages. Bea Arthur, Betty White, Estelle Getty, and Rue McClanahan showed amazing chemistry on-screen. Let's see how many Facts about the 'Golden Girls' you can get right through this lifetime 'Golden Girls' trivia.

16.Question: Bea Arthur played the role of Sophia, Dorothy's mother. In real life, however, Bea was actually younger than Estelle, the actress who played Dorothy. True or False?

Answer: True.

17.Question: Are the Golden Girls still alive?

Answer: Betty White, the actress who played Rose Nylund is the only one alive.

18.Question: How old were the Golden Girls in real life when the show was aired?

Answer: Betty White: 63 years old; Bea Arthur: 63 years old; Estelle Getty: 62 years old; and Rue McClanahan: 51 years old.

19.Question: Who was the oldest Golden Girl?

Answer: Betty White was the oldest.

20.Question: Why did Bea Arthur audition for the show?

Answer: She read that the character Dorothy was described as "Bea Arthur type".

21.Question: How did Estelle Getty win the role of Sophia?

Answer: As per the New York Times, she got the role after she came dressed up as a 'little old lady' for the show.

22.Question: How was Bea Arthur different from her character Dorothy?

Answer: She hated cheesecake in real life.

23.Question: Which of the Golden Girl actresses had terrible stage fright in front of a live audience?

Answer: Estelle Getty.

24.Question: What were the two spin-off shows of the original 'Golden Girls'?

Answer: 'The Empty Nest' and 'Golden Palace'

25.Question: What were Bea Arthur's initials as Blanche?

Answer: BED

26.Question: Which two cast members had already worked together before 'Golden Girls'?

Answer: Betty White and Rue McClanahan on the show 'Mama's Family'.

27.Question: Which two cast members didn't get along very well?

Answer: Betty White and Bea Arthur.

28. Question: What was the weird part about Bea's contract?

Answer: She hated shoes, So her contract also mentioned that she could walk barefoot on the set as long as she promised not to sue in case she ever got injured.

29. Question: Talking about strange contracts, our beloved Rue as Blanche also had something unique in her contract. What was it?

Answer: Her contract said that she could keep all the clothes she wore as Blanche on the show.

30. Question: Which one of the four primary members wasn't initially going to be a main cast member?

Answer: Dorothy's on-screen mother Sophie.

31. Question: Which one of the cast members wore clip-on earrings?

Answer: Bea Arthur.

32. Which cast member was very particular about the kind of jokes that were in her script?

Answer: Estelle.

33. Question: Which one of the cast members was listed as one of the first members of the United States Marine Corps Women's Reserve in 1943?

Answer: Bea.

34. Even though the set was in Miami, some of the outdoor shots were from different places. Where were they from?

Answer: Los Angeles and Florida

35. Question: Which one of the cast members had Thanatophobia (fear of death)?

Answer: Estelle.

Hardest 'Golden Girls' Trivia game

For all the 'Golden Girls' true fans, nothing is better than an actually challenging trivia about the show. You may have already gone through several 'Golden Girls' Trivia Board game, so, get on-board and test out your Gold Girls knowledge with the most difficult 'Golden Girls' Trivia.


36. Question: The kitchen table had only three chairs even though there were four main characters. Why was that?

Answer: It was done to avoid one person sitting with their back towards the camera.

37.Question: After her Stroke, Dorothy shifted Sophia to a retirement home named _____?

Answer: Shady Pines

38.Question: Rose is originally from which city?

Answer: St. Olaf.

39.Question: Why did Sophia move in with the other 'Golden Girls'?

Answer: She moved in after Shady Pines was damaged in a fire.

40.Question: In Season 1, when there was a robbery in the house, where did Blanche find her jewelry?

Answer: In the freezer.

41.Question: Who was Sophia's husband?

Answer: Sal.

42.Question: What was Rose's biological father's occupation?

Answer: Monk.

43.Question: In Season 5, Dorothy and Sophia went for the mother-daughter pageant in Shady Pines. who did they go as?

Answer: Cher and Sony Bono.

44.Question: Sophia has a special nickname for Dorothy. What was it?

Answer: Pussycat.

45.Question: Rose and Blanche first met at _____?

Answer: The supermarket after Blanche had advertised for the rooms.

46.Question: In season 6, Dorothy finds herself in a love triangle with Sony Bono and Lyle Waggoner. who did she choose in the end?

Answer: Sony Bono

47.Question: Name the actress who played Blanche.

Answer: Rue McClanahan

48.Question: How does Rose stay cheerful when she is sick?

Answer: Her secret hot drink recipe.

49.Question: Which of the Golden Girls became a murder suspect in "The case of libertine Belle"

Answer: Blanche

50.Question: What happened when Rose tried to look for a job?

Answer: She was discriminated against because of her age.

51.Question: The original pilot episode also had a butler that didn't make it to the series. True or False?

Answer: True.

52.Question: The cast consumed several cheesecakes during the show. Do you know how many?

Answer: More than 100.

53. Question: Who was the famous person to shop from Dorothy’s sister Gloria’s grocery store in California?

Answer: Bert Convy

54.Question: Dorothy often threatened her mother with this. What was it?

Answer: Shady Pine.

55. Question: The show ended when Dorothy married which of Blanche's relatives?

Answer: Her Uncle Lucas.

56. Question: Which comedy actor had played the role of the groom in the finale of the show?

Answer: Leslie Nielsen

57.Question: The spin-off show that started McClanahan, White, and Getty was named ______?

Answer: 'The Golden Palace'

58. Question: What was Harry Weston's profession on-screen?

Answer: Pediatrician

59. Question: On-screen, where was Rose originally from?

Answer: St. Olaf, Minnesota.

60. Question: Blanche's father had a unique nickname n the show. What was it?

Answer: 'Big Daddy'.

61. Question: In one of Dorothy's dream, she appeared on a very strange Jeopardy episode. Who were the other two contestants with her?

Answer: Charlie and Rose.

62. Question: Where was Sophia from?

Answer: Sicily.

63. Question: Dorothy and Blanche fought over which Piano bar?

Answer: 'The Rusty Anchor'.

64. Question: Dorothy's Childhood nickname was:

Answer: Moose

65. Question: What was the name of the butler who appeared in the pilot episode?

Answer: Coco

66. Question: Why did Rose lose the St. Olaf Butter Queen Pageant?

Answer: She was the victim of churn tampering.

67. Question: Dorothy and Blanche worked here at the same time.

Answer: The museum.

68.Question: Blanche had a gay brother. What was his name?

Answer: Clay.

69.Question: What was rose's boyfriend, Miles Webber's secret?

Answer: He was hiding from the mob.

70.Question: Sophia used this catchphrase.

Answer: "Picture it..."

71.Question: Dorothy was born in ____?

Answer: Brooklyn, New York.

72. Question: What was unusual about Dorothy's birth?

Answer: She was born on a pinocle table in a bar.

73.Question: Which 70's actress played Sophies' sister on the show?

Answer: Nancy Walker

74.Question: According to Rose, her biological father was _____?

Answer: Bob Hope.

75.Question: Who was Rose's real father?

Answer: A monk

76.Question: Dorothy's younger brother Phil was known for being a _____.

Answer: A cross-dressing welder.

77.Question: Blanche originally belonged to which city?

Answer: Atlanta, Georgia.

78.Question: What was the name of the neighbor who "dropped dead" in the episode, “It’s a Miserable Life”?

Answer: Mrs. Claxton.

79.Question: What was the name of Blanche's ex-husband?

Answer: George

80.Question: What was Dorothy addicted to?

Answer: Gambling

Questions From All The Seven Seasons

After successfully proving your love for the 'Golden Girls', it's time to take a relaxing jog down the memory and revisit some of the best moments from the show, through this fun quiz.

81. Question: Rose's sister lily was differently-abled. How?

Answer: She was blind.

82. Question: What was the name of the dog (St Bernard) that was frequently seen in the show?

Answer: Dryfus.

83. Question: One of Sophia's sister moved from Sicily to Miami. What was her name?

Answer: Angela.

84.Question: Miles was being chased after by a mob. What was the name of the Gangster?

Answer: The Cheese Man

85.Question: Dorothy wanted Sophia to give her these if she won the bowling match.

Answer: Earrings.

86.Question: Rose and Sophia made and sold sandwiches on the construction site. What kind of Sandwiches were they?

Answer: Bacon, lettuce, and potato sandwiches.

87.Question: What was rose's favorite restaurant?

Answer: The Dairy Queen.

89.Question: Apart from being a mental health counselor, Rose also worked as a ____.

Answer: News reporter.

90.Question: Blanche gave herself a nickname, what was it?

Answer: Water lily.

91.Question: What was the nickname that Blanche's mother gave her?

Answer: Peacock.

92.Question: What was the name of Big Daddy's fiance?

Answer: Margaret Spencer

93.Question: What did the girls do to get $1,000,000?

Answer: They took care of Rose's uncle's pig.

94.Question: Rose suffered from insomnia because of this.

Answer: Drinking tea.

95.Question: Why did Dorothy's friendship with Barbara Thorndyke end?

Answer: Dorothy realized about the snoopy nature of Barbara.

96.Question: Which television superhero did Rose date?

Answer: Mr. Terrific.

97.Question: What is Sophia's daily habit?

Answer: She buys a nectarine from the market every day.

98.Question: What is Rose addicted to?

Answer: Pills.

99.Question: When Dorothy's son Michael showed up at the house, what had happened to him?

Answer: He had been fired from his band.

100.Question: What was the competition at Shady Pine in which Dorothy and Sophia participated?

Answer: Mother-Daughter Beauty pageant.

101.Question: Which president was coming to Miami?

Answer: President George H. W. Bush.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 'Golden Girls' trivia questions then why not take a look at Seinfeld Trivia, or Grey's Anatomy Trivia.

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