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134 Home Alone Trivia Questions (And Answers): Can You Steal A Victory?

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The 'Home Alone' movie series is an all-time favorite holiday season movie for most.

It tells the story of Kevin, who is left home alone when his family go on vacation, and the elaborate traps he sets for the crooks who try to break into his home. Written and produced by John Hughes, the first three films gained huge success thanks to their ability to make not only children but also adults laugh.

This movie series has a whole franchise dedicated to it, which currently has five films and there's a rumor that the sixth movie in the series is in the works and may or may not release in 2021! If you are a child at heart or want to test your knowledge about the movie series because you think you know it all, then why not take this trivia quiz and see how well you do? From 'Home Alone' trivia on characters like Old Man Marley to trivia questions about the production of the film, there is something for everyone here. If you are a keen fan of the 'Home Alone' movie series, then this 'Home Alone' movie trivia quiz is a perfect fun pastime for you. How many of these 'Home Alone' quiz questions will you get right?

For more movie quiz questions for all of the family, check out our 90's movie trivia and The Grinch trivia that kids will love.

'Home Alone'(1990) Cast and Production Trivia

The first 'Home Alone' film was released in 1990, directed by Chris Columbus and written by John Hughes. Set in Illinois, the film gained a lot of popularity among viewers. They all were captivated by Macaulay Culkin's innocence, wit and charm as Kevin, and Pesci and Stern's painful yet fun journey throughout the movie. Did you know that this film airs on national television in Poland every Christmas? This shows just how popular it is around the world. There are so many fun 'Home Alone' trivia facts that you should know or might already know about. If you think you know it all, then this 'Home Alone' quiz is the perfect test for you!

1. Question: What van model do Harry and Marv use in the film?

Answer: 1986 Dodge Ram.

2. Question: When did the filming begin for the film 'Home Alone'?

Answer: 14 February 1990.

3. Question: Where was home alone filmed?

Answer: Winnetka, Illinois.

4. Question: Which actor in the film improvised all his lines?

Answer: John Candy.

5. Question: How much was the McCallister house sold for after the film was released?

Answer: $1.585 million.

6. Question: Macaulay Culkin has a brother named Kieran, who plays which role in the film?

Answer: Fuller.

7. Question: Who and how old was Kevin’s stunt double?

Answer: Larry Nicholas, he was 30 when the movie was shot.

8. Question: Who plays the roles of Harry and Marv?

Answer: Harry is played by Joe Pesci, and Marv is played by Daniel Stern.

9. Question: What prop did Daniel Stern use during his barefoot scenes?

Answer: Rubber feet.

10. Question: Which actor used method acting with Macaulay Culkin to actually make him scared?

Answer: Joe Pesci.

11. Question: Who was the composer of the theme song?

Answer: John Williams.

12. Question: Which actor shot all his scenes in 23 hours?

Answer: John Candy, who played Gus Polinski.

13. Question: What was the first scene shot for the film?

Answer: The fake gangster movie 'Angels With Filthy Souls' that is part of the film.

14. Question: Little Nero pizza is a parody of what pizza outlet?

Answer: Little Caesar's Pizza.

'Home Alone' (1990) Plot Trivia

'Home Alone' has a lively and funny plotline. There is no doubt that the story is really interesting but what makes it so funny is the way the actors, especially Joe Pesci, David Stern and Macaulay Culkin, have put in their maximum efforts to make the film even more awesome. The film was owned by Warner Bros until Twentieth Fox Century took over the franchise, while also increasing the budget and employing film stars such as Catherine O'Hara and John Heard.

15. Question: At the beginning of the movie, whom does Harry impersonate?

Answer: A police officer.

16. Question: What do Harry and Marv call themselves as a team?

Answer: Wet Bandits.

17. Question: What is Kevin's cousin Fuller known to do in the night?

Answer: Wet the bed.

18. Question: The night before the McCallister family trip, they order pizza from what outlet?

Answer: Little Nero Pizza.

19. Question: Who was the neighbor to the McCallister family?

Answer: Old Man Marley.

20. Question: What did Buzz call Old Man Marley?

Answer: South Bend Shovel Slayer.

21. Question: How much did the Little Nero Pizza order cost on the day before leaving for the trip?

Answer: $122.50

22. Question: What precious item did Harry lose in the McCallister house?

Answer: His golden tooth.

23. Question: What instrument is Gus Polinski known to play in the polka van?

Answer: Clarinet.

24. Question: What thing is Kevin scared of in his basement?

Answer: The furnace.

25. Question: What does the first thing Kevin does after realizing he is home alone?

Answer: He jumps up and down on the bed while eating popcorn.

26. Question: Who is left behind at home in 'Home Alone'?

Answer: Kevin McCallister.

27. Question: What is Kevin’s favorite pizza topping?

Answer: Cheese.

28. Question: What does Harry refer to the McCallister's house as?

Answer: A silver tuna.

29. Question: What does Kevin run out with from the convenience store?

Answer: A toothbrush.

30. Question: What is written on the van that Marv and Harry use?

Answer: "Oh-kay Plumbing and Heating".

31. Question: What does Kate offer to the old lady and the old man at the airport to give up their seats so she could get back to her son Kevin?

Answer: A ring, a watch, a pocket translator and $500.

32. Question: What does Santa Claus give Kevin when he runs out of candy?

Answer: Tic Tacs.

33. Question: At the end of the film, with whom does Old Man Marley reunite?

Answer: His son.

34. Question: At what time did Marv and Harry decide to vandalize the McCallister’s house?

Answer: 9:00 pm.

35. Question: How old was Macaulay Culkin in the film?

Answer: Eight years old.

36. Question: What was Kevin eating when the Wet Bandits hit his house at 9:00 pm?

Answer: Macaroni and cheese.

37. Question: What do Harry and Marv introduce themselves as at the doorstep?

Answer: Santa and his elf.

38. Question: What insect does Kevin scare Marv with?

Answer: A tarantula.

39. Question: Who finds Harry’s gold tooth?

Answer: Kevin’s father.

'Home Alone 2: Lost In New York' Cast And Production Trivia

Home Alone 2: Lost In New York' is set in New York City.

'Home Alone 2: Lost In New York' is a 1992 American comedy film. It is a perfect sequel to the first 'Home Alone' film, which was released in 1990. These ‘Home Alone 2’ trivia questions are focused mainly on the original cast and the production facts. The film is a continuation of the first film with largely the same cast and characters. There are several cameo appearances to look out for in the movie. The basic theme of Kevin being left behind whilst his family vacation also remains the same in this second film.

40. Question: Who plays the role of the Pigeon Lady?

Answer: Brenda Fricker.

41. Question: What role did Chris Columbus's wife, Monica Devereux Columbus, play in the film?

Answer: The hotel operator with whom Kevin makes a reservation on the phone.

42. Question: What is the sequel of the movie ‘Angels With Filthy Souls' called in this ‘Home Alone 2' film?

Answer: 'Angels With Even Filthier Souls'.

43. Question: How much was Macaulay Culkin paid to star in the film?

Answer: $4.5 million.

44. Question: Where was the swimming pool scene shot?

Answer: The Four Seasons in Chicago, Illinois.

45. Question: What was Kevin’s final bill at The Plaza?

Answer: $967.

46. Question: Who created turtle doves for the film?

Answer: John Perry.

47. Question: Who made a cameo appearance at The Plaza hotel in 'Home Alone 2'?

Answer: Donald Trump.

48. Question: What cameo appearance did Chris Columbus make?

Answer: He played a man in the Toy Store with his real daughter.

49. Question: Where is Kevin’s uncle’s renovated house actually located?

Answer: Hollywood Backlot, Brownstone scene.

50. Question: The Duncan Toy Chest was named after whom?

Answer: The executive producer of the film, Duncan Henderson.

51. Question: Who played Mr. Duncan?

Answer: Eddie Bracken

52. Question: Gerry Bamman plays what character?

Answer: Uncle Frank

'Home Alone 2: Lost In New York' Plot Trivia

The plot for ‘Home Alone 2: Lost In New York’ is again focused around the theme of Christmas, where the family decides to go on a vacation to a place which Kevin is not very fond of as it is not Christmassy enough for him. Hence, this trivia can also be classed as 'Home Alone' Christmas trivia with Christmas being a major theme of the film. The film shows many different beautiful destinations in New York, and the plotline of the movie, simply put, is extremely fun.

53. Question: Where did the family decide to go for their Christmas break?

Answer: Florida.

54. Question: What did Buzz do to Kevin to make other people laugh?

Answer: He held electric candles behind Kevin’s ears.

55. Question: Who gave Kevin the turtle doves?

Answer: The owner of The Duncan Toy Chest store.

56. Question: Who is again left behind in the movie, 'Home Alone 2: Lost in New York'?

Answer: Kevin McCallister.

57. Question: What was the airline’s gate number for the flight that McCallisters boarded?

Answer: H17.

58. Question: A man of which nationality sits beside Kevin on the flight that he boards?

Answer: French.

59. Question: Where was the flight going which Kevin boarded?

Answer: New York City.

60. Question: What is the name of the motel at which the McCallister family is staying in Florida?

Answer: Villa de Dolphine.

61. Question: How did Harry and Marv get to New York City?

Answer: On a fish truck.

62. Question: What street was Kevin’s Uncle Rob’s house located on?

Answer: West 95th St.

63. Question: What did Harry and Marv decide to rob in this film?

Answer: A toy store.

64. Question: How many bricks did Kevin throw at Marv’s head?

Answer: Four.

65. Question: What name did Kevin give his plan to stop Harry and Marv?

Answer: Operation HO HO HO.

66. Question: At the end of the movie, where does Kevin reunite with his mom?

Answer: The Rockefeller Center.

67. Question: Where were the proceeds from Duncan’s Chest going to be donated to?

Answer: The children’s hospital.

68. Question: What did Kevin give to the bellhop instead of money?

Answer: A stick of gum.

69. Question: What bottle did Kevin buy at the Duncan Toy Store?

Answer: A bottle of Monster Soap.

70. Question: What do the turtle doves signify?

Answer: Eternal friendship.

71. Question: To whom did Kevin give the second turtle dove?

Answer: The Pigeon Lady.

72. Question: Kevin uses what to check in at The Plaza hotel?

Answer: Peter’s credit card.

73. Question: Who confronts Kevin about the stolen credit card?

Answer: The concierge.

'Home Alone 3' Cast And Production Trivia

'Home Alone 3' was the directorial debut of Raja Gosnell, who was the editor for the first two 'Home Alone' films. This was the first movie in the series to not feature any of the cast from the previous two films, nor the director or the composer John Williams. Here's a fun fact, this film grossed $79,082,515 worldwide. Instead of having the usual two burglars, the film this time had four, one of them being a woman, which was a first in the franchise. Although the film did well at the box office, it did not receive  such great reviews as the audience missed the original cast from the first two films.

74. Question: Who plays Alice Ribbons?

Answer: Rya Kihlstedt.

75. Question: Who plays Karen Pruitt?

Answer: Haviland Morris.

76. Question: Who played the role of Mrs. Hess in the film?

Answer: Marian Seldes.

77. Question: What role did Scarlett Johansson play?

Answer: Molly Pruitt, Alex’s sister.

78. Question: The film opens in what city?

Answer: Hong Kong.

79. Question: Where do the Pruitts live?

Answer: Washington Street.

80. Question: What convertible is Mrs. Hess shown driving?

Answer: A 1948 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz Convertible ASC.

81. Question: What car do the Pruitts have?

Answer: 1989 Ford Taurus L Wagon (DNS).

82. Question: What was the breed of dog that Alice was shown walking with?

Answer: A Leonberger.

83. Question: Where was the film originally filmed?

Answer: Chicago and Evanston, Illinois.

84. Question: Where was the airport scene shot?

Answer: O’Hare International Airport.

85. Question: When was the filming completed?

Answer: 22 March 1977.

'Home Alone 3' Plot Trivia

This 'Home Alone 3' trivia is somewhat separate from the first two 'Home Alone' movie trivia questions and answers as this particular plotline is not a continuation of the first two films. This film quiz will not have 'Home Alone' Macaulay Culkin trivia as he does not make an appearance in the film. This film has a completely new and different story, and the characters are not the McCallister family but the Pruitts. Since the film has no cast from prior films, the producers have tried to show a small connection by making Molly and Karen redheads just like Kate from the first two films. In spite of a new storyline, the concept of being alone at home remains the same.

86. Question: What made Alex sick that made him stay back home alone?

Answer: Chicken pox.

87. Question: What did Alex’s father, Jack Pruitt, forget to wear before leaving for his business trip?

Answer: His pants.

88. Question: What did the parrot use to say when someone offered him a biscuit as a bribe?

Answer: "Double or nothing".

89. Question: Whom did Alex keep calling about the vandalism of other houses?

Answer: The police.

90. Question: At what airport did the luggage mix up take place?

Answer: San Francisco International Airport.

91. Question: What commodity was exchanged with the toy car?

Answer: Sourdough bread.

92. Question: Who sees Alex hide in the closet?

Answer: Earl.

93. Question: When the thieves are in the house and Alex's mother calls, what lie does he tells?

Answer: That he is playing Chinese Checkers with Mrs. Hess.

94. Question: Where do the burglars hide the stolen computer chip?

Answer: In a toy car.

95. Question: The computer chip belonged to what force?

Answer: The US Air Force.

96. Question: Where did the cops find Beaupre?

Answer: In the igloo.

97. Question: How old is Alex Pruitt in the film?

Answer: Eight years old.

98. Question: Why did Mrs. Hess give Alex the remote controlled toy car?

Answer: To thank him for shoveling her driveway.

99. Question: How many failed attempts did Alex have while reporting the robberies to the police?

Answer: Two.

100. Question: How much is the microchip worth?

Answer: $10 million.

101. Question: What did Mrs. Hess lecture Alex for after he shoveled her driveway?

Answer: Scratching in public.

102. Question: Who ties up Mrs. Hess?

Answer: Alice Robbins.

103. Question: What animal is Alex’s pet?

Answer: A white rat.

104. Question: What is Alex’s pet's name?

Answer: Doris.

105. Question: What does Alex use to scare Beaupre at Mrs. Hess’s basement?

Answer: A toy bubble gun.

106. Question: What did the parrot do with the matchstick in the igloo?

Answer: It lit up the firecrackers and flew out.

'Home Alone 4: Taking Back The House' Trivia

This is the fourth Christmas family comedy film from the 'Home Alone' franchise, it first aired on ABC on 3 November 2002. This was also the first film in the 'Home Alone' franchise to not have a theatrical opening. The plot brings back several main characters from the first two films, but they are played by different actors. The specially made movie, though it was funny, did not hugely please its viewers and it sadly got many one out of five ratings. When the script was pitched to Stern for his characters, he turned it down and called it disrespectful. This film was also the director's last film before retirement. Despite the poor reviews, we still love the film as it is part of such as beloved franchise! How much do you know about it?

107. Question: Where does the film take place?

Answer: Chicago, Illinois.

108. Question: Where was the movie filmed?

Answer: Cape Town, South Africa.

109. Question: Who directed the film?

Answer: Rod Daniel.

110. Question: Who plays the role of Kevin McCallister in this film?

Answer: Michael Weinberg.

111. Question: What is Marv's wife's name?

Answer: Vera.

112. Question: Where do Marv and Vera meet?

Answer: In jail.

113. Question: What is the password to access the rotating bar?

Answer: "Open sesame".

114. Question: What advice does Kevin give to Prescott?

Answer: He tells him that life is too short.

115. Question: Who does Peter break up with?

Answer: Natalie.

116. Question: Who whacks Molly with a serving tray?

Answer: Prescott.

117. Question: Who is Molly to Marv?

Answer: His mother.

118. Question: Who does Kevin think is the actual mastermind?

Answer: Prescott.

119. Question: Who did Marv and Vera want to kidnap?

Answer: The Crown Prince.

120. Question: What card does Natalie give to Kevin?

Answer: A smart card.

121. Question: What do Marv and Vera disguise themselves as?

Answer: Caterers.

'Home Alone' is one of the most loved Christmas film franchises.

'Home Alone 5: The Holiday Heist' Trivia

'Home Alone: The Holiday Heist' is the fifth installment in the successful 'Home Alone' series. This was also made for television and did not get a theatrical release. It premiered on ABC Family on 25 November 2012. Just like the third film from the series, there is no connection with the McCallister's in this film which stars completely new characters and actors like Debi Mazar, Eddie Steeples and Christian Martyn. This movie, too, did not gain huge popularity and received some negative views from the viewers, but it still managed to make us laugh!

122. Question: How old is Finn Baxter in the film?

Answer: 10 years old.

123. Question: From where did the Baxter Family move?

Answer: California.

124. Question: Where did the Baxter Family move to?

Answer: Maine.

125. Question: What is Finn's older sister's name?

Answer: Alexis Baxter.

126. Question: What do the three thieves want to steal from the house?

Answer: A painting.

127. Question: What is the painting called?

Answer: The Widow.

128. Question: Who painted the painting?

Answer: Edvard Munch.

129. Question: Who gets locked in the secret room?

Answer: Alexis.

130. Question: Why does Finn go to the hardware store?

Answer: To buy tools.

131. Question: What does Finn buy from the hardware store?

Answer: A roll of string.

132. Question: How much is the family rewarded for catching the burglars?

Answer: $30,000

133. Question: What do Finn and his mother offer Simon?

Answer: A plane ticket.

134. Question: What does Finn receive on Christmas?

Answer: A snowboard and an expansion pack to his favorite video game.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 'Home Alone' trivia questions (and answers), then why not take a look at our Christmas Story trivia, or It's A Wonderful Life Trivia for more family quizzing fun?

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