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55+ Wedding Trivia Questions For Budding Romantics

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Read these Tokyo facts to learn all about the Japanese capital.

Weddings are celebrated all around the world.

There are various wedding day traditions followed in the world that have interesting meanings behind them. With this trivia about weddings, you can turn one of our favorite bridal traditions, the bridal shower, into a lively conversation and competition.

This trivia quiz includes various wedding trivia facts and wedding history facts. You can even make this fun wedding quiz more personal by adding some questions based on the bride and groom. Fun facts are certainly not in short supply in this trivia quiz! If you like this bridal trivia, you can also check out our Valentine's Day trivia questions and Birthday trivia too.

Wedding Facts And Traditions Around The World

Did you know that in the US alone, approximately 2.4 million weddings are held each year? Different countries and cultures have different wedding traditions, and these funny wedding trivia questions will help you travel the world with interesting facts about weddings. Get ready to taste the wedding cake of each country with these funny wedding trivia and fun wedding quiz questions. From questions about Queen Victoria and facts about wedding dresses to questions on how to wear an engagement ring, there is nothing easy about these wedding themed quiz questions.

How much do you know about weddings?

1.Question: What does the couple release during a traditional Filipino wedding ceremony?

Answer: Two doves.

2.Question: In a traditional Japanese wedding, you will find the bride and groom taking three sips of a beverage for good luck. Which drink is it?

Answer: Sake.

3.Question: The bride and groom have to display this ability during a traditional German wedding ceremony. What is it?

Answer: Their ability to saw a log in half.

4.Question: What does the groom give to his mother-in-law in a traditional Korean wedding?

Answer: A wild goose.

5.Question: A day before the wedding ceremony, the Scots take the bride and groom out to cover them in two things. What are they?

Answer: Treacle and feathers.

6.Question: After their wedding, when the couple is leaving the village, what does the father of the bride do at a traditional wedding in Kenya?

Answer: Spits on her head and chest.

7.Question: In a traditional Mexican wedding, the bride can be seen carrying two bouquets. For whom is the second one?

Answer: The Virgin Mary.

8.Question: The parents of the couple carry a good luck gift to the couple's home in a traditional South African wedding. What gift is it?

Answer: Fire from their own fireplaces.

9.Question: In a traditional wedding in France, the young couple needs to eat leftovers out of what?

Answer: A toilet bowl.

10.Question: What do the guests need to hold in their hands during the old traditional Australian wedding ceremony?

Answer: Stones.

11.Question: In which country is the bride painted white from head to toe on the day of the wedding?

Answer: Japan.

12.Question: How long does a traditional Moroccan wedding last?

Answer: Between four and seven days.

13.Question: What is the color of happiness used in a traditional Chinese wedding?

Answer: Red.

14.Question: This country's wedding reception features a special cake called kransakaka. Which country is it?

Answer: Iceland.

15.Question: In which country would you play a traditional musical wedding march called Zaffa?

Answer: Egypt.

16.Question: What must the bride wear at a Russian wedding?

Answer: A veil.

17.Question: How many bands does a bride need to wear on her wedding day in Sweden?

Answer: Three.

18.Question: What accessories did Victorian brides in America wear with their wedding gowns?

Answer: Gloves.

19.Question: In which country do the friends of the bride plant a tree in her new home and decorate it with ribbons and painted eggshells?

Answer: Czech Republic.

20.Question: A girl marrying in Spain will likely choose which flower for her wedding day?

Answer: Orange blossom.

21.Question: In which country did the tradition of a bride wearing a white gown on the wedding day began?

Answer: France. Though Queen Victoria was the one to make it mainstream.

22.Question: In which country do people wear their wedding rings on their right hand?

Answer: Chile.

23.Question: In Bermuda, what is placed at the top of the cake?

Answer: A tiny sapling.

24.Question: In which country will you find the tradition of a Priest blessing a plate of coins during the wedding ceremony to give to the groom?

Answer: Puerto Rico.

25.Question: In which country does the mother escorts the groom and the father escorts the bride down the aisle?

Answer: Argentina.

26.Question: In which country is an arch of pine branches built at the front of the bride's family home before her wedding?

Answer: Denmark.

27.Question: On which Pacific island does the groom traditionally give a gift to the bride's father?

Answer: Fiji.

28.Question: The bride wears a crown or a wreath in Switzerland. What does it signify?

Answer: Maidenhood.

29.Question: Which country's brides used to wear a red or yellow veil to signify fire?

Answer: Greece.

30.Question: In which country will you hear the bride's ring be called a Claddagh ring?

Answer: Ireland.

31.Question: In which country is there traditionally a pinata hanging from the roof during the wedding?

Answer: Mexico.

32.Question: There is an old tradition in this country according to which the bride and groom sneak out of the reception without saying goodbye. Which country is it?

Answer: Venezuela.

Weddings are celebrated differently all over the world.

Marriage Traditions In America Trivia

Do you know these wedding dress facts and celebrity wedding trivia questions and answers? Try out these marriage trivia questions that cover many wedding traditions' meanings and lots of American wedding history, with all the classic big white wedding traditions explained. Let's see how good you are at these wedding fun facts and trivia about wedding traditions. Do you know all the wedding traditions  for the bride and groom to prevent bad luck ?

33.Question: Why does the bride throw her bouquet at an American wedding?

Answer: The woman who catches it is supposed to get married next.

34.Question: What is the reason behind the veil that brides use to cover their face?

Answer: So that the groom does not see the bride before the wedding.

35.Question: In an American wedding, the bride has to carry something old. Why is something old chosen?

Answer: So that the bride remains connected with her family and her past.

36.Question: Where do the brides wear their garter?

Answer: On their right leg, slightly above the knee.

37.Question: Why do brides stand on the left side of the groom, as per wedding traditions?

Answer: So that the groom can protect her with his right arm.

38.Question: Why is the diamond engagement ring or the wedding band traditionally placed on the third finger of the left hand?

Answer: The third finger represents the connection from the heart between the bride and groom.

39.Question: What does the rose represent in an American wedding?

Answer: Love.

40.Question: Why do some American couples freeze the top of their wedding cake?

Answer: It is considered that it will bring the couple wealth and children in the future.

41.Question: Which city in the USA is known as the marriage capital of the world?

Answer: Las Vegas, Nevada.

42.Question: What does the flower girl do at an American wedding?

Answer: She throws petals in front of the bride as she walks down the aisle.

43.Question: When did the tradition for celebrating a Bachelor's party on the eve of a wedding begin?

Answer: The tradition started from a military send-off.

44.Question: Can you name the pop star that got married in Las Vegas in 2004 to her high school sweetheart?

Answer: Britney Spears.

45.Question: Why does the groom throw the bride's garter to the crowd at an American wedding?

Answer: To keep the guests from tearing off parts of the bride's wedding dress.

46.Question: Is polygamy legal in the USA?

Answer: No.

Wedding Traditions Trivia And Anniversary Traditions Quiz Questions

How many funny wedding facts do you know? Everything about weddings is so special that it is celebrated by gifting a symbolic gift to your partner each year on your anniversary. These fun wedding couple trivia questions will lead you through all the wedding meanings and traditions that are years old. Let's see if you know these fun wedding facts and can ace these wedding tradition trivia and engagement party trivia questions.

47.Question: What is meant to be gifted on a 45th wedding anniversary?

Answer: A sapphire tie clip.

48.Question: When will you gift a new deck on the house?

Answer: On the 42nd anniversary.

49.Question: By which item is the ninth year is represented?

Answer: Pottery.

50.Question: Which year is represented by fruits and flowers?

Answer: Fourth.

51.Question: Musical instruments are the symbol for which year?

Answer: 24th year.

52.Question: Which year is represented by leather?

Answer: Third.

53.Question: Which gemstone represents the 32nd year of marriage?

Answer: Lapis Lazuli.

54.Question: What is the symbol for the 36th anniversary?

Answer: Bone China.

55.Question: When should you gift something made of wood to your partner?

Answer: Fifth anniversary.

56.Question: Which  year is represented by platinum?

Answer: 70th.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for wedding, bride and groom trivia then why not take a look at our Bride and Groom trivia, or Baby Shower trivia for more?

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