30+ Norse Quotes To Get You Ready For Battle

Norse pagan quotes are very wise.

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Norse was the language of the Vikings and the Scandinavians.

Many Old Norse mythology quotes, wisdom sayings, and Viking quotes come from Norse poems. There are many great sagas and poems which have many words and sayings that we can all learn from.

So, without further delay, let us take a look at some Old Norse quotes and Norse Viking quotes that can be read by you and the others at any time of the day!

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Norse Wisdom Quotes From 'Hávamál'

'Hávamál Or Sayings Of The High One' is a poem where Odin, the Norse God, talks about the ways a Viking warrior or a simple Viking should live their life. The latter part of the poem's title 'Sayings Of The High One' refers to Odin whose wisdom sayings make up the entirety of the poem. From these 'Havamal' quotes, we can learn a lot about Old Norse ideas about honor and wisdom. So why not read these words of wisdom from 'Hávamál' to learn more?

1. "The foolish man thinks he will live forever if he keeps away from fighting; but old age won’t grant him a truce, even if the spears do."

- 'Hávamál'.

2. "Cattle die, kinsmen die,

the self must also die;

I know one thing which never dies:

the reputation of each dead man."

- 'Hávamál'.

3. "About his intelligence no man should be boastful, rather cautious of mind; when a wise and silent man comes to a homestead blame seldom befalls the wary; for no more dependable friend can a man every get than a store of common sense."

- 'Hávamál'.

4. "Don't mess with ale if you are weak. A clear head is good company. Drink is a dangerous friend."

- 'Hávamál'.

5. "One's home is best, though hut it be: there a man is master and lord; Though but two goats thine and a thatched roof, 'tis far better than beg."

- 'Hávamál'.

6. "A guest must depart again on his way, nor stay in the same place ever; if he bide too long on another's bench the loved one soon becomes loathed."

- 'Hávamál'.

7. "Where you recognize evil, speak out against it, and give no truces to your enemies."

- 'Hávamál'.

8. "Even three words of quarrelling you shouldn't have with an inferior."

- 'Hávamál'.

9. "Never walk

Away from home

Ahead of your axe and sword.

You can't feel a battle

In your bones

Or foresee a fight!"

- 'Hávamál'.

10. "Wake early if you want another man's life or land.

No lamb for the lazy wolf.

No battle's won in bed."

- 'Hávamál'.

The Best Norse Quotes

Norse quotes can guide us a we live our lives.

Here are some of the best quotes from the Norse language that have been translated into English. Many of these quotes are from epic poems and books like the 'Poetic Edda'. Other quotes here have been taken from the numerous great sagas that have been written in the Norse language.

11. "Easily to be known is,

by those who to Odin come,

the mansion by its aspect. Its roof with spears is laid,

its hall with shields is decked,

with corslets are its benches strewed."

- 'Grímnismál,' 'Poetic Edda'.

12. "Praise day at even, a wife when dead, a weapon when tried, a maid when married, ice when 'tis crossed, and ale when 'tis drunk."

- Norse proverb.

13. "There’s no excusing the man who rejects the truth once it’s proven."

- 'Fóstbrœðra Saga'.

14. "A sword age, a wind age, a wolf age. No longer is there mercy among men."

- 'The Prose Edda'.

15. "Wise men hold it that distance is the cure of rage."

- 'Heitharvega'.

16. "All a people need in order to rise up against tyranny is a leader bold enough to take up the banner."

- 'The Saga Of Harald Hardrade'.

17. "A foolish man,

who among people comes,

had best be silent;

for no one knows

that he knows nothing,

unless he talks too much.

He who previously knew nothing

will still know nothing

talk he ever so much."

- Viking proverb.

18. "When a real battle starts, you'll always find that there is no bravest man."

- 'The Poetic Edda'.

19. "Old love does not corrode."

- Old Norse proverb.

20. "There are plenty of affairs full of danger to start with, that bring good luck in the end."

- 'The Story Of Herraud And Bosa'.

21. "There is no bad weather, only bad clothing."

- Old Norse proverb.

22. "Wisdom is welcome wherever it comes from."

- 'Bandamanna Saga'.

23. "A burnt child keeps away from fire."

- Old Norse proverb.

24. "Do not weep, mother. If we are killed, it will be said of you that you had good sons."

- 'Grettis Saga'.

25. "You will reach your destination even though you travel slowly."

- Old Norse proverb.

Famous Norse Battle Quotes About War

Here are some famous Norse quotes about war, Norse quotes about death, and Norse Valkyrie quotes.

26. "Fear not death for the hour of your doom is set and none may escape it."

- 'Volsunga Saga'.

27. "'What kind of a dream is it,' said Odin,

'in which just before daybreak,

I thought I cleared Valhalla,

for coming of slain men?

I waked the Einherjar,

bade valkyries rise up,

to strew the bench,

and scour the beakers,

wine to carry,

as for a king's coming,

here to me I expect

heroes' coming from the world,

certain great ones,

so glad is my heart.'"

- 'Fagrskinna', 'Prose Edda'.

28. "Trust not him whose father, brother or other kin you have slain no matter how young he be, for often grows the wolf in the child."

- 'Volsunga Saga'.

29. "Eagles should show their claws, though dying."

- 'The Saga Of Olaf Haraldsson'.

30. "The brave man well shall fight and win, though dull his blade may be."

- 'Fafnismal'.

Norse Love Quotes

Many Norse sayings give us advice.

Even though the Vikings were known to be warriors, there are many love quotes from the Norse language too.

31. "The more folk stand in the way of two hearts that yearn for each other, the hotter the flame of love waxes."

- 'The Story Of Viglund The Fair'.

32. "Good to love good things when all goes according to thy heart’s desire."

- 'Volsunga Saga'.

33. "Never a whit should one blame another for a folly which many befalls; the might of love makes sons of men into fools who once were wise."

- 'Hávamál'.

34. "Eyes cannot hide a woman’s love for a man."

- 'The Saga Of Gunnlaugur The Worm-Tongue'.

35. "The one you trust most can disappoint you most."

- 'Fljotsdale Saga'.

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