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Collector Car Appreciation Day

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Where is Collector Car Appreciation Day celebrated?

The day is celebrated in America to showcase collector cars.

Who is Collector Car Appreciation Day celebrated by?

People of all ages and social classes participate in car shows, car cruises, and other aspects ranging from music to movies that feature the impact of cars on American culture.

When did Collector Car Appreciation Day first start?

Collector car appreciation day is celebrated in July each year by the American society. From 2009 onwards, July 9, 2010, marked the official celebration of classic cars by the co-chairs comprising the motorsports caucus and the CAP. The SAN (SEMA Action Network) aided the U.S. Senate in introducing resolutions to allow Collector Car Appreciation Day to be celebrated every year.

Who started Collector Car Appreciation Day?

 The SEMA Action Network (SAN) originally sponsored Collector Car Appreciation Day. As per the request of the SEMA, a senate resolution was passed by the Congressional Leaders who were strong advocates to the cause that helped to organize the launch of the day.

It is not worthwhile to spend money, effort, and time on badly burned cars since the cost of restoring vintage car models is high.

History And Timeline

The restoration of cars and their collection plays a vital role in American society. There are milestones in history that mark the growth of collecting cars and industries related to automotive restoration. The day aimed to spread the nation's appreciation of car collection as a hobby and to promote discussion on the benefits of owning vintage cars.


Ford Makes It Big

The Ford Model T paved the way for mass produced vehicles in history.


Sedans Hit The Market

Cheap Convertibles such as the Sedan and the Coupe were manufactured by Lewis Crosley.


Celebration With A Bang!

Classic car clubs were launched in America.


Recognition Of Vintage Cars

A Motorfest was held in Australia, giving vintage cars value.


Legal Support Was Assured

The SAN was formed to create laws to help car collectors.

Traditions And Customs

The annual celebration to raise awareness of the collection and automotive restoration of classic cars is called Collector Car Appreciation Day. On this day, hundreds of events are kicked off with a bang to celebrate the nation's appreciation of the automotive hobby. Adults and youngsters take part in the events scheduled to commemorate the day.

Ways To Celebrate Collector Car Appreciation Day 

You can participate in an online event or virtual celebration, an online gallery, a webinar to raise awareness, be the host of a safety-minded get-together, or attend an online meeting or club meeting.

Organize a holiday sale in a digital gallery, or at your business if you have one!

You can invite partnerships from nearby enthusiast groups.

Enjoy the July celebration by taking your special ride for spin.

Flaunt the photos of your collector car on social media.

 Facts And Stats

  • Car Appreciation Day was sponsored by the SEMA Action Network to encourage a passion for vintage cars, which are considered collector's items. The SAN is a partnership between enthusiasts, manufacturers of specialty auto parts, car clubs, and vehicle clubs.
  • The group aimed to raise awareness of the value of classic cars; July 9, 2010, marked the official celebration of Vintage cars brought to life.
  • The co-chairs comprising the Congressional Automotive Performance and Motorsports Caucus introduced a resolution on the SAN's request to recognize the day officially.

FAQs About Collector Car Appreciation Day

Are collector car prices dropping?

Prices for classic cars are steadily increasing. In 2020, however, there was a drop in value due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is considered a collector's vehicle?

Cars that have historical importance and are remodeled for consumer expectations are collectors' vehicles.

What makes a collector car valuable?

A collector car's condition and popularity makes it valuable.

Who originally directed Collector Car Appreciation Day?

The SEMA Action Network originally planned the day, while the co-chairs made it official.

Who encouraged the celebration of Collector Car Appreciation Day?

Congressional Leaders were strong advocates who encouraged the celebration.

How do families celebrate Collector Car Appreciation Day?

Families participate in car cruises and other entertainment like live music and movie showings.

What is the importance of celebrating Collector Car Appreciation Day?

This day promotes car collecting as a hobby, and helps people learn more about great inventions and the evolution of cars over time.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
July 09, 2020 Thursday
July 09, 2021 Friday
July 09, 2022 Saturday
July 09, 2023 Sunday
July 09, 2024 Tuesday

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