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International Peace Day

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Where is International Peace Day celebrated? 

International Day of Peace, or World Peace Day, is celebrated on September 21 every year globally to strengthen the principles of peace, by observing 24 hours of ceasefire and non-violence.

Who is International Peace Day celebrated by?

The motive behind celebrating the day is to recognize the efforts of those people who have and are continuing to work hard to end conflict and promote peace. Each year, a theme of peace is circulated worldwide. It is a day of celebration for everybody around the world.

When did International Peace Day first start?

In 1981, the first celebration of the international day was observed by the United Nations General Assembly for an equitable and sustainable world.

Who started International Peace Day?

In 1981, the third Tuesday of September was declared as International Peace Day by the United Nations General Assembly. Two decades later, in 2001, the General Assembly universally chose to dedicate September 21 as a day of global ceasefire and non-violence.

The Peace Bell was donated to the UN by the Japanese Government and was cast from coins donated by children.

History And Timeline

The intention of celebrating this international day was, and still is, to strengthen standards of peace globally and ensure security. Two decades after recognizing this international day, in 2001, the United Nations changed the date to September 21 every year and, from 2002, the date marks a day to discuss ways of promoting and maintaining peace among all members of the United Nations and 24 hours of worldwide non-violence and ceasefire for active combat groups.

989 and 1027 AD

First Recognized Peace Movements

The Peace of God (989 AD), and the Truce of God (1027 AD), were the first peace movements started from the desire to control violence by setting a limit to the amount of violence the nobility could practice.


An Award For Peace

In 1901, the first Nobel Peace Prize was announced to be awarded to those individuals who have worked to promote peace between countries, reduce the number of standing armies, and promoted peace through conferences and other means.


Yoko And Lennon Promote Peace

To propagate the message of global peace, Yoko Ono and John Lennon spent eight days in bed. During this period, the song 'Give Peace a Chance' was recorded.


International Day Of Peace

In 1981, the third Tuesday of September was declared as the International or World Peace Day by the United Nations General Assembly. This day coincided with the inaugural day of the General Assembly’s annual sessions.


Iceland Most Peaceful Nation

In 2008, the Global Peace Index recognized Iceland as the most peaceful nation in the world.

Traditions And Customs

You can observe the day by learning more about peace, by exploring information about International Peace Day on its website, and sharing information online using the hashtag #InternationalPeaceDay. International Peace Day celebrates harmony all over the world so you can foster order through education. There are many activities to disseminate the idea of peace and also other events organized by educational institutions on International Peace Day.

Peace must begin at home and you can teach your children about vital concepts related to promoting peace like dialogue, conflict-resolution, non-violence, and consensus-building. Lastly, why not invite friends as well as family to celebrate the day of peace with you.

Ways To Celebrate International Peace Day

There are several ways to celebrate this international day of peace, such as observing a global 'minute of silence'. In 1984, a national government organization (NGO) called Pathways To Peace initiated the 'Minute of Silence'. This silence is observed at noon in each time zone and creates a Peace Wave globally. Different countries, communities, individuals, as well as organizations, are invited to take part in this shared act of peace.

You can host a global peace feast by inviting friends, neighbors, and family together with a 'global' potluck, and encouraging them to share a unique dish from different cultures or countries. One of the most effective and oldest ways to bring peace into each other’s lives is considered to be breaking bread together. Moreover, intercultural and interfaith discussions could make the day even richer, to make your voice heard. Furthermore, organizations and individuals worldwide can host events and take part in activities based on a theme for the year.

Activities might vary from public concerts, ceremonies, and festivals to private events spreading the message of peace to a large number of audiences. In addition to these, educational institutes also arrange art exhibitions for students to discuss the celebration of shaping peace by various cultures and learn about wars in history. 

Facts And Stats

International Peace Day is dedicated to promoting worldwide harmony for building a peaceful world. 

One way of celebrating peace is to join students at the United Nations headquarters in New York to observe the international day. Many peace messengers, like Leonardo DiCaprio, join the event, on this day of international peace, to discuss issues such as climate impacts, cease fire, how a peaceful world produces jobs, and unites us against the common enemy of climate change.

The symbol that marks peace is an olive branch in the beak of a dove. The olive branch signifies ending a conflict.

On this day, peace vigils are also organized by humanity worldwide.

FAQs About International Peace Day

What was the theme of International Peace Day 2021?

The 2021 theme for the day was 'Recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world'. The day was dedicated to strengthening standards of peace, both among and within all countries and individuals.

When did the National Peace Council end?

The National Peace Council ended in 2000.

When was the National Peace Council created?

The National Peace Council was created in 1908.

When is World Peace Sign Day?

World Peace Sign Day is on April 30.

What are some advantages of National Peace Day?

This International day of peace was created by the UN to promote peace globally, make people aware of the significance of peace, and allow peace communities, NGOs, governments, and individuals to promote their work on a large scale. By establishing International Peace Day, the UN dedicated itself to global peace and motivated people to work together for this aim. Since its commencement, the day has marked global and personal development towards peace and grown to involve millions of people all over the world.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
September 21, 2020 Monday
September 21, 2021 Tuesday
September 21, 2022 Wednesday
September 21, 2023 Thursday
September 21, 2024 Saturday

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