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Liberace Day

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Where is Liberace Day celebrated?  

This day is celebrated in the USA.

Who is Liberace Day celebrated by?

This day is celebrated by all the music lovers who loved Liberace's legend.

When did Liberace Day first start?

This day was started on February 4 to pay tribute to Liberace's evergreen classical music and many of his other extravagant skills. But the year is unknown.

Who started Liberace Day?

The identities of the person who started this day are unknown.

Liberace, a child prodigy who played the pianos beautifully.

History And Timeline

 Valentino Liberace was born in Wisconsin on May 16, 1919. He has three siblings named George (a violinist), Angelina, and younger brother Rudolph Valentino Liberace. His father played French horn in cinemas and mini-bands, but his main occupation was a factory worker. Despite being a concert pianist before her marriage, his mother concluded that record players and music lessons were uneconomical for them.


Early Life Of Liberace

Liberace suffered from a speech impediment in his early days and faced taunts from neighborhood kids. He loved playing the piano as a child and later he performed on local radio, dancing classes, and cabarets. In 1934, he played jazz piano for a school group who were known as 'The Mixers.'


Early Career

He gained immense exposure by performing semi-classical with pop in nightclubs in big cities around the United States and became an entertainer and singer.


'The Liberace Show'

Liberace was enthusiastic about his appearance in television shows despite his disappointment after his early guest appearances in many shows. His first show on local Los Angeles television was a triumph.


Fame In Films

Liberace also appeared in many films like 'South Sea Sinner', 'Footlight Varieties', 'Merry Mirthquakes', 'Sincerely Yours', and 'When The Boys Meet The Girls.'



He passed away on February 4, 1987. He had emphysema and coronary artery disease.

Traditions And Customs

There are no particular traditions and customs followed on this day, but we can honor him and serve tribute by visiting his museum and listening to his albums. We can gather our friends, family and play his songs.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Liberace Day

This day can be celebrated by attending piano lessons, reminiscing his all-time classic albums, and enjoying some of his big-screen cinemas like 'South Sea Sinner' or 'The Loved One.'

Plan a visit to the Liberace Museum with a group of friends or with family. Exploring his various amusing collections could be another way to celebrate.

Joining dance classes and music lessons that Liberace grooved to is a good way to celebrate this day.

Facts And Stats

  • Liberace's unconventional thinking and hard work earned him great success and fame in his career. That is why this day is dedicated to him.
  • The entertainer always received immense recognition and positivity from the audience and his fans. He continues to survive in our hearts through Liberace day.
  • Liberace's great fame meant he became the highest-paid entertainer around the globe for almost two decades. Hence, Liberace Day is named after him.

FAQs About Liberace Day

When was Liberace popular?

He gained massive popularity after the syndicated television show. Later he released many recordings and sold over 40,000 albums by 1954.

What is the purpose of celebrating Liberace Day?

This day is celebrated to pay tribute to Mr. Showmanship for his legacy in stage performances, movies, and recordings.

What happened to Liberace?

The pianist tested HIV positive 18 months before his death by his physician in Las Vegas. He was hospitalized due to pneumonia and passed away on February 4, 1987, at 68.

Why was Liberace so popular?

The child prodigy possessed a great stage personality and transformed from a classical pianist to an entertainer, singer, record player, and actor that bought him excessive fame.

How much did Liberace make in his lifetime?

The singer at the time of his death (February 4, 1987) had a net worth of $18 million. That is equivalent to $42 million today after adjustments.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
February 04, 2020 Tuesday
February 04, 2021 Thursday
February 04, 2022 Friday
February 04, 2023 Saturday
February 04, 2024 Sunday

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