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National Adoption Day

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Where is National Adoption Day celebrated?

National Adoption Day is celebrated annually in the United States.

Who is National Adoption Day celebrated by?

The day is celebrated by families who have adopted children, by the adoption institute that made it possible, and by the children whose dreams came true.

When did National Adoption Day first start?

National Adoption Day was initiated in the year 2000.

Who started National Adoption Day?

The day was initiated by a coalition of partners such as the Children's Action Network, Alliance for Children's Rights, Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, and Freddie Mac Foundation.

There is nothing like the love of a family.

History And Timeline

Read about these notable events in the history of National Adoption Day and how it was initiated.


Adoption Law Reforms

A number of reforms were made in favor of adoptees. If adoptees wanted to search for their birth parents, they were now in support of doing so.


Start Of The Day

A number of organizations came together to make the founding of the day possible.


120 Jurisdictions

The awareness regarding foster care adoptions spread to community organizations and courts in over 120 jurisdictions by 2003.


300 Strong Events

In 2011, a milestone was accomplished when the total number of adoption day events organized reached 300!


Might Of 400 Cities

By 2014, adoption day events were seen across 400 cities in the US, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

Traditions And Customs

Foster care adoptions have always been considered a great help to children.  The foster care system in the country wholly supports law firms and families to finalize an adoption event, at least annually. The coalition of the Dave Thomas Foundation and the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute has helped many communities to adopt. Such National Adoption Day events have allowed thousands of children to connect with a family and celebrate life.

Awareness regarding the importance of adoptions has risen due to the widespread celebration of this day. A permanent home is a good place for a child. It is important that a child receives love and affection from their family, and also a good quality education. This can be tough to provide in a foster care facility.

Many have realized that facilities provided by the foster care system are lacking and that they are insufficient for the needs of children. A number of news channels showcase how this awareness has helped children in countless ways.


Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Adoption Day

You can visit a foster care home and donate basic supplies such as bread. Raising funds for such a purpose isn't a very difficult task in the internet era. Even a simple blog about your local foster care home can gain a lot of attention. Such efforts will also significantly help in spreading awareness regarding child adoption. Helping families adopt a child is what you can do through social media.

Facts And Stats

  • Over 75,000 children have been adopted to date thanks to the National Adoption Day events taking place annually in the USA.
  • During the 2015 National Adoption Day event alone, over 4,000 children were adopted from foster care by families.
  • National Adoption Day is celebrated on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. So this year, why don't you celebrate this day by volunteering at a local fundraising event or an adoption center. You'll end up achieving two goals: helping a family and a child and gaining knowledge about adoption procedures.

FAQs About National Adoption Day

What is the significance of National Adoption Day?

National Adoption Day has helped families adopt over 70,000 children. The adoption events held on this day have also increased awareness regarding proper parenting and mentoring.

How is National Adoption Day different from National Stepfamily Day?

National Adoption Day helps to celebrate the active adoptions in the country, whereas National Stepfamily Day is celebrated mainly by stepfamilies by going out on a picnic or doing something fun.

What is the history and origin of National Adoption Day?

The day was initiated in the year 2001 by a coalition of the Dave Thomas Foundation, Freddie Mac Foundation, and other entities.

How does this day affect people psychologically and emotionally?

Imagine what a child in foster care would feel like upon finding a permanent home and a family that loves them. Adoption gives immense joy to childless parents as well, who otherwise wouldn't have had a child of their own.

What is special about National Adoption Day?

National Adoption Day has played a pivotal role in spreading child adoption awareness.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
November 20, 2020 Friday
November 19, 2021 Friday
November 18, 2022 Friday
November 17, 2023 Friday
November 22, 2024 Friday

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