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Orange Chicken Day

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Where is Orange Chicken Day celebrated?  

 Orange Chicken Day is celebrated all across North America.

Who is Orange Chicken Day celebrated by?

Orange Chicken Day can be celebrated by anyone!

When did Orange Chicken Day first start?

Orange Chicken Day was first started on the 15th of June, 2017.

Who started Orange Chicken Day?

Orange Chicken Day was founded by National Orange Chicken Board.

History And Timeline

At its core, orange chicken is a sweet and sour chicken dish, which is a very popular cooking profile in China. Due to the nature of the dish, there are conflicting claims of who designed it. Even its historic influence from the mainland of China is varied, both culinarily and geographically. There is a brief timeline of these variations given below. 


An Unlikely Claim

Although this dish was first associated with a Hunan military statesman, Zuo Zongtang, it is unknown whether it is true because there are no records of it existing in the province at the time.


Second Possible Inventor 

Peng Chang Kuei, a Taiwanese chef with experience in Hunan cuisine, claimed to be the first to introduce this dish to the USA through Peng’s Restaurant, in New York City.


First Possible Inventor 

T. T. Wang, a Chinese immigrant from Hunan, argues that he invented this dish while working at Shun Lee Palaces in New York. 



On September 6, 2016, Orange Chicken Day was announced by National Orange Chicken Board to be celebrated all across North America.


First Celebration 

On June 15, 2017, the first-ever celebration of Orange Chicken Day took place around North America.  

Traditions And Customs

While there are no specific customs associated with this day, the most popular thing to do is grab your loved ones, go to one of your favorite Chinese restaurants, and order the dish of the day!

Use the day to delve deeper into the delicious cuisine and try something completely new, experiment with the spice level, order a dish you’ve never heard of, or try a completely foreign flavor combination!

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Orange Chicken Day

The easiest way to celebrate this day is to go out and grab some orange chicken takeout to eat.

You can even look up various recipes online and cook them yourself, roping in friends and family to help with the cooking. If you’ve already mastered this skill, you can broaden your horizons by experimenting with the flavors of China, including more dishes. Be sure to use the freshest produce and stick to traditional cooking methods, however, for the best results!

Facts And Stats

  • The chicken used in this dish is boneless, skinless chicken breast (sometimes thigh), which is fried deep golden and crispy before being tossed in the flavorful sauce. On this day share the recipe for orange chicken on social media.
  • This dish has various names; General Mao’s Chicken, General Gao’s Chicken, and General Tso’s Chicken. Read about the history of this dish on this day.
  • One possible Chinese origin of the dish might be ‘tangerine chicken,’ which used dried tangerine or orange peel, with certain ingredients swapped out to cater to American palettes. On this day teach your friends and family how to cook orange chicken.

FAQs About Orange Chicken Day

What is the significance of Orange Chicken Day?

It is a day to celebrate the mouth-watering sweet and sour orange chicken dish!

Is orange chicken actually Chinese?

It would be more appropriate to call this dish Chinese-American because it is an Americanised recipe that only borrows some elements from authentic Chinese cuisine.

How is Orange Chicken Day different from National Fried Chicken Day?

Although equally delicious and made with the same meat, these dishes are completely different. Therefore the two days celebrate two vastly differing foods.

What is the history and origin of Orange Chicken Day?

Orange Chicken Day was established in 2016 by the National Orange Chicken Board.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
June 15, 2020 Monday
June 15, 2021 Tuesday
June 15, 2022 Wednesday
June 15, 2023 Thursday
June 15, 2024 Saturday

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