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Avneet Bains

After graduating with a degree in Liberal Arts and Science from the University of Birmingham, Avneet has developed a passion for history and loves to spend time adventuring with family and friends. Her love for exploring new places began at a young age, and she has traveled to many far-off destinations, including her ancestral village in India and the Golden Temple in Amritsar. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music and reading.

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Happy family on holiday in Rome standing by the Trevi Fountain, little girl pointing to Roman architecture she learned about in school.

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Young girl playing an electric guitar.

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The Bayeux tapestry Depicting the Battle of Hastings to help kids

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Stone Keep Castles Archway

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Water and oil in glass.

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Europe countries on map

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Mini coopers for driving around London

Make your way around London in style as you and your family tour around the capital in a restored classic Mini Cooper with Small Car Big City.

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Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts and Science


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