Grab Tickets To The Showstoppers Kids Show In London

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Grab Tickets To The Showstoppers Kids Show In London
Age: 1-99
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Ideas from kids have always been special and imaginative and this kids' show takes these and turns them into beautiful musical adventures right from scratch and on the spot. The kids get to decide where the story comes from as they check out magical kingdoms with unknown characters and exciting storylines. It's not just the ideas and stories from the kids, they can even join the performers on stage. This is an improvised musical show that children of all ages can enjoy as The Showstopper, the Olivier Award-winning West End improvisers presents the show. Grown-ups beware, your stories and suggestions are not taken for the show. From the suggestions of the kids, improvised musical shows are made on the spot. Imagine stories from your kids involving a magic castle or a doll's house, or even an eerie graveyard. Bring your kids' ideas to life with The Showstopper Kids Show. Book The Showstopper Kids Show tickets today.

About The Showstoppers Kids Show

What is The Showstoppers Kids Show about?

Your kid's suggestions are taken and made into a beautiful musical only for the audience of the show. The West End improvisers, The Showstoppers are here to present this stunning show where musical adventures, comedy, and spontaneity comes alive.

London is ready, at the Underbelly Festival Cavendish Square: The Spiegeltent, to welcome you to a dream musical that will take the next step in your kid's imaginative lives. Watch as a magic castle, an eerie graveyard, or a doll's house come to life as the performers take ideas from the kids and turn them into stunning musical stories. Explore magical kingdoms as your kids decide where the story of the show is set, along with the characters and the climax. The stage is also set for the kids to join in and see their stories bloom before their eyes for the audience.

See how The Showstoppers create musicals right on the stage with comedy, spontaneity, and pure brilliance. Book tickets for The Showstopper Kids Show today.

What age is The Showstoppers Kids Show suitable for?

The show is suitable for ages six and above.

How long is the show?

The running time of the show is about an hour long.

Who is the team behind The Showstoppers Kids Show?

The Showstoppers presents this show for London. The creative team has not been announced yet for the Underbelly Festival.

Book The Showstoppers Kids Show tickets today and enjoy something fun and unusual with your family.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where is The Showstoppers Kids Show being performed?

The address is Underbelly Festival Cavendish Square: The Spiegeltent,Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road Coach Park, SE1 8XX, London.

How do I get to Cavendish Square?

Take the A4 in London to reach the destination in the quickest possible time.

The nearest tube station to the venue is Oxford Circus Underground.

The nearest train station to the venue is London Euston.

Where can I park near Cavendish Square?

There are parking spaces available near Cavendish Square.

Where are the toilet facilities at Cavendish Square?

The main toilet area is available on the site. An accessible toilet is located in the main area itself. A shallow ramp is present to access this toilet.

Is Cavendish Square accessible?

Ramped access is available all over the site. However, to access some areas on the ground, one might need help as the show is inside a park.

Where can I eat nearby?

Some popular recommendations in the area are Market Hall, Ponti's Italian Kitchen, Pret A Manger, and Les 110 de Taillevent.

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