11 Great Party Ideas For 7-Year-Old Boys

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Originally Published on Sep 14, 2022
Great party ideas for 7-year-old-boys

There's nothing more exciting for a 7-year-old than their birthday party.

Your little one is turning 7 years old, so naturally, you want to make your little one's birthday as special as you can. That's why we wanted to give you lots of fantastic ideas for inspiration, to help you plan the day.

There are lots of kid party ideas to choose from! You can prepare lots of fantastic games and food that is related to your chosen themes.

You can take inspiration from more than one to really tailor it to your own kids. Make it a day they will always remember with our fun birthday party ideas for kids parties below.

Superhero Birthday Party

We're living in a time where superheroes are hugely popular, so a superhero party might just be the perfect theme! On your invitations, ask your guests to think of their dream superpower and come in a costume that represents this. They could come as their favourite comic book character or make their own up completely!

Decoration: There are endless superhero party themed decorations to choose from on Amazon.com, so your guests will definitely feel immersed in the superhero day! Decorate the house with lots of Spider-man, Captain Marvel, Hulk and Wonder Woman props!

Snacks: There are also lots of superhero party food options to choose from. You can buy or make your own Spider-man cake,  Incredible Hulk green jelly, and Thor hammer cheese on sticks.

Games: For the party, make your kids some Captain America shields out of paper plates. Then, for a game your kids can throw these shields into a target. Whoever gets the most in the target wins a Captain America related prize. You could also have adaptations to popular games like Pinata using Thor's hammer.

Harry Potter Party Theme

To all the witch and wizard fans out there, this magical kids party theme might be the perfect match for you. We know the earlier films are better suited to 7-year-olds than the later ones; this is great news because they're also the films with the tastiest food and the most magical games!

Decoration: You can make your own Harry Potter themed crafts and use them for the party!

Snacks: Decorate a room like Hogwart's Great Hall and put out lots of favourites, like Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, Chocolate Frogs, Pumpkin Pasties, and Harry's Happy Birthday Cake From Hagrid.

Games: Use the sorting hat to put everyone into teams. Do a Harry Potter quiz, race on broomsticks, and run from the Basilisk (mum or dad) to earn points, just like the films and books.

Pirate Birthday Party

A pirate-themed birthday party is always a magical adventure. Start by asking all your guests to come dressed up as pirates!

Decoration: This theme is perfect for indoors or outdoors. If you have a pool you can get your friends to walk the plank!

Decorate parts of the house and garden as a magnificent pirate ship and some parts as a beautiful treasure island. You'll be surprised how much you have; you can use old Christmas decorations as treasure and old Halloween props as skull as pirate skeletons.

Snacks: For food, add pirate flags and treasure chests to make it pirate themed. Chocolate coins make yummy additions!

Games: The best and main activity of the day could be an elaborate treasure hunt for your 7-year-old and his friend. 7-year-olds love finding treasure; having clues throughout the day to help them find a big stash of party bags, gifts, and treats would be a perfect addition to the day.

Pokemon Birthday Party

Lots of 7-year-old boys and girls love Pokemon, so Pokemon party themes will definitely be loved by all.

Decoration: You can buy fantastic Pokemon party gear from eBay or in most party shops.

Snacks: You can make the iconic Pokeball out of Pizza, fruit salad, or even Babybels! You can also easily make Pokemon potions out of your favourite drinks, by creating labels and adding decorations to the spread.

Games: You can play pin the Pikachu tail and Pokemon trivia. Adding Pokemon gifts to classic games like pass the parcel is also a great way to impress the guests. Don't forget you could also play the classic Pokemon card game!

Video Game Birthday Party

Lots of seven-year-old boys and girls love to play video games. As it's their birthday, what better treat is there than to let your little one spend the whole day playing their favourite video games with their pals!

Decoration: This will depend on what your 7-year-old's favourite game is, but there are so many video game items to choose from on Amazon.com and eBay.

Snacks: You could have potions, Minecraft cake, Super Mario mushrooms, and Pac-Man cupcakes, to name a few.

Games: The best games to play are your child's favourite video games! Maybe introduce some of your favourite childhood classics too, like Pac-Man!

Favourite Animal Birthday Party

You could have a party completely dedicated to dogs, or ask all of your friends to come as their favourite animal. Whatever animal themed party you go for, there are lots of fun ideas for all animal-loving boys and girls.

Decoration: You can create some of your own animal crafts and use them to decorate your birthday parties.

Snacks: There are lots of animal-related snacks to choose from. Animals chocolate biscuits, Freddos and Pom-Bears are just a few. You can also make your own snacks by creating simple shapes like paw prints and cats faces.

Games: Creating your own animal masks is a fun party activity for your 7-year-old and his friends to enjoy together.

Water Themed Birthday Party

For all the swimmers and ocean-loving 7-year-olds, having a water-themed birthday party is a fantastic idea!

Decoration: Decorate with lots of water-related colours and objects. Make your some of own with this simple guide.

Snacks: Have seashell pasta, make dolphins out of bananas, make boats out of vegetables, and have lots of fresh water snacks like watermelon.

Games: For children's party games, you could have a water fight or play pool games. You could make a water-themed obstacle course and set up a water slide in the garden.

Musical Party

We all love music and it's a great addition to a cool party. But if your 7-year old really loves their tunes, you could even make music the main theme!

Decoration: Hang up posters of your 7-year-old's favourite songs, and musical birthday flags.

Snacks: You can lay out fish fingers and chips as musical piano keys, lay out vegetable sticks in the shape of a guitar, and make cupcakes with black musical notes on top.

Games: There are lots of fun musical party activities, including musical chairs, pass the parcel and musical statues. Your 7-year-old could create a band with their friends on the day and have a music competition.

With Garage Band or any similar free music software, your 7-year-old could create some of their own music with their voices, musical instruments, or pots and pans.

Sporty Birthday Theme

Whether your little one likes football, running or trampolining, make the most of the sunny weather and have an outdoor sporty birthday theme!

Decoration: Why not hang a football piñata or football shirt cut-outs of your kids' favourite players?

Snacks: There's so much you can do with food. Just take a circular shape and you can decorate cupcakes, sandwiches, mini pizzas with different sports balls. A football cake is always a winner.

Games: As this is a sporty party, it can't not have sporty games! Recreate a sports day, with lots of great prizes.

Arty Birthday

Lots of 7-year-olds love art so you could have an art-inspired party! Art birthday parties are definitely a growing trend for boys and girls, so grab a paintbrush and get creative with these party ideas.

Decoration: In true creative spirit, why not make the decorations a part of the arty party activities? Have the guests make bunting, decorate posters and hang signs to boost that creative energy!

Snacks: We love a paint palette of party snacks to hand out, a paintbrush cake and pencil-shaped chocolate fingers.

Games: This is where the paint materials are definitely needed. Have a picture drawing competition or who can draw the best portrait. Make sure you have party prizes for the winner!

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