12 Best Deals On Family Days Out In London This Winter

Avneet Bains
Dec 12, 2023 By Avneet Bains
Originally Published on Jan 17, 2020
Family out in winter in London

It may be getting colder outside but there are still plenty of places to go out and about with your little ones this winter. Check out our selection of the best deals London has to offer for you and the family, from fantastic theatre shows, to amazing exhibitions!

40% off Harry Potter London Experience

Calling all Potterheads! Bring your little witches and wizards along on a magical tour of London, following in the footsteps of Harry Potter and his friends.

Flying all over the city, you and the little ones can enjoy this incredible tour with fascinating facts about the film series and the chance to get sorted into your own Hogwarts house. With 40% off, this is a must!

Sleight of Hand on the Strand

Enjoy a magic show up close and personal with the whole family in one of London’s luxury hotels this winter! With a series of previously sold out shows, you’ll be mesmerised by the two astonishing magicians as they take you through the history of magic and perform the impossible in front of your very eyes.

48% off London African Drumming

Have a great time with your little drummers as you drum, sing, chant, dance and clap your way during this amazing African Drumming workshop.

Learn about the origins of the African music you play whilst you move to the rhythms of the traditional African djembe drum in this unique 2 hour class in Bethnal Green and get 48% off a family ticket.

50% off KidZania London

Too cold outside? Take your little ones aged 5 and above to experience the ultimate indoor adventure at KidZania and get 50% off a child ticket.

Your kids can explore their dream jobs in this indoor city. Whether it's enforcing the law or becoming a chocolatier for the day, your little ones will have a great time playing, while learning how to work, earn and save money - it's never too early to start!

Silent Disco Adventure in London

Music lovers will love this unique walking tour as you dance and sing your way through the heart of London! From golden oldies to the most current pop stars, the whole family is guaranteed a great time. With tickets starting at £10 it's a brilliant family activity.

ABBA Super Troupers: The Exhibition

Head over to Greenwich to witness the greatness of one of Sweden’s most famous pop groups at this brand new immersive experience with your little super troupers! Bringing to life the music journey of ABBA, from "Mamma Mia" to "Waterloo", this exhibition is a must see for all ABBA fans.

2-in-1 deal: Afternoon Tea at the Painted Hall

With this 2-in-1 combo deal you can indulge in afternoon tea and get entry to the UK's Sistine Chapel. Enjoy a tasty selection of cakes, scones and more with your little kings and queens at the stunning Old Royal Naval College.

A royal day out, after having your afternoon tea, take time to explore this 18th-century gem and learn about its illustrious past.

25% off Kia Oval Ground Tour

With 25% off your ticket, cricket fans will be bowled over by this great chance to see the Kia Oval, where famous cricketers play up and close! Both the young and old will be able to see some cracking memorabilia, finishing with a hot drink to warm you up this winter.

19% off London Time Tour

With 19% off, take your mini time travellers back in time as you travel around London with the wacky professor! See all of London’s most famous landmarks as you make your way through the city in the professor’s Routemaster bus.

12% off Body Worlds London

Discover the beauty beneath the skin at the Body Worlds London Museum Experience, an exhibition in the iconic London Pavilion located in the heart of Piccadilly. Taking a trip through the human mind and body, you and your family can begin to unravel the mysteries that lie beneath the skin - you're guaranteed a great time.

Kidadlers can grab 12% off a family ticket too!

Year 3 at Tate Britain

Take your kids to see Steve McQueen’s newest exhibition for free at the Tate Britain! Introduce them to art through these amazing photographs which emulate traditional school portraits capturing the future of Britain at a crucial time in their lives.

14% off Bonhomme at The Cockpit

Mini philosophers in the family will love this immersive, interactive show at The Cockpit, where you'll learn what it means to be human. Specifically created for children, it's the perfect half-term show for curious kids.

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