Book Tickets For Five Little Christmas Monkeys At The Park Theatre

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Originally Published on Nov 18, 2021
Book Tickets For Five Little Christmas Monkeys At The Park Theatre

The universally-liked song 'Five Little Monkeys' is brought to life by the makers of the blockbuster hit Dogs Don't Do Ballet, performed in the Little Angel Theatre. Engaging puppets through funky rapping, classic ballet, and dub reggae music will keep your children engaged throughout the course of the play.

The mischievous Little Monkey refuses to go to bed and the zookeeper, Sue, struggles to contain the monkey.

Award-winning artist and illustrator Frances Barry made the puppets, with music composed by Rex Horan. To experience this magnificent play, get your Five Little Christmas Monkeys Park Theatre tickets now.

About Five Little Christmas Monkeys

What is Five Little Christmas Monkeys about?

Embark on a journey with Sue, the zookeeper. She is tired and is struggling to get the Little Monkey to sleep.

As the mischievous Little Monkey refuses, Sue also discovers that there are numbers surrounding everyone. Suddenly, unexpected household items turn into none other than the doctor! Children will learn to love and enjoy counting the numbers and playing around during a musical riot in a monkey puppet zoo that will take their breath away.

Come visit Park Theatre London for a festive family performance of the show which encourages thinking about counting and numbers through lively humour and music. Get your Five Little Christmas Monkeys tickets now to witness bold and engaging puppets mixed with funky rap and classical music.

What age is Five Little Christmas Monkeys suitable for?

The show is suitable for children aged two to six. Babies-in-arms have free access to the Park Theatre London and do not need tickets.

How long is Five Little Christmas Monkeys?

The show's duration is 35 minutes.

What can I expect from Five Little Christmas Monkeys?

Expect music from funky rapping to classical ballet and dub reggae by bold, engaging puppets.

Experience the performance of a lifetime and get your Five Little Christmas Monkeys Park Theatre tickets before they run out.

Who is in the Five Little Christmas Monkeys cast?

Frances Barry is an illustrator and an award-winning artist who designed the puppets. The music is composed by Neil Cowley Trio's Rex Horan. The show is made by Andrea Sadler and David Duffy. An announcement on other cast members is yet to be made.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where is the Park Theatre?

The address of the venue is Park Theatre, London, N4 3JP.

How do I get to the Park Theatre?

Park Theatre London is easy to access as it is in the centre of the city. The shortest route will be to take A4200 and A503, or Liverpool Road.

The nearest Tube station to the venue is Finsbury Park Tube Station. It is just a four-minute walk from the theatre.

There are also numerous bus services such as 19, 253, 29, W3, and W7 that you can take in order to get to the destination.

Where can I park at the Park Theatre?

The parking is limited in the area with a maximum stay of two hours. However, it might be crowded during Arsenal matchdays at home.

Where are the toilets at the Park Theatre?

Two disabled toilets are available in the theatre, with regular toilets all around the centre.

Is the Park Theatre accessible?

The theatre is accessible for disabled people with convenient entrances all around the theatre. Two disabled toilets are also available that can be easily accessed. The staff in the centre will be happy to guide you. Wheelchair spaces and headsets to amplify the sound are also available.

Where can I eat nearby?

There are around 20 restaurants near the theatre, so there won't be any issue choosing the right food with options for fine dining and fast-food joints. Restaurants like Pasta Remoli Finsbury Park, My Cottage Cafe, Tenmaru, E-Mono, and The Terrace Cafe are good ones to try in the area.

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