Book Tickets To A City Cruises Murder Mystery Cruise In London

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Book Tickets To A City Cruises Murder Mystery Cruise In London

River Thames is beautiful and there is no better way to explore London than aboard a cruise on the river. See some iconic landmarks from the deck while also taking part in an interesting murder mystery.

Take part in this murder mystery dinner cruise and take the role of detective to find clues while also enjoying a three-course meal. Enjoy the interactive dining experience aboard the murder mystery dinner cruise along with stunning views and great entertainment. Book your Murder Mystery Boat Cruise tickets now.

About Murder Mystery Boat Cruise

What are the locations and sights on the Murder Mystery Boat Cruise?

Get ready for a killer night while you enjoy a glass of fizz as your welcome drink. You get stunning views of the city from the cruise on River Thames.

They pack this cruise with plenty of intrigues, as you're asked to solve a murder and act as the detective on board. It's time for a night of super-sleuthing, and it is surely not going to be plain sailing!

Sit back and enjoy the evening of grandeur and delicious food aboard the murder mystery dinner cruise on the River Thames.

How does the Murder Mystery Boat Cruise work?

Embark on the journey at Tower Pier and take your welcome drink to quench your thirst. The evening is going to be mysterious and along with your three-course meal, you'll also get the chance.

to solve a murder. A ticket gets you a standard seat on board, but you can ask for window seats at the time of booking. Perhaps that could help in solving the murder better?

What can I expect from this cruise?

Expect exciting times ahead as you go aboard a cruise you'll remember forever. There is no plain sailing here and everything will be different as you solve a gruesome murder, being the best detective you can be.

You can also choose to lie back and enjoy your dinner while seeing people finding clues.

What age is this cruise suitable for?

The cruise is suitable for adults. Do check if there are any age restrictions while booking your tickets.

What are the food options available on this cruise?

Along with an exciting murder mystery, you start with a welcome drink as you turn detective for the night. Take your glass of fizz and start finding clues aboard the murder mystery dinner cruise on River Thames. This cruise also entitles you to a three-course meal.

For starters, you get Scottish smoked salmon mousse with mustard and dill centre, lemon, king prawns, and mesclun salad.

You also have an option for a salad of feta, cherry tomatoes, walnuts, green beans, pumpkin roast peppers, and olives with honey dressing. 

The main course menu includes roasted supreme chicken wrapped in parma ham. This is served with mushroom with thyme, dauphinoise potato, and red wine sauce with seasonal vegetables.

You also have an option of artichoke lasagne, goat's cheese with seasonal vegetables, spinach, and a sauté of mixed mushrooms.

The dessert options include dark, white, and milk chocolate truffle cake with raspberry sauce.

You can get vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free alternatives on this murder mystery dinner cruise. These must be pre-booked while booking your tickets.

How long does Murder Mystery Boat Cruise take?

This is a three-hour river cruise.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where does the cruise start and end?

The trip starts from Tower Pier EC3N 4DT, London.

How do I get to the cruise's departure point?

If you're travelling from London itself, get to Tower Pier via the A3211 road.

The nearest tube station is Tower Hill. It's a few minutes away.

The nearest train station is Fenchurch Street.

When should I arrive at the departure point?

Arrive 15 minutes before the start of the tour to be able to board the vessel.

Where can I park?

There are many car parks in and around the area.

Where are the toilet facilities on the cruise?

Toilets are available on the cruise.

What facilities are available on the cruise?

The cruise is luxurious with open decks and seating. The food is excellent and is perfect for an immersive murder mystery and dining experience.

Is this cruise accessible?

The tour is not fully wheelchair accessible.

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