Book Tickets To A Whitby & North York Moors Day Trip From York

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Originally Published on Mar 15, 2022
Book Tickets To A Whitby & North York Moors Day Trip From York

This fully guided day trip takes you on a journey to the North York Moors and all the historic scenery and sights this area has to offer. A guide will be with you throughout the tour from York while you also visit the North York Moors National Park in a comfortable 16-seat mini-coach.

A ticket for the Whitby tour gives you a trip to the towns of Goathland, Helmsley, and Whitby.

Not just that, you'll stop in the town of Whitby for two hours, allowing everyone the chance to explore for a while. The English-speaking guide will give you the full rundown of all the attractions on the tour and more.

This Whitby tour in the United Kingdom deserves to be on your must-visit list for its historic sights and more.

Book Whitby and North York Moors from York tickets now and enjoy a day tour with your family. Get to Duncombe Place and start the tour to see some spectacular scenery.

About Whitby And North York Moors Day Trip From York

What is Whitby famous for?

A famous seaside town, port, and civil parish of North Yorkshire of England called Whitby is on your list in this Whitby tour.

Located in Scarborough, Whitby is on the east side of the Yorkshire coast at the mouth of the River Esk and is known as a maritime, tourist, and mineral heritage area. The ruins of Whitby Abbey are found on the east cliff of Whitby, and in Whitby Abbey, the earliest recognised English poet Cædmon lived.

During the Middle Ages, the shipping port of Whitby emerged and this is where Captain Cook learned his trade.

Whitby is also known as a tourism hub and has been seeing visitors arrive since just after the Georgian period when Whitby's railway arrived in 1839. Whitby has grown as a tourist attraction as the high ground of the North York Moors National Park can be found here.

The heritage coastline also brings a lot of tourists to the town.

The town has featured in various television, film, and literary works including Bram Stoker's novel 'Dracula'.

Due to this association with 'Dracula', gothic fashion is common here and this special town is even called the Goth capital of the United Kingdom. If you visit during the Goth Weekend festival which is held twice every year, you'll see many people decked out in black gothic clothing.

The Romans and Victorians mined the Whitby jet, which became very fashionable in the 19th century. Whitby is much more than an average English seaside town and you will see that once you step into the town and feel its rich history and culture.

These day trips are the greatest ways to explore the towns and natural beauty associated with them.

The Vikings actually arrived in this town in 867 AD and destroyed the monastery. They renamed the settlement as Whitby.

What are the North York Moors famous for?

The North York Moors National Park or the North Yorkshire moors are one of the best national parks in the UK. It has its heather moorland, which should be on a must-see list for all travellers in the late summer.

See some bright pinks and purples in the North Yorkshire Moors and the flowers bloom with bees and butterflies. The North York Moors National Park extends to the coast and this magnificent tour is ideal for exploring, getting away from a city, and much more.

On the North York Moors, you must visit Osmotherley, which is a pretty village on the Cleveland Way National Trail. You'll find a lot of peaceful spots and historic sites and some of the most picturesque places you can imagine in this area.

The North York Moors is special as you can frequently see thousands of stars against a clear, dark sky. Helmsley has a lot to offer to visitors and each time you visit, there's no doubt you'll discover something new.

Explore the 900-year-old castle, a 250-year-old Walled Garden, Helmsley Art Centre, and more.

Enjoy a cup of coffee and see the medieval castle in the market town called Helmsley. There is also the famous Kilburn White Horse that's also well worth a visit.

There are also stunning beaches from Saltburn-by-the-Sea to Scarborough and the Whitby Abbey that dominate the skyline.

See the woodlands and the moors that are full of history and visit some pubs in the corners of these market towns of the United Kingdom. Get your tour tickets now and wait for the tour bus to take you to a dreamy land just a few kilometres away.

This North York Moors National Park tour is one of the best ways to explore the area. With the help of an experienced local guide you'll have access to some interesting facts and history of the local area and atractions. Head to Duncombe to start your trip.

What do you see on this Whitby and North York Moors day trip?

Relax and embark on a journey through the countryside in this North York Moors tour from York. This tour starts from York and the initial stop starts at the Kilburn White Horse Hill which is seen near the North York Moors National Park.

Here, your guide explains the importance and history of the place and also how the hill was created in 1857.

Next, you'll travel to Helmsley and check out the market town where you see the ancient castle and can explore the shops in the town. Explore the area when you visit or just sit and have some famous Yorkshire tea.

After the town, you'll next travel along Hutton-le-Hole and towards the middle of the North York Moors National Park. As you visit the picture-perfect areas, go through Blakey Ridge and the Lion Inn from the 16th century. This place is the highest point here on the moors.

Also check out Ralph's Cross and the Yorkshire village of Lealholm. In Lealholm, you could see the stepping stones of the River Esk. Visit Whitby, which is just a few kilometres away from here.

Check out the Captain Cook Statue and Whalebone Arch. You may have enough time to check this place out with attractions like The Endeavour Experience, the Captain Cook Museum, Whitby Abbey or just move around the area and check out the market and shops of the town along the sea.

The well-known Magpie Café is the best place to experience some authentic fish and chips. It can't get any more British than that. Did you know Whitby Abbey inspired the 'Dracula' book?

Before heading back to York, also check out Hole of Horcum. Travel through Howardian Hills that offers some panoramic views of Castle Howard.

There are other tours from York, which include the Yorkshire Dales tour and more. Yorkshire Dales National Park tours are famous because they offer some extremely stunning views.

What can I expect from this trip?

Don't miss the chance to explore the North York Moors National Park and taste some tasty fish and chips in the seaside town of Whitby. Take your guide along with a group of explorers on this United Kingdom tour that will take your breath away.

Check out the famous Kilburn White Horse when you stop for coffee and see the famous medieval castle in the market town of Helmsley.

Did you know some of the filming locations of Harry Potter can be found in the village of Goathland? Look for flying broomsticks of Harry Potter here.

Check out the home of Captain Cook when he returned in the winter of 1771-1772 after his first voyage. After this, see the Whitby Abbey, which has a 7th-century Christian monastery. This tour offers so much history and your guide will provide some incredible insights into the area.

Head to Duncombe Place and meet your guide and grab your tickets for this tour!

What age is this day trip suitable for?

Children under a certain age may not be allowed, however, check for more information while booking your tickets. Children need to be accompanied by adults on the tour.

How long does this Whitby and North York Moors day trip take?

The total duration of the tour is eight hours and 30 minutes. You get a break of two hours in Whitby. You will be back in York by about 5:15 p.m. or 5:30 p.m.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where does this Whitby and North York Moors day trip start and end?

The departure point is opposite the Dean Court Hotel which is close to York Minster in Duncombe Place. The address is Dean Court Hotel, Duncombe Place, YO1 7EF, York.

How do I get to the trip's departure point?

If you are travelling from London to the departure point by car, take the A1 and A1(M) road to reach the destination in the shortest possible time. The distance from London is 202 mi (325 km) and you can complete this journey in around four hours.

Take the LNER train from London Terminal to reach York station in about two hours. The York Station is the nearest train station to the departure point and is just 13 minutes away from the point.

When should I arrive at the departure point?

The tour starts at 9 a.m. The check-in time is 8:45 a.m and you'll be able to board the coach by approximately 8:55 a.m. Latecomers won't be allowed to board the coach and no refund will be given if you miss the tour.

Where can I park?

The nearest car parks in the area are Coppergate Car Park and Nunnery Lane Car Park.

Where are the toilet facilities while on the trip?

Although there are no toilets on the coaches, your driver will stop at various locations on the trip for the use of bathrooms, to take photos, or to buy refreshments.

What facilities are available on the coach?

These luxury coaches have comfortable seats, space for luggage, and more. The tour becomes quite luxurious with these 16-seat mini-coaches.

Is the trip accessible?

The trip is most likely not wheelchair accessible. Collapsible wheelchairs may be allowed on the coach if you're accompanied by someone who can help you to board the coach and disembark. However, confirm while booking your tickets.

Where can I eat on the trip?

Here are some popular restaurants that you can try in Whitby; Rusty Shears, The Windmill Inn, The Postgate Country Inn, Black Bull Pub, and The Hare & Hounds.

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