Book Your Tickets To A Glasgow Afternoon Tea Experience

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Book Your Tickets To A Glasgow Afternoon Tea Experience

A vintage Routemaster bus, the Red Bus Bistro, will take you on a trip across the city of Glasgow with a Gin Afternoon Tea or an Afternoon Tea experience included.

On this trip across Glasgow, you will be taken past the best attractions that the city has to offer, and it lasts for a whole 90 minutes!

Travel from George Street towards top attractions like George Square, Glasgow University, the upmarket West End, Kelvingrove Art Gallery, the Transport Museum of Glasgow, and Provand's Lordship. The Red Bus Bistro is the best way to enjoy a cup of delicious afternoon tea or a gin cocktail (if you choose the Gin Afternoon Tea experience).

Enjoy a spread of handmade sandwiches, warm scones with cream, strawberry garnish, jam, petit fours, cakes, unlimited tea and coffee, a glass of prosecco, and more.

Everything is arranged for you with the Glasgow Gin Afternoon Tea or Afternoon Tea experience. Feel like an old-fashioned local aboard the Red Bus Bistro with plenty of Victorian architecture to admire in Glasgow. Book Afternoon Tea Glasgow experience tickets today.

About The Glasgow Afternoon Tea Experience

What is the Glasgow Afternoon Tea Experience?

This is your chance to enjoy an indulgent afternoon experience, watching the breathtaking sights of Glasgow aboard the Red Bus Bistro. The vintage Routemaster bus of the Glasgow Afternoon Tea experience combines two of the most traditional British experiences: a cup of afternoon tea and a classic red bus.

You will also have the option to upgrade your tour to add gin pot-tails (if you pick the Gin Afternoon Tea experience) as well as enjoy the wide range of options the Red Bus Bistro has to offer.

You will find traditional scones with fresh whipped cream and jam on a cake stand aboard the Red Bus Bistro. You will also get a selection of finger sandwiches, wraps or mini rolls, mini quiches, some delicious cakes, a selection of petit fours, and as much tea or coffee as you can drink.

This afternoon tea in Glasgow is the perfect way to have some food and drink while enjoying a scenic tour.

You will also get a glass of prosecco on the tour.

Choose the Gin Afternoon Tea experience for the option of a gin cocktail. With fine china and a glass of bubbly on your Red Bus Bistro table, the view will only get better with your tour through George Square and all the city of Glasgow has to offer on the Glasgow Afternoon Tea experience.

This Glasgow Afternoon Tea experience provides you with a fancy way to tour the town on the Red Bus Bistro, along with a lot of delicacies to try.

During this tour, you will get to see the Gallery of Modern Art, City Chambers, Glasgow Cathedral, Necropolis, Tennents Wellpark Brewery, Glasgow Tower, Doulton Fountain, People's Palace and Winter Gardens, Kingston Bridge, Clyde Arc Bridge, Finnieston Crane, SEC Armadillo, SSE Hydro, Clydeside Distillery, Riverside Museum of Transport and Travel, Glasgow Tower, Tennet's Bar Glasgow, Kelvingrove Art Gallery, Hunterian Art Gallery, University of Glasgow and Museum, and Mitchell Library.

Explore the city centre from your bus and snap pictures of all the sites it has to offer.

What age is the Afternoon Tea Experience suitable for?

All visitors under the age of 14 have to be accompanied by an adult of at least 18 years of age.

The tour is not suitable for visitors under six years old; however, there is space to keep fold-up pushchairs.

How long does the Afternoon Tea Experience take?

The Glasgow Afternoon Tea experience and the Gin Afternoon Tea experience last for 90 minutes.

What are the food options available?

You get unlimited tea and coffee aboard the bus. A glass of prosecco and a gin cocktail (the gin cocktail is only available if you choose the Gin Afternoon Tea experience) are also provided.

Enjoy your petit fours, sandwiches, and all the tour has to offer. There are gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and dairy-free options to choose from. Inform the organizers of the Afternoon Tea or Gin Afternoon Tea experience of any dietary requirements at the time of booking.

Children can choose from the wide range of sandwiches and cupcakes available on the menu. Soft drinks are available.

Gin pot-tails (if you choose the Gin Afternoon Tea experience) are actually very famous among visitors.

What will I get to see on the Afternoon Tea Experience?

The tour starts at Shuttle Street, Glasgow, and then takes you to the Gallery of Modern Art.

The Gallery of Modern Art is an art museum known all over the world and is very popular in Glasgow. People gather at this exquisite attraction to view art. Artworks from all over the world are displayed, borrowed, and collected by the gallery.

The next attraction is City Chambers. City Chambers is one of the most imposing and iconic buildings in Glasgow and is the heart of George Square.

Glasgow was the second city of the Empire, and this building tells the tale of the industrial prosperity and wealth of Glasgow of the past. The City Chambers is one of the most popular buildings among tourists and locals alike and is considered to be one of the most beautiful urban buildings in the UK.

Glasgow Cathedral is considered to be one of the most magnificent buildings in Scotland. This cathedral is visited by locals and tourists in their thousands every year and has a lot of significance when it comes to the history of the country and city.

Glasgow Cathedral survived the Reformation of 1560 and is the only one in Scotland to do so.

The Necropolis is the next attraction on the tour. It is a garden cemetery from the Victorian period that is filled with beautiful sculptures, architecture, and some striking stories.

The Necropolis is right beside Glasgow Cathedral and was designed with inspiration from the Paris' Père-Lachaise. There are over 3,500 tombs there, with around 50,000 burials in the Necropolis. It is one to watch for if you are interested in history.

Tennent's Wellpark Brewery comes next on the tour. This building has been a part of Scotland's history for generations now. The culture of the country can be seen here as, since 1885, Tennent's Wellpark Brewery has managed to produce brews that have won many accolades.

Glasgow Tower is the most important attraction of Glasgow Cross with seven stories, a stone crown, and a clock. A part of a much bigger building, the Tollbooth, Glasgow Tower was known to house the council hall of Glasgow, the Town Clerk's office, and Glasgow's city prison.

The Doulton Fountain is known to be the largest fountain ever made with ceramic. At the 1888 International Exhibition in Kelvingrove Park, the Doulton Fountain was one of the most famous attractions.

The People's Palace and Winter Gardens are found in Glasgow Green. This is the perfect place to find out about the history of the city as historical objects, prints, photographs, and film are kept here to give you an insight into the life led by Glaswegians in the past.

Kingston Bridge is a bridge crossing the River Clyde in Glasgow. It is a balanced cantilever road bridge with ten lanes. This is one of the most famous bridges in Europe, which is said to carry around 150,000 vehicles each day. It is quite busy over the bridge.

The Clyde Arc Bridge is a road bridge on the River Clyde. The Clyde Arc Bridge is known for its curved architecture, and the bridge crosses the river in a curve.

Finnieston Crane is also known by the name Stobcross Crane. It is a huge cantilever crane in the middle of the city of Glasgow. It is the perfect place to depict the engineering heritage of the city. This was previously used for loading big items and cargo onto ships and then transferring them to all parts of the world.

The SEC Armadillo is a landmark in Glasgow made by Foster + Partners, the world-renowned architecture firm. In 1997, this stylish venue opened and soon became a prominent structure on the waterfront of Glasgow.

The SSE Hydro is another indoor arena found in Glasgow's Scottish Event Campus. This is a multi-purpose arena quite famous all over Scotland and is a delight to look at during this tour.

For over 100 years, the Clydeside Distillery has been Glasgow's first exclusive Single Malt Scotch Whisky Distillery. You will find everything here, from a visitor experience to a specialist whiskey shop and cafe.

The Riverside Museum of Transport and Travel is a transport museum in Glasgow that has won many awards. You will find everything related to roads here, from locomotives to skateboards and other vehicles, too.

Tennent's Bar Glasgow is a famous bar located in the city centre, offering great beers and tasty food loved by all. In Glasgow's West End, this old bar is one of the last traditional pubs left standing.

The Hunterian Art Gallery has one of the most prominent public art collections in the whole country. It is full of works by popular artists.

Changing the world since its inception in 1451 is the University of Glasgow. Many renowned people have graduated from this university and are still graduating as we speak. People like James Watt, Adam Smith, and Lord Kelvin are well known to have attended this university.

With a family-friendly atmosphere and stunning architecture, the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum has been loved by people from all over the world since opening in 1901.

Mitchell Library is an iconic attraction located in Charing Cross, Glasgow, and has the best collection of books ever seen in a public library.

Book your Afternoon Tea experience tickets to see these attractions and many others!

Can I book the experience for events or celebrations?

The minimum booking is for two people. You can contact the organizers for events or celebrations aboard the Glasgow Gin Afternoon Tea or Glasgow Afternoon Tea experience.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where does the Glasgow Afternoon Tea Experience start and end?

The pickup and drop-off point is 36 Shuttle Street, Glasgow, G1 1QA. It is near Amore restaurant.

How do I get to the Glasgow Afternoon Tea Experience departure point?

If you are travelling from London in a personal vehicle, take the M6 to reach the destination in around seven hours.

The nearest train station is High Street.

Where can I park?

The nearest parking area is NCP Glasgow Ingram Street, NCP Glasgow George Street, and 4 Blackfriars Road Parking.

Where are the toilet facilities?

There are no toilets on the vintage bus. The tour will stop for 15 minutes for a comfort break.

Is the Afternoon Tea Experience accessible?

Wheelchair users can reserve a seat in the lower deck beforehand as they need to sit in one of the lower seats. There is space available to keep fold-up wheelchairs. Book your Afternoon Tea experience tickets now!

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