Buy Tickets For A Blackness Castle, Three Bridges & Cream Tea Cruise

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Buy Tickets For A Blackness Castle, Three Bridges & Cream Tea Cruise

See the famous three bridges in the Firth of Forth on this boat trip. Check the extraordinary engineering of the Forth Bridge, the Queensferry Crossing, and the Forth Road Bridge.

This 90 minutes boat trip along the Firth of Forth gives you a view of the famous Three Bridges, Blackness Castle, and so much more from the observation deck and the outside decks of the boat.

Settle back with a cup of cream tea, which is complimentary, and enjoy some brilliant Scottish scenery away from Edinburgh. Book Blackness Castle, Three Bridges, and Cream Tea Cruise tickets now.

About The Blackness Castle, Three Bridges And Cream Tea Cruise

What are Blackness Castle and the Three Bridges famous for?

Blackness Castle, a 15th-century fortress located near the village of Blackness in Scotland, should not be missed. This castle is located on the south shore of the Firth of Forth.

Blackness Castle has been featured in the 'Outlander' series and 'Outlaw King' and these shows made the castle famous. Sir George Crichton built the castle in the 1440s. You can go inside the castle, but not on this tour.

Many prisoners were kept in this castle during the medieval era. The castle was called 'the ship that never sailed' due to its shape.

Everyone in the world knows the Three Bridges as it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and this tour gives you the perfect view of the Forth Bridge and the other two bridges.

What are the locations and sights on this cruise?

This cruise is quite nostalgic for people who have seen the 'Outlander' series. As you leave Port Edgar Marina in South Queensferry, enjoy a cup of cream tea and take in some of the best views of Scotland outside of Edinburgh.

This tour lets you explore the Three Bridges, Blackness Castle, and the Fife coastline. You will also be able to spot lots of marine wildlife.

How does this cream tea cruise work?

You will depart from Port Edgar Marina, enjoying a cream tea on the outside decks. The tour takes you to many different places and then returns you to the marina. A complimentary cream tea, scone, preserve, and cream is provided. You have a choice of tea or coffee.

What can I expect from the cruise?

Listen to your guide and take in the facts as you move past these famous Scottish landmarks in spectacular fashion. Check out The Forth Bridge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site built between 1883 and 1890.

You will also go under the Forth Road Bridge, a bridge dedicated to public transport, cyclists, and pedestrians. View the Queensferry Crossing, which will become the main route for cars between Edinburgh and Fife.

Check out the historic island called Inchcolm Island and its medieval abbey along with the islands of Inchkeith, Inchgarvie, and Inchmickery. This boat tour will pass by Blackness Castle in Limekilns village. This village was mentioned in Robert Louis Stevenson's 'Kidnapped'. David Balfour and Alan Breck travelled from Limekilns across the Forth using a rowing boat).

See the beautiful Edinburgh skyline with this tour. Stand on one of the many outside decks and enjoy some breathtaking views. There is cream tea and cakes to keep you going throughout the tour.

What age is this cruise suitable for?

There is no age restriction for this tour. Children need to be accompanied by adults on the boat tour.

How long does the Blackness Castle, Three Bridges and Cream Tea Cruise take?

The tour takes 90 minutes.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where does the cruise start and end?

The cruise starts and ends at Port Edgar Marina in South Queensferry. The address is Shore Rd, South Queensferry EH30 9SQ, United Kingdom.

How do I get to the cruise's departure point?

Travel to the departure point from London on the M6. The journey will take around seven hours 30 minutes.

Dalmeny is the nearest train station, around 20 minutes away. You might need to catch a bus to the marina.

When should I arrive at the departure point?

The tour starts at 11 am. Arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the tour.

Where can I park?

Port Edgar has a car park on the location. It is just a few minutes away.

Where are the toilet facilities on the trip?

There are toilets on the boat, however, there are no accessible toilets available.

What facilities are available on the trip?

You can find hot and cold drinks and light snacks in the cafe bar. There are outside decks with waterproof seating and an observation lounge. You also get a guided commentary.

Is this tour accessible?

The tour is not wheelchair accessible, however, visitors with limited mobility can go on this trip.

A wheelchair ramp can be used depending on the tide. There is a ramp on the rear deck with access to the covered salon. This is the only wheelchair-accessible area. Please take a look at the timetable for more details.

Inchcolm Island is not wheelchair accessible.

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