Experience A Gourmet London Bus Tour With Bustronome Tickets

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Originally Published on Nov 30, 2021
Experience A Gourmet London Bus Tour With Bustronome Tickets

Here's a chance for you to eat in the busy London streets VIP style. Bustronome is the most authentic and original restaurant that you'll visit.

Who would not want to go sightseeing in London on a luxury bus while also eating some good gourmet food? Bustronome offers you the best and biggest of experiences in just a short period of time.

The luxury-bus restaurant is known for its panoramic dining room in a double-decker bus. The glass windows in the panoramic dining room make sure that you enjoy London in every season.

Bustronome offers delightful food with a cup of afternoon tea and a glass of wine or champagne, along with an amazing view of London. Choose your lunch or dinner preferences and book your Bustronome London tickets now.

About Bustronome London

What is Bustronome London?

The Bustronome Restaurant in London provides you with an atmospheric sightseeing tour across London alongside a non-vegetarian or vegan four or six-course menu, depending on your preference. There are multi-language Audiopen guides that can help you learn about London's famous landmarks.

The food on the bus offers an authentic experience of an original restaurant and combines the best of English cuisine with a French twist.

Chefs on the bus will provide you with the best seasonal products, which you can savour while sitting in the panoramic dining room of the upper deck. You will truly understand the beauty of the service once you visit the Bustronome restaurant in London.

Passengers will be provided with a personal table, and there will be a four-course meal during lunch and a six-course meal for dinner.

Enjoy the finest cuisine on the upper deck of the double-decker bus and escape to a gourmet world. The upper deck of the bus has a 360-degree panoramic terrace, which gives an amazing view of the London lifestyle in all weather conditions.

So, order a glass of your preferred drink (tea, wine, or champagne) to your table along with some Anglo-French food made of seasonal products, and dive into the service of a moving restaurant the likes of which you will never have experienced before. Fresh food will be served.

Pre-booked alcohol is served. There is no sale of alcohol aboard the bus.

What age is Bustronome London suitable for?

It is suitable for all ages. There are no restrictions for passengers. A family can easily sit at one table.

How long does the Bustronome London ride last?

For lunch, passengers will be picked up from the boarding spot at 12:15 pm and dropped off again at 02:00 pm.

During dinner, pick up is at 07:15 pm and drop off is at 10:00 pm

What will I experience on the ride?

You will experience the finest cuisine with beautiful views of London from the panoramic dining room. The glass windows allow you to check out London's best architecture from a new perspective.

There are, however, no live performances on the bus.

Who are the staff on board the Bustronome?

Along with chefs, the driver will be present.

What kind of cuisines are served on board?

It is a combination of English cuisine with a French twist. The courses depend on the time you book for.

Tables are compact but cozy, and you can pick a table for two, four, or more, depending on the configuration.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where does the Bustronome London tour begin and end?

The departure point is Coach Bay 40B, Victoria Embankment, London, WC2N 6PB. The tour ends there too.

How do I reach the departure point?

The fastest way to reach it is through Northumberland Avenue.

The nearest Tube station is Embankment Station. It is just a one-minute walk to the boarding point.

Where can I park?

The nearest car park is Covent Garden, which is an 11-minute walk to Victoria Embankment.

Where are the toilets on the Bustronome?

There is a toilet along with a cloakroom on the bottom deck of the bus.

Is the Bustronome bus accessible?

To reach the upper deck, there are seven steps that the staff will help you climb. You can also stay on the lower deck, which can also accommodate wheelchairs.

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