Jack the Ripper, Haunted London and Sherlock Holmes Tour

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Originally Published on Oct 06, 2021
The Jack the Ripper vintage open top tour bus that will take you round for the night.

  • Discover a darker side to London with a London bus tour in a vintage open-top bus with an expert guide.
  • Go on a ghost walk through Smithfield Market and listen for the sounds of the past.
  • Try and figure out who Jack the Ripper could have been as you investigate old murder spots.
  • Have a nightcap at the Sherlock Holmes pub.

If you’re a fan of the spookier side of London, whether that’s the London Dungeon or something more, this tour is for you. Jack the Ripper was a Whitechapel serial killer in 1888, also called the Whitechapel Murderer and Leather Apron.

Terrifyingly, he has remained unidentified to this day. Enjoy this ghost tour as you see the sites of his murders.

Not only that, but have a listen; can you hear the ghosts of London? You might be very glad for your night to end in the safety of the Sherlock Holmes pub.

You will begin your trip on a Premium Tours vintage open top bus. Listen as your guide will tell you tales of Westminster Abbey and the people buried there. You’ll pass the banqueting house where Charles I was beheaded; can you see him in the dark?

Beware of the ghosts of the hanged at the Old Bailey. There’s plenty more hidden in the dark that your guide will warn you about, so you might need a hand to hold. Hopefully you don’t pass right through one!

You’ll then have a walk through the cobbled streets of the abandoned Smithfield Market. Listen out for the scratching sounds of Fanny Lynes, the 250-year-old Cock Lane Ghost, and hear her troubled story. See the William Wallace plaque where Braveheart was tortured, and hear the terrifying tales of the 19th-century body snatchers.

Now it’s time to visit the stomping grounds of Jack the Ripper. Welcome to London’s East End, a place of violent crime and vice in the 19th century.

Decipher the evidence as you get up close to the crime scenes and hear about his victims. Discuss his suspects and see if you can discover who Jack the Ripper really was.

End the night in the cosy confines of the Sherlock Holmes pub near Trafalgar Square. Surrounded by investigator memorabilia, you’ll feel right at home after the evening you’ve had.

Whether you just want a drink or feel like traditional fish and chips supper, there’ll be something for everyone to end the night. Maybe you’ll be inspired to continue your investigations in the Sherlock live game.

East End cobbled streets, where Jack the Ripper killed his victims.

What to know before you go

  • The tour departs from Victoria Coach Station, Gate 0, at 7pm (Boarding starts at 6.45pm) and finishes at approximately 9.30pm near Trafalgar Square.
  • Check in at least 20 minutes prior to departure and hand your voucher to the Premium Tours representative on board the bus.
  • Seating is based on a first come first serve basis and seating on the upper-deck cannot be guaranteed.
  • On rare occasions the open top bus may be changed to a closed top bus.
  • Not suitable for children under 12 years old.
  • Food, drink and gratuities are not included.
  • There are no toilets on the coaches.
  • This tour is not wheelchair accessible.
  • Cancellations are available. Changing tours will cost a fee.

Getting there

  • Victoria Coach Station is a 10-15 minute walk from London Victoria station (Circle, District and Victoria lines and National Rail services).
  • Bus routes 11, 44, 170, 211, C1 and C10 stop outside the Coach Station.
  • There is a NCP car park on Semley Place next to the Coach Station. Parking meters are also available in nearby streets.
  • Transport throughout the tour will be on a coach.

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The Jack the Ripper vintage open top tour bus that will take you round for the night.

Jack the Ripper, Haunted London and Sherlock Holmes Tour


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The Jack the Ripper vintage open top tour bus that will take you round for the night.

Jack the Ripper, Haunted London and Sherlock Holmes Tour