'Tis The Season! Book Tickets For The Snowman At The Peacock Theatre

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Originally Published on Nov 18, 2021
'Tis The Season! Book Tickets For The Snowman At The Peacock Theatre

The magical adaptation of Raymond Briggs' book has delighted audiences for almost 23 years.

The adaptation of the book into the film, produced by John Coates and directed by Dianne Jackson, takes you and your children on a journey of a wintery wonderland with a boy and his snowman that comes to life.

With superb choreography by Robert North, music and lyrics created by Howard Blake (which includes 'Walking in the Air'), direction by Bill Alexander, spectacular lighting made possible by Tim Mitchell, and the engulfing design by Ruari Murchison, this magical stage adaption can make you enjoy every bit of the dancing, storytelling, live music, magic, and sheer spectacle.

Get your The Snowman London tickets now for a world of fun for your family at the Peacock Theatre, London.

About The Snowman

What is The Snowman about?

The Snowman is a night-time quest for adventure when a snowman made by a boy comes to life on Christmas Eve. They travel a long way when they both meet reindeers, dancing penguins, and Father Christmas.

Join their travels as the Snowman flies in the night sky and escapes the clutches of Jack Frost to return home on Christmas morning.

This performance lets you in on a story that is going to take your thoughts and spread them across a magical realm. As the Snowman flies away with the boy in the sky, other snowmen also fly away with them to the Snowman's ball.

A scarf is presented to the boy by Father Christmas and while the Snowman melts the next day, the boy has the scarf to remember his magical friend.

With coal for eyes and buttons and a tangerine for his nose, the Snowman is quite peculiar with his looks. The images in the original film were all beautifully hand-drawn.

So hurry and get your Snowman tickets soon before the time runs out.

What is the theme of The Snowman by Raymond Briggs?

This holiday season, you will experience a tale that teaches us a story of friendship and imagination, and also true love and loss. The innocence of childhood can be seen in this story by Raymond Briggs.

What age is The Snowman suitable for?

The play is suitable for all above the age of two. Children will enjoy the dance and the storytelling. Babies are also allowed into the theatre.

How long is The Snowman?

The runtime of the Snowman is 1 hour 50 minutes. There is also an interval.

The songs are the same as Channel 4’s 1982 film, and include 'Walking in the Air'.

Who is in The Snowman's cast?

The adaptation of Raymond Briggs' book is directed by Bill Alexander. The music and lyrics are provided by Howard Blake with the beautiful 'Walking in the Air' performed by a live orchestra which is led by Robert North. The lighting is done by Tim Mitchell and the design by Ruari Murchison.

For an excellent performance, get your tickets for The Snowman now. The Peacock Theatre in London is the place to be this holiday season.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where is the Peacock Theatre?

The address of the venue is Peacock Theatre, Portugal Street, WC2A 2HT, United Kingdom.

How do I get to the Peacock Theatre?

There are different modes of transport to choose from while travelling to the destination.

The nearest Tube stations are Holborn and Temple.

The buses running near the theatre are 1, 59, 68, 91, 168, 171, 188, 243, 501, 505, 521, and X68.

Get your Snowman tickets now for a winter wonderland experience at the Peacock Theatre.

Where can I park at the Peacock theatre?

There are various car parks near the theatre, such as Covent Garden, 42 Shelton Street, and Holborn Gate.

Where are the toilets at Peacock Theatre?

There are toilets in the foyer, dress, and stalls levels, along with accessible toilets in the foyer, and stalls level. 

Is the Peacock Theatre accessible?

The Peacock Theatre is accessible for everyone, with accessible toilets and entrances for wheelchair users.

Where can I eat nearby?

There are many restaurants near the theatre such as Ye Old White House, The Delaunay, and Sarastro Restaurant.

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