To Scones And Sailing! Book Tickets For A York Lunch Cruise

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To Scones And Sailing! Book Tickets For A York Lunch Cruise

There are many York city cruises that cater for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner and each one of those city cruises is special in its own way.

The top attractions that the city of York has to offer are on view here and exploring the city by boat will offer you a new perspective of all this stunning area has to offer.

This York Lunch Cruise aboard the Captain James Cook on the River Ouse is special, offering a two-course meal, an option of tea or coffee, and live commentary included.

This one-hour and 45 minutes cruise highlights all the city offers as you go up and down the River Ouse.

Your skipper will be your chauffeur for the day as you turn at Bishopthorpe Palace. This is the striking riverside residence of the Archbishop of York and the view is truly stunning.

Go to King's Staith Landing and start your trip to explore this serene environment. Book your York Lunch Cruise tickets now.

There are also other daytime and evening dining cruises to choose from with options galore depending on your preference.

About York Lunch Cruise

What is the York Lunch Cruise?

York is full of cruise options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and these cruises offer you a different view while you enjoy your meal. York is the traditional county town of Yorkshire.

With Roman origins, the city is formed at the confluence of the River Ouse and River Foss. Due to its historic origins, you'll find a lot of traditional buildings in the city and all these look strikingly beautiful from the decks of a York cruise.

Try some English breakfast in the morning or some filling lunch at noon. You can even choose an afternoon tea cruise or a dinner cruise with loads of coffee and tea. There is plenty of variety for you to enjoy at a time of day that suits you and your travelling companions.

What are the locations and sights on a York Lunch Cruise?

The lunchtime river cruise gives you a brilliant sightseeing tour of York. The Captain James Cook is one of the biggest vessels on the River Ouse and this makes the tour a memorable one with stunning views and delicious food.

As you start from King's Staith Landing, you'll learn about the highlights of York from your skipper as you move past each attraction near the shores.

You even get to see the pretty Bishopthorpe Palace.

This palace is the home to the Archbishop of York. This boat is the most relaxing way to sightsee all the attractions the city has to offer and you won't find any other way that's as relaxing and enjoyable as exploring this city via a cruise.

You may even get to hear about interesting locations such as York Minster, York City Centre, and more from your skipper for the day.

What can I expect from a York Lunch Cruise?

Enjoy a two-course meal aboard the Captain James Cook as you go winding on the river in York. It cannot be any more quintessentially British than to float along the River Ouse and have some food with a cup of tea or coffee.

Try some tasty selections of hot and cold Yorkshire delicacies in the afternoon. As the world moves slowly by, sip a hot English tea or a coffee looking at the city pass you by.

Leave your worries at the dock and enjoy some melodious background music which really sets the mood for a delicious lunch. Your skipper for the tour will give you the rundown of the sights and tell you a range of interesting historical facts as you move past each attraction on the tour, to make things interesting.

Check out the riverside residence of the Archbishop of York, the Bishopthorpe Palace on the tour.

Savour a two-course meal with some tea or coffee and fall in love with the beautiful scenery upstream of the river and then back. You can check for an option of gluten-free food or vegan beforehand.

What age is this cruise suitable for?

There is no age restriction mentioned for the tour. However, children need to stay with adults with valid tickets at all times. Enjoy a trip up and down the River Ouse.

How long does a York Lunch Cruise take?

The total duration of the tour is one hour and 45 minutes. The tour starts at 11:45 a.m.

What are the food options available?

The menu is subject to change, but it includes individual chicken and ham hock Wellington, potato and leek gratin, thyme sauce, and white wine. The vegetarian option includes mixed bean, creamed leek, mushroom and Wensleydale Wellington, tomato sauce, and wilted spinach. The dessert will be the chef's choice, so expect something wonderful. Pair your food with tea or coffee.

There are no additional alcoholic drinks included with this ticket for the York lunch cruise.

Instead, you can finish the lunch cruise and take a stroll for a glass of champagne in the restaurants nearby. You can even choose to explore the cafes in the city of York after a beautiful lunch aboard the Captain James Cook on the River Ouse.

Directions, Venue Info, And Attendee FAQs

Where does the York Lunch Cruise start and end?

The York Lunch Cruise starts from King's Staith Landing, York YO1 9SN, the UK at 11:45 a.m. and returns to the same spot after the beautiful tour. The boarding of the cruise starts at 11:30 a.m. Show your smartphone ticket at the time of boarding.

How do I get to the cruise's departure point?

If you're planning to travel to the departure point of York Lunch Cruise by car from London, take the M1 road. It will take around four hours and 20 minutes to complete the full journey to the departure point in York.

The total distance from London is approximately 225 mi (362 km). Alternatively, you can also choose to take the A1 road to reach York from London trip which will also take around four hours and 20 minutes to complete the journey of 219 mi (352.5 km).

You can also choose to travel to York via train. Take the Grand Central train from London Terminal in London to York Station. The York station is about 15 minutes away from the York lunch cruise departure point in King's Staith Landing.

The train journey takes about two hours from London. From the York Station, you can take a bus to Clifford Street bus station. Clifford Street Bus stop is just a few minutes walk away from the departure point.

Flying is another option and there are flights running to Leeds Bradford Airport from all major airports in the country. Leeds airport is 33 mi (53 km) from the departure point of the cruise which will take around an hour to drive via the A659 and A64 roads.

Find King's Staith landing is located across from the Queen's Hotel. You will see the outside the King's Arms and Lowther public houses.

When should I arrive at the departure point?

You need to arrive at least 15 minutes before boarding begins for the tour. Latecomers won't be accommodated and there won't be any refund if you miss the tour. If the tour is cancelled for an unforeseeable reason, your tour can either be rescheduled or you'll be offered a full refund.

Where can I park?

The nearest car park to the departure point of York Lunch Cruise is King's Staith. You can also park your personal vehicles in St George's Field car park which is near York Castle Museum or at Marygate car park which is around 15-20 minutes away from the departure point of the lunch cruise.

What are the toilet facilities on York Lunch Cruise?

Toilet facilities are available on the cruise. On this boat, there are no baby changing facilities, highchair facilities, or push-chair storage. Visitors are advised to be aware of this before booking tickets.

What facilities are available on the cruise?

On this big cruise, you'll get comfortable seats, local snacks, live captain's commentary, background music, and refillable tea or coffee along with your two-course lunch.

To get to the vessel for your cruise, you will need to take some stairs. It might not be suitable for wheelchair users, so be sure to check for more details with the organisers prior to booking your tickets.

Is this cruise accessible?

The cruise is not wheelchair accessible. Do check for more details while booking this York lunch cruise.

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