128 Charming Old Man Names For Boys

Baby sitting on the sand who has a charming old man name.

Retro boy baby names are more popular than ever at the moment. It seems new parents are getting fed up with choosing an unusual baby name for the sake of it (or just because a celebrity did).

However, we know it's not easy knowing which first name to choose. But if you're seeking the perfect old-fashioned name for your new baby boy, you're in luck - we've rounded up the best classic first names for you, plus for a middle name to match, check out the top 112 cute country boy names with rustic charm.

We like how the following old-fashioned boy names are timeless, with plenty of vintage cool to boot. Whether you want a reminder of a much-loved uncle or granddad - or just an English name with vintage appeal - there's a cute old man name to suit. If you're a fan of vintage 80s names, then fear not, we have you covered, too.

So browse our ultimate list of old fashioned names for boys - you're sure to find one you like, and that's perfect for your new baby.  And remember, what goes around, comes around - it's time to make like grandpa, and join the old man baby names trend.

Your baby boy will thank you for it when he's older, we promise...

1. Abraham (Hebrew origin), meaning "father of many"

2. Adrian (Roman origin), meaning "sea" or "water"

3. Aiken, (Old English), meaning "from the oak tree"

4. Albert (German origin), meaning "noble and bright"

5. Alfred (Old English), meaning "wise" and "elfen"

6. Allen (Celtic origin), meaning "stone" or "harmony"

7. Archie or Archibald (German origin), meaning "precious" or "genuine"

8. Arlo (English), meaning "fortified hill"

9. Arthur  (English/Irish origin), meaning "son of the bear king"

10. Barnaby (English origin), meaning "son of consolation"

11. Bartholomew (Hebrew origin), meaning "rich in land"

12. Basil (Greek origin), meaning "brave" and "kingly"

13. Benedict (Latin), means "blessed"

14. Benjamin Hebrew, means "son of my right hand"

15. Bernard (German origin), meaning "brave bear"

16. Blake (English origin), meaning "dark"

17. Bruce (Scottish), meaning "the willowlands"

18. Cecil Welsh origin, meaning "blind"

19. Cedric  (Celtic origin), meaning "gift of splendour"

20. Charles (German origin), meaning "free man"

21. Chester Latin, meaning "walled town" or "fortress"

22. Clarence (Latin origin), meaning "bright" or "clear"

23. Clifford (English origin), meaning "ford near a slope"

24. Clive (Old English), means "cliff dweller"

25. Conrad (Germanic), meaning "brave counsel"

26. Cornelius (Latin origin), meaning "horn"

27. Daniel (Hebrew name), meaning "God is my judge"

28. Derek (Teutonic), meaning "gifted ruler"

29. Douglas (Scottish origin), meaning "dark river"

30. Duncan (Gaelic origin), meaning "dark-haired warrior"

31. Edgar (Anglo Saxon), means "rich", "prosperous" and spear"

32. Edward (English origin), meaning "wealthy guardian"

33. Edwin (English), means "fortune" and "friend"

34. Elijah (Hebrew), means "god, the lord"

35. Elmer (English), means "noble and renowned"

36. Ernest (German origin), meaning "serious" or "warrior"

37. Eugene (Greek origin), meaning "well-born"

38. Ezra (Hebrew), meaning "help"

39. Felix (Roman origin), meaning "fortunate" or "happy"

40. Francis (French origin), meaning "free one"

41. Frank (French and German origin), meaning "free one"

42. Frederick (German), meaning "peaceful ruler"

43. Gabriel (Hebrew), means "God is my strength"

44. George (Greek origin), meaning "farmer"

45. Gerald (Germanic origin), meaning "ruler of the spear"

46. Godfrey (French origin), meaning "peace of God"

47. Gordon (Scottish), means "fort" or "great hill"

48. Gus (Latin), means "majestic or worth of respect"

49. Harold (Scandinavian origin), meaning "army ruler"

50. Harry (English), meaning "power" or "ruler"

51. Harvey (French), meaning "blazing" or "battle warrior"

52. Henry (Germanic), meaning "power" or "ruler"

53. Herbert (German), means "bright army"

54. Herman (Latin origin), meaning "timekeeper"

55. Horace (Roman origin, meaning "man of time"

56. Howard (Germanic), meaning "bold heart"

57. Hugh (French), means "bright in mind and spirit"

58. Humphrey (French), means "peaceful warrior"

59. Ichabod (Hebrew), means "departed glory"

60. Ira (Hebrew origin), means "watchful"

61. Isaac (Hebrew), meaning "laughing" or "he will laugh"

62. Ivan (Slavic), meaning "God is gracious"

63. Ivor (Scottish origin), meaning "archer"

64. Jacob (Hebrew), means "to follow behind"

65. James (Hebrew, means "he grasps the heel" or "substitute"

66. Jarvis (Old English), means "spear man"

67. Jasper (Persian), means "bringer of treasure"

68. Jeremy (Hebrew), means "God will uplift"

69. John (Hebrew origin), meaning "to be gracious"

70. Jonah (Hebrew), means "dove" or "pigeon"

71. Joseph (Hebrew), means "God will add or increase"

72. Julian (Latin origin), meaning "youthful"

73. Kenneth (Irish origin), meaning "handsome"

74. Kevin (Irish origin), meaning "dear" or "noble"

75. Laurence (Roman), means "bright one" or "one from Laurentum"

76. Leonard (French), means "lion-hearted"

77. Lionel (French), means "young lion"

78. Lloyd (Welsh origin), meaning "grey"

79. Louis (French origin), meaning "famous in battle"

80. Martin (Latin origin), meaning "warlike"

81. Max (Latin), meaning "the greatest"

82. Merlin (Welsh), meaning "fortress of the sea"

83. Michael (Hebrew origin), meaning "gift from god"

84. Mortimer (European), meaning "dead sea"

85. Murray (Scottish), meaning "settlement by the sea"

86. Ned (Old English), means "wealthy guardian"

87. Neville (French), means "new town"

88. Norman (English), meaning "man from the north"

89. Oliver (Latin origin), means "olive tree"

90. Oscar (Germanic origin), meaning "spear of god"

91. Oswin (English), means "god's friend"

92. Otis (Germanic), meaning "prosperous" or "wealthy"

93. Otto (Germanic), meaning "wealthy" or "rich"

94. Owen (Welsh), means "fighter" or "noble"

95. Patrick  (Latin origin), meaning "nobleman"

96. Percival (French origin), meaning "one who pierces the valley"

97. Peter (Greek origin), meaning "stone" or "rock"

98. Phileas (Greek), means "affectionate"

99. Quentin (French origin), meaning  "fifth"

100. Ralph (Norse origin), meaning "wolf counsel"

101. Raymond (French), meaning "protector"

102. Reginald (Latin origin), meaning "ruler's adviser"

103. Reuben (Hebrew), means "behold, a son"

104. Ronald (Norse origin), meaning "decision or ruler"

105. Rory (Irish origin), meaning "red-haired king"

106. Roy (Irish origin), means "red"

107. Rudy (American), means "famous wolf"

108. Rufus (Latin), means "red haired"

109. Samuel (Hebrew origin), meaning  "name of god"

110. Saul (Hebrew), meaning "ask" or "question"

111. Sebastian (Greek origin), meaning "respected"

112. Seth (Hebrew name), meaning "appointed or placed"

113. Sidney (Old English), meaning "wide meadow"

114. Silas (Aramaic), meaning "the youngest"

115. Stanley (English  origin), meaning  "near a stony clearing"

116. Terrence (Irish origin), meaning "tender"

117. Theodore (Greek), meaning "god-given"

118. Thomas (Aramaic origin), meaning  "twin"

119. Tobias (Greek), means "God is good"

120. Victor (Latin origin), meaning  "conqueror"

121. Vincent (Latin origin), meaning "winner"

122. Wallace (Scottish origin), meaning "stranger"

123. Walter (Germanic), meaning "power" and "brightness"

124. Warren (German), meaning "protector" or "loyal"

125. Wilfred (Germanic origin), meaning "desires peace"

126. William (Germanic origin), meaning desire, helmet

127. Winston (Old English), means "joyful stone"

128. Zachariah (Hebrew origin), meaning  "to remember"

If you enjoyed reading this, why not check out some even older names as we've compiled the 203 best Old English names for boys and the 91 best Old English names for girls? The possibilities are endless, there's so much inspiration out there for a lovely baby.



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