81 Hungarian Boys' Names With Meanings

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Choosing a name for your baby, whether it's your first born or not, is great fun, but it can also be a difficult task.

Just how do you narrow down the thousands of amazing baby names to one name that you're going to love for the rest of your child's life? The pressure's on to get it just right.

And, once you've chosen a first name for your son, you'll want to think about the best middle name to go with it.

As well as wanting to choose a name that sounds perfect, many new parents want a name with a specific and special meaning for their baby boy names and the good news is that lots of Hungarian boys' names have beautiful meanings attached to them.

If you haven't found a boys' name you love yet, perhaps it's time to broaden your search and look at the best names from other countries, including a Hungarian name? Maybe you've got family connections in Hungary or you or your partner are Hungarian? Or it might be that you simply love the rich culture and unique-sounding language from this popular part of the world. Maybe you've heard that Hungarian men are known for being inventive (it's home to the men who invented the Biro and the Rubik's cube) as well as strong and clever (Hungary has produced 13 Nobel laureates, in every category except peace). Whatever draws you to the idea of giving your male baby one of the popular boy names from Hungary, you'll find a curated list of unusual, original, popular and beautiful Hungarian names that'll be perfect for your new baby boy below.

A-H Hungarian Boys' Names

There are plenty of Hungarian boys' names to choose from at the beginning of the alphabet, many of which have wonderful meanings like noble, pure and peace. If you love the sound of one of these baby names for your son, make sure to see how it sounds with your baby's intended surname first, as some of the more difficult to pronounce old or popular Hungarian names might be tongue-twisters when paired with a long surname.

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Adojan, which is the Hungarian form of Adrian, meaning "from the Adriatic".

Adelbert, the Hungarian form of Albert, which both mean "bright" or "noble".

Alexander, meaning "guardian".

Ambrus, meaning "immortal".

András or Andor, the Hungarian form of Andrew meaning "brave".

Antal, meaning "worthy of admiration and praise".

Aron, meaning "exalted" or "high mountain".

Árpád, meaning "seed".

Attila, an old name which means "beloved father" and was made famous by Attila the Hun.

Aurel, meaning "gilded" or "golden".

Bálint, meaning "healthy".

Barnat, meaning "as strong as a bear".

Bartalan, the Hungarian form of Bartholomew, which means "farmer".

Bela, meaning "white" or "pure".

Bence, meaning "victor".

Benci, meaning "blessed".

Csepel, meaning "young forest".

Deco, meaning "lord".

Denes, meaning "follower of the god Zeus".

Elek, meaning "defender of man".

Ervin, meaning "Mariner".

Farkas, meaning "wolf".

Ferko, meaning "free".

Frigyes, meaning "peace".

Gabor, meaning "God's bravest man".

Gazsi, meaning "king or protector of treasure".

Gedeon, meaning "warrior".

Gyala, meaning "youthful".

Henrik, meaning "home".

I - O Hungarian Boys' Names

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The middle of the alphabet has a huge array of Hungarian boy names, both old and new, to choose from, including some of the most popular given names in the country like Istvan, Janos and Laszlo (which has been the most popular name in Hungary since 2003). The reason so many baby boys have the same name in Hungary? Parents can only choose from a list of pre-approved names, and have to apply if they want to deviate from it. Many of the names for Hungarian men have religious meanings or are related to being strong warriors, due to the country's battle-filled history.

Imre, meaning "innocent".

Istvan, one of the most popular Hungarian names meaning "crowned with victory".

Izsak, the Hungarian form of Isaac, meaning "laughter".

Jakab, the Hungarian form of James meaning "supplanter" and pronounced "YAW-kawb".

Janos, meaning "God is gracious".

Jenci, meaning "well".

Jozsef, meaning "may the lord add".

Jozsua, the Hungarian form of Joshua meaning "Yahweh is salvation".

Kalman, meaning "strong".

Karsa, meaning "falcon".

Kartal, meaning "eagle".

Keleman or Kelemen, meaning "gentle".

Kolos, meaning "scholar".

Kristof, this is the Hungarian form of Christopher, meaning "Christ bearer".

László, another popular Hungarian name, meaning "might or fame".

Levente, meaning "peaceful".

Lipót, meaning "brave".

Lorencz, the Hungarian form of Lawrence meaning "laurel".

Lukacs, the Hungarian form of Lucas which means "light".

Markos or Markus, meaning "of Mars" and which derives from the Roman god of fertility Mars.

Medárd, meaning "great" or "strong".

Milán, meaning "kind".

Mozes, the Hungarian form of Moses, which means "from the water".

Neci, meaning "fire".

Odon, meaning "wealthy protector".

Orbán, meaning "educated man".

Ormos, meaning "cliff".

Ors, meaning "hero".

Oszkar, the Hungarian form of Oscar, which means "leaping warrior".

P - Z Hungarian Boys' Names

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You might be surprised how many boy names there are at the end of the alphabet in Hungarian. The language uses the letter Z a lot more than we do in English and so there are plenty of lovely Hungarian boys' names to choose from in this section.

Pentele, meaning "merciful".

Peterke, the Hungarian form of Peter, which means "rock".

Pisti or Pista, meaning "victorious".

Radómer, meaning "happy".

Robi, meaning "fame".

Sandor, meaning "defender of man".

Sebestyen, the Hungarian form of Sebastian meaning "revered".

Titusz, meaning "dove".

Tivadar, meaning "present from God".

Uros, meaning "little lord".

Vayk, meaning "rich".

Vidor, meaning "happy".

Vilmos, meaning "strong mind" and "protection".

Vincze, the Hungarian form of Victor meaning "victorious".

Zalán, meaning "thrower".

Zaránd, meaning "gold".

Zoltan, meaning "chieftain".

Zorán, meaning "dawn".



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