80 Scottish Dog Names That Are Funny, Badass, And Cute

Scottish dog names are tough, like Scotland.

Scotland is famous for many things like kilts, whiskey, golf, bagpipes, and the fabled Loch Ness Monster.

Scotland is known for its beautiful and hypnotizing nature. Also, Scotland is home to several treasured islands.

Scotland is an extremely stunning country with charming cities, spectacular highlands, and gorgeous water bodies. Scotland is a nation known for its great culture – there is a thing for every individual – and therefore, it is easy to get inspired by these diverse things. And one of these delightful creations is Scottish dog breeds. Dog lovers have a lot of reasons to be thankful for the contribution of Scottish canine breeders. At least 14 dog breeds can trace their pedigrees back to Scotland, from the Scottish Terrier and Scottish Deerhound to the Border Collie. We thank Scotland as each one of these dog breeds is worth celebrating.

Some well-known Scottish dog breeds are – the intelligent and obedient Border Collie, the playful and speedy Scottish Terrier. Then we have the fast and fearless Skye Terrier, the courageous and determined Cairn Terrier. Also, the wiry and quick Border Terrier, the gentle giant Scottish Deerhound, the good-natured scent-hound Bloodhound. Let's not forget the agile herder and sensitive Shetland Sheepdog. We also have the family-friendly and loyal Golden Retriever, the docile and friendly Dandie Dinmont Terrier, and the list goes on. This article will assist you in finding the perfect name for your Scottish pup. What's more, regardless of whether your dog doesn't hail from Scotland—however, you do, or you are only a huge fanatic of everything Scottish, we can assist you with finding the perfect Scottish dog names with the perfect ring to it.

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Cute Scottish Dog Names

If you need Scottish names for your Scottish Terrier or any other dog, then here is a list of some cute Scottish names for dogs.

1. Alice (German origin), female dog name meaning “noble woman”.

2. Alpin (Scottish origin), a cute name for a male dog, meaning "white/blond”.

3. Bonnie (Scottish origin), for a female dog, meaning “beautiful”.

4. Bridie (Irish origin), dog name which means "Strength".

5. Cameron (Scottish origin), a name for your female dog, meaning “crooked nose”.

6. Cassidy (Irish origin), female dog name meaning "beautiful redhead".

7. Duff (Gaelic origin), name for cute dogs meaning “dark”.

8. Duncan (Scottish origin), name for male dogs meaning “dark warrior”.

9. Effie (Greek origin), pretty name for your dog, meaning “well-spoken”.

10. Fergie (English origin), gender-neutral name for dogs, meaning “of vigor”.

11. Iona (Scottish origin), Scottish dog name meaning “purple gem”.

12. Lulu (Arabic origin), cute name for your female dog, meaning "pearl".

13. Maggie (English origin), female dog name meaning "pearl".

14. Maisey (Scottish origin), a name for sweet dog meaning “child of light”.

15. Murray (English origin), male dog name meaning “from the sea town”.

16. Nora (Arabic origin), a cute name for female dogs, meaning “the light”.

17. Piper (English origin), name for our dog meaning "pipe/flute player".

18. Rose (Latin origin), derived from Rosa, meaning "a flower".

19. Scottie (Scottish origin), the traditional Scottish name for dogs meaning “from Scotland”.

20. Skye (Scottish origin), good dog name meaning "a gift of God".

Scottish dog breeds are loved by people the world over.

Funny Scottish Dog Names

If you're thinking of some fun names for your dogs, then go ahead and read the list below for some funny Scottish dog names.

21. Agent (French origin), funny name for your canine meaning "watch keeper".

22. Bradbury (English origin), meaning “from the spacious town”.

23. Broon (German origin), dog name meaning “brown”.

24. Chum (Cambodian origin), perfect name for dogs meaning “an old/close friend”.

25. Clootie (Scottish origin), that means “a traditional steamed Scottish pudding”.

26. Dafty (Scottish origin), funny dog name meaning “silly or foolish”.

27. Haggis (Scottish origin), which means “a savory pudding”.

28. Job (Hebrew origin), name meaning “he that weeps or cries”.

29. Kilt (Scottish origin), for Scottish dog, meaning “traditional dress of Gaelic men”.

30. Laddie (Scottish origin), name for male Scottish dog meaning “a boy”.

31. Lass (Scottish origin), perfect female Scottish dog name meaning “a girl”.

32. Loch (Gaelic origin), name for your dog, meaning “a lake”.

33. Mozart (German origin), funny name for dog meaning “bog, marsh”.

34. Nessie (Scottish origin), means “nickname of the fabled Loch Ness monster”.

35. Prodigy (English origin), funny name for dogs meaning “intelligent, genius”.

36. Professor (English origin), a comical dog name meaning “a teacher”.

37. Scotch (Scottish origin), meaning “type of whiskey made in Scotland”.

38. Smokie (English origin), dog name meaning “smoke-colored”.

39. Toaty (Scottish origin), name for dogs meaning "tiny or small".

40. Whisky (Scottish origin), an alcoholic drink that means “water of life”.

Maybe a funny name will be perfect for your dog.

Cool Scottish Dog Names

Searching for some cool Scottish names for dogs?

41. Aidan (Irish origin), male dog name meaning “little fire”.

42. Alan (Irish origin), name for male dogs meaning “rock”.

43. Alasdair (Scottish origin), male name for dogs meaning “leader of men”.

44. Alastair (Scottish origin), strong male name meaning “defender of people”.

45. Archibald (German origin), name for dogs meaning “bold master”.

46. Braveheart (American origin), which means “someone who is brave”.

47. Clyde (Scottish origin), which means "the Scottish river near Glasgow".

48. Connery (Irish origin), cool male dog name meaning "warrior-lord".

49. Davina (Scottish origin), Scottish name for female dogs meaning “beloved”.

50. Hunter (Scottish origin), male name for your canine meaning “to hunt”.

51. Kenna (Scottish origin), name for dogs meaning “born of fire”.

52. Logan (Irish origin), male dog name meaning “descendant of the warrior”.

53. Lyall (Scottish origin), name for badass male dogs meaning “shield wolf”.

54. Murdo (Scottish origin), male dog name which means “a sea warrior”.

55. Neil (Gaelic origin), name for dogs meaning “champion”.

56. Sherlock (English origin), great name for male dog meaning “fair-haired”.

57. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Scottish origin), refers to “the author of Sherlock Holmes”.

58. Sterling (Scottish origin), what better than a name meaning “Scotland's currency”.

59. Walter (German origin), name for male dogs meaning "gift of God".

60. Watson (Scottish origin), cool male dog name meaning "son of Walter".

61. William Wallace (Scottish origin), male name that refers to “a Scottish Knight”.

Gaelic Scottish Dog Names

While talking about Scottish dog names, it is not possible to miss Gaelic names. The Gaelic language is known to be exceptionally lyrical in its portrayal of things, so we bring you a list of some great Gaelic names for your male and female dogs.

62. Aifric (Gaelic origin), name for your dogs meaning “pleasant”.

63. Alba (Gaelic origin), name for Scottish dogs meaning “Scotland”.

64. Bain (Scottish origin), Scottish name for male dog meaning “white/fair”.

65. Caitriona (Irish origin), female dog name meaning “pure”.

66. Conall (Gaelic origin), good Scottish dog name meaning “strong wolf”.

67. Ealair (Gaelic origin), dog name which means “cheerful”.

68. Finlay (Gaelic origin), male dog name meaning "fair haired warrior".

69. Fionn (Irish origin), name for dogs meaning "fair or fair haired".

70. Gormlaith (Irish origin), female dog name meaning “illustrious lady”.

71. Keeley (Irish origin), name for female dogs meaning "slender, pretty".

72. Lorna (Scottish origin), dog name which means “victorious”.

73. Mairi (Scottish origin), name for your dog, meaning “of the sea”.

74. Marsaili (Scottish origin), female dog name which means “pearl”.

75. Morna (Irish origin), name means “festive”.

76. Roisin (Irish origin), name for dogs meaning “little rose”.

77. Rory (Gaelic origin), male dog name meaning “red-haired king”.

78. Sorcha (Gaelic origin), name for dogs that mean “radiant”.

79. Tavish (Gaelic origin), dog name meaning “twin”.

80. Una (Irish origin), meaning "the personification of truth, beauty".

We hope you enjoyed reading the list of Scottish dog names. But do not worry, this not the end. If you loved these names, then we are sure you would like some of our other lists. Check out dog names that mean friend or loyal, or for something different, take a look at tiger names for your cat.



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