100+ Artistic Names For Your Baby

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The world of art and artists provide much creativity and inspiration.

Art is not just an expression of human imagination but also a medium reflecting cultural and emotional power. Hence, you may want to name your baby after an artist or musician.

There are many beautiful baby names that are inspired by artists and popular works of art.  So, if you want your baby to be named after a great artist or an artistic masterpiece, just look at our list of art names below and get inspired!

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Unique Artist-Inspired Names For Girls

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Here is a list of creative names and unusual art-related baby names you may use for your baby girl's name.

1. Alice (German origin), meaning ''of nobility,'' name of Hungarian painter Alice Lok Cahana.

2. Annie (English origin), meaning ''gracious,'' name of sculptor and painter Annie Weatherwax.

3. Artemisia (Greek origin), meaning ''creative gift from Artemis,'' an unusual name of Italian painter Artemisia Gentileschi.

4. Barbara (Greek origin), meaning ''stranger,'' like sculptor Barbara Hepworth.

5. Berthe (French origin), meaning ''bright,'' the unusual name of Impressionist painter Berthe Morisot.

6. Betty (Hebrew origin), meaning ''pledged to God,'' like printmaker Betty Goodwin.

7. Cindy (Greek origin), meaning ''moon,'' name of artist Cindy Sherman.

8. Cynthia (Greek origin), meaning ''moon,'' like painter Cynthia Ona Innis.

9. Doris (Greek origin), meaning ''sea,'' inspired by painter Doris Lee.

10 .Elaine (French origin), meaning ''light,'' name of artist Elaine de Kooning.

11. Ethel (English origin), meaning ''noble,'' like American painter and sculptor Ethel Myers.

12. Eva (Hebrew origin), meaning ''giver of life,'' name of  French painter Eva Gonzales.

13. Florence (Latin origin), meaning ''prosperous,'' name of painter Florence Esté.

14. Frida (German origin), meaning ''peace,'' name of Frida Kahlo, the Mexican painter.

15. Grace (Latin origin), meaning ''charm.'' Grace Hudson was an American painter.

16. Gwendolyn (Welsh origin), meaning ''blessed ring,'' like painter and sculptor Gwendolyn Knight.

17. Harmony (Latin origin), meaning ''unity.'' Harmony Hammond is an American painter.

18. Ida (German origin), meaning ''hardworking,'' like artist Ida Applebroog.

19. Jane (English origin), meaning ''God is gracious.'' Jane Frank was a famous multidisciplinary artist.

20. Joan (Hebrew origin), meaning "God is gracious,'' name of painter Joan Mitchell.

21. Judith (Hebrew origin), meaning ''from Judaea.'' Judith Leyster was a Dutch painter of the Golden Age.

22. Julie (French origin), meaning ''youthful,'' name of Julie Mehretu, a contemporary visual artist.

23. Kara (Italian origin), meaning ''dear.'' Kara Walker is a contemporary painter and installation artist.

24. Kathleen (Irish origin), meaning ''pure,'' name of painter Kathleen McEnery.

25. Leonora (Italian origin), meaning ''light,'' name of surrealist painter Leonora Carrington.

26. Marjorie (Greek origin), meaning ''pearl,'' inspired by painter Marjorie Organ, is also widely used as a first name.

27. Mona (Arabic origin), meaning ''wishes,'' is a creative baby girl's first name inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's 'Mona Lisa.'

28. Pearl (English origin), meaning ''smooth, round bead formed by mollusks,'' from Johannes Vermeer's iconic 'Girl With A Pearl Earring,' maybe used as a creative first name.

29. Rachel (Hebrew origin), meaning ''ewe,'' name of still-life painter Rachel Ruysch.

30. Rebecca (Hebrew origin), meaning ''tied.'' Rebecca Solomon was an English painter.

31. Rosa (Spanish, Italian, and Latin origin), meaning ''the flower rose.'' Rosa Bonheur was a renowned French painter.

32. Sonia (Russian origin), meaning ''wisdom,'' like Russian artist Sonia Delaunay.

33. Susan (Hebrew origin), meaning ''lily,'' a widely used baby girl name and also of American painter Susan Macdowell Eakins.

34. Vanessa (English origin), meaning ''butterfly.'' Artist Vanessa Bell was the sister of Virginia Woolf.

35. Virginia (Latin origin), meaning ''pure.'' Virginia Admiral was an American painter.

Unique Artist Names For Boys

Small baby boy playing and learning

If you are thinking of naming your baby boy after an artist or giving them a name related to the world of art, here is a list of artists names or beautiful baby names that may suit your son.

36. Adam (Hebrew origin), meaning '' man,'' inspired by 'Adam & Eve,' an artwork by British painter George Frederick Watts.

37. Alberto (Spanish origin), meaning ''noble and bright,'' name of Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti.

38. Albrecht (German origin), meaning ''illustrious'', name of German painter Albrecht Dürer.

39. Alexander (Greek origin), meaning ''defender of man,'' name of American sculptor Alexander Calder.

40. Andrew (Latin origin), meaning ''strong and courageous,'' name of visual artist Andrew Wyeth.

41. Andy (Greek origin), meaning ''manly,'' is used as one of the most beautiful names for a baby boy after artist Andy Warhol.

42. Benjamin (Hebrew origin), meaning ''son of the south.'' Benjamin Block was a 17th-century painter.

43. Cy (Greek origin), meaning ''lordly,'' name of painter Cy Twombly.

44. David (Hebrew origin), meaning ''beloved,'' name of the masterpiece 'David' by Michelangelo, you can use it if you love sculptures.

45. Diego (Spanish origin), meaning ''teacher,'' name of Mexican painter Diego Rivera.

46. Edward (English origin), meaning ''guardian of prosperity,'' name of painter Edward Hopper.

47. Eugene (English origin), meaning ''well-born,'' name of painter Eugene von Guerard.

48. Francis (Latin origin), meaning ''French,'' name of Irish painter Francis Bacon, a name you may use should you like figurative painting.

49. Frank(Latin origin), meaning ''a free man,'' name of American painter Frank Stella.

50. Frederic (German origin), meaning ''peaceful ruler.'' Frederic Church was a landscape painter.

51. Gerard (German origin), meaning ''spear-hard,'' name of Dutch painter Gerard David.

52. Gustav (Scandinavian origin), meaning ''leader of the tribe,'' name of Austrian painter Gustav Klimt.

53. Henri (German origin), meaning ''ruler of the home,'' a beautiful name borne by French painter Henri Rousseau.

54. Jasper (Persian origin), meaning ''treasurer,'' name of American sculptor Jasper Johns.

55. Jean (Hebrew origin), meaning ''the Lord is gracious,'' name of graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.

56. Leonardo (German origin), meaning ''brave as a lion,'' name of one of the first Renaissance painters Leonardo da Vinci.

57. Lorenzo (Latin origin), meaning ''someone from the ancient Roman city Laurentum,'' name of Italian artist Lorenzo Ghiberti.

58. Marc (Latin origin), meaning ''war-like.'' Marc Chagall was a modernist artist.

59. Marcel (Latin origin), also meaning ''war-like.'' Marcel Duchamp was a French-American sculptor and painter.

60. Max (Latin origin), meaning ''greatest.'' Max Ernst was the pioneer of surrealism.

61. Pablo (Latin origin), meaning ''small,'' name of the legendary Spanish painter Pablo Picasso.

62. Peter (Greek origin), meaning ''rock.'' Peter Paul Rubens was a Flemish artist.

63. Pierre (French origin), meaning ''rock,'' name of painter Pierre Auguste Renoir.

64. Piet (Greek origin), meaning ''rock,'' name of painter Piet Mondrian.

65. Ray (French origin), meaning ''kingly.'' Man Ray was a renowned visual artist.

66. Robert (Germanic origin), meaning ''fame-bright,'' name of Robert Delaunay, co-founder of the Orphism art movement.

67. Roy (French origin), meaning ''king.'' Roy Lichtenstein was a leading name in the new art movement.

68. Salvador (Spanish origin), meaning ''savior.'' Salvador Dalí was a Spanish surrealist artist.

69. Stuart (English origin), meaning ''steward.'' Stuart Davis was a modernist painter.

70. Vincent (Latin origin), meaning ''victor,'' name of the Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh, that you can use if you are an art fanatic.

Artistic Unisex Names

Here's a list of gender-neutral names, named after artists that can be used for either sex.

71. Alex (English origin), meaning ''helper,'' like painter Alex Kanevsky.

72. Ashley (English origin), meaning ''Ash tree meadow.'' Ashley Longshore is a contemporary painter.

73. Ashton (English origin), meaning ''from the town of ashes.'' Will Ashton was an Impressionist painter.

74. Auguste (Latin origin), meaning ''great,'' like the French sculptor Auguste Rodin.

75. Austin (English origin), meaning ''great,'' and middle name of painter Edwin Austin Abbey.

76. Bailey (English origin), meaning ''bailiff.'' William Bailey was a contemporary realist painter.

77. Blake (English origin), meaning ''attractive and dark.'' William Blake was a Romantic Age painter.

78. Brady (Irish origin), meaning ''broad.'' Carolyn Brady was a photorealist painter.

79. Cameron (Gaelic origin), meaning ''the chosen one.'' David Young Cameron was a Scottish painter.

80. Charley (English origin), meaning ''free man.'' Charley Harper was a Modernist illustrator.

81. Dawn (English origin), meaning ''daybreak.'' 'Dawn' is a painting by Jules Breton.

82. Dominique (French origin), meaning ''of the Lord''. Jean-Auguste-Dominique-Ingres was a Neoclassical painter.

83. Hayden (English origin), meaning ''heathen.'' Palmer Hayden was an African-American painter.

84. Hope (English origin), meaning ''faith.'' 'Hope' is a painting by George Watts.

85. Jordan (Hebrew origin), meaning ''flowing down.'' Rudolf Jordan was a German painter.

86. Joy (Latin origin), meaning ''happiness.'' 'Joy Ride'is a 1953 painting by Grandma Moses.

87. Jules (French origin), meaning ''youthful.'' 'Jules Being Dried by His Mother' is a painting.

88. Louis (French origin), meaning ''warrior.'' Louise Burrell was an English painter.

89. Mickey (American origin), meaning ''like God'', popularized by Disney's Mickey Mouse, illustrated by animator Hugh Harman.

90. Noe (French origin), meaning ''peace.'' Noe Canjura was a 20th-century painter.

91. Nova (Latin origin), meaning ''creation of a star,'' refers to Vincent Gogh's 'The Starry Night.'

92. Oakley (English origin), meaning ''strong.'' Violet Oakley was noted for mural work.

93. Paris (Greek origin), meaning ''from Paris, France.'' Georges Seurat's 'The Eiffel Tower'is a reference to the city.

94. Presley (English origin), meaning priest's forest clearing.'' 'Triple Elvis'is a painting of Elvis Presley by Andy Warhol.

95. Reese (Welsh origin), meaning ''fiery.'' William Reese was an internationally reputed painter.

96. Sage (Latin origin), meaning ''prophet.'' Kay Sage was a Surrealist painter.

97. Sam (Hebrew origin), meaning ''name of God.'' Sam Gilliam was an African-American painter.

98. Skylar (Dutch origin), meaning ''intelligent.''. 'Skylar in Blue'is an artwork by Jeremy Lipking.

99. Stevie (Greek origin), meaning ''crown.'' Stevie Parker is a contemporary painter from the UK.

100. Taylor (English origin), meaning ''tailor.'' Daniel Taylor is a Hyperrealist painter.

Names That Mean Creative

There are many names for artists that mean "creative". See some of our favorites below.

101. Aaliyah (Arabic origin) meaning "high in creativity".

102. Abdual (Arabic origin) meaning "a creative person".

103. Ace (Latin origin) meaning "a person who excels, even in creative arts".

104. Adwin (African origin) meaning "a creative artist."

105. Aria (Italian origin) meaning "creative melody".

106. Delancey (French origin) meaning "an energetic creative dance".

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